MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 29



✨Leah’s Pov✨

Javier obviously noticed my discomfort since I gently removed my hands from his. He walked away with some of the men including his “father” to sign what I think is left of the deal. It was the my thoughts and I left behind.

I regarded myself as his biggest fan so I kind of felt bad about this. The research I did shows that his parents died at an early age. He even wrote it off as one of the things which inspired him to be a musician. I used to think it was one of the things we had in common. Now, I find out he actually has a father. I doubt that man meant it in a figurative way. This is just one of the things I don’t know about Javier Thompson.

First, it was his attitude. A big sham. Now, it’s his childhood. I rake my hands through my hair and realise a sharp breath.

In the next few minutes, I watch them finalise what’s left of the deal shaking hands and calling it a day.


He asks again. I nod softly and stand up.

“It was a pleasure meeting you gentlemen.”

I bade them goodbye and walk away still holding hands with him. A small part of me is disappointed I didn’t get to kiss him at all. He said a few kisses and I ended up getting zero.

He presses the elevator button leaving me with an internal battle. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries a little but I also want to know the truth. I have this intense urge to know everything about his life and I do expect this and God knows how many more. Like I said earlier, I don’t want to ruin the strike of good tidings but the curiousity is eating me up making it unbearable.

He tugs at my arm once more taking us into the elevator. Before I get a grip on myself, we’re inches apart and his lips are pressed softly against mine. I have no idea why he’s kissing me but I also know I don’t care. I part my lips softly and kiss him back. He breaks the kiss just the same time the elevator closes and from the corner of my eyes I realise his “father” and some of the other men stood there.

My heart lurches realising he kissed me for them. For a split second, I thought he didn’t. I have to be the dumbest being on the planet to think he might actually enjoy kissing me or something. It was all for show, nothing more.

My mood dropped relatively until we got to the ground floor, into his car and he drove off. It got even worse when his phone chimed.


The header read. I tried not to peak but my mind had a mind of its own. I reached over and looked over their conversation. She texted first, he followed and it looks like they’ve been chatting for a while now.

“Hi my love.”

Her first message read.


“How did you sleep? Hope that pest didn’t bring much trouble?”

“I slept fine.”

I couldn’t help but notice how he avoided the topic of me.

“Alright then. I hope you get the deal, look forward to seeing you later. Kisses.”

That was her last text. He started typing a response.

“I got the deal baby. Looking forward to celebrating with you. I’ll be over soon.”

I sucked in a sharp breath and looked away feeling a pagn in my chest. Of course he’ll want to celebrate with her. I got you excited, had my hopes up and look where it got me. I sniffled lightly staring out the window trying really hard not to try.


  • Looks like she’s back to square one.
  • What’s the mystery behind his father.

Read on. I assure you’ll find out.


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