MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 24



✨Leah’s Pov✨

I tiptoed back upstairs hoping Javier hasn’t sighted me. I waited for a few minutes before proceeding towards the dinner table. Then, I took my seat and ate like I won a contest or something. Well, it feels like I did. I just love this moment.

Everything is finally feeling all Leah. Even if it’s for one night only, I’m going to enjoy it. A small thought crept at the back of my mind that by tomorrow, he’ll probably be back on his knees begging her, they’ll be screwing each other and making out at the slightest chance.

I felt slightly pained at that thought. It’s a fact but there’s nothing I can do. The only thing I’ll try and find comfort in is that they’ll do all their entanglements far away from my watchful eyes. It’ll hurt a lot less. The pain would still be here just not as before.

Javier is going to be taking me out alot more frequently, I’ll get to see Kyla without obstruction plus I’m kinda living the dream. Anything I want at my disposal and all that.

I just needed to clear the bad energy away and now I’m perfectly fine. Not perfectly but well… This is my life now.

We ate in total silence which was a bummer. Definately good table manners but still, a bummer. I wanted a nice conversation with him, try and get to know him instead I get a pin drop silence.

Halfway through my meal, I’m contemplating on breaking the ice. I just needed to choose my words carefully. It required a lot of thought. Javier was obviously in a terrible mood because of Brie. Saying something stupid would only multiply his annoyance. That’s not good for anyone. Maybe it’s just better if I keep quiet. I don’t even have the slightest idea of what to say. I’ll just keep quiet.

I exhaled sadly and went back to eating. After we were done, he wiped his lips with a fresh napkin and got up. I followed suite minutes later and went to his room.

I stretched my neck remembering I’ll take the sofa this night. He probably has a long day tomorrow, I wouldn’t want him missing out on any hours of sleep. It’s better he has the big, soft and silky bed.

I pushed the door opening and my mouth fell open. Javier was carefully placing pillows on the sofa. He had taken his shirt off leaving me to ogle on his perfect skin. He sleeps semi naked. Oh holy mother of everything good. I licked my lips luciously.

I didn’t know which was better. His skin and sleeping naked or making the bed. Probably both. He noticed my presence, I quickly averted my eyes and faced him.

“Umm, thanks for helping me with the sofa.”

“I wasn’t helping you.”

He retorted but not in his usual harsh tone.

“I’m taking the sofa. You can have the bed.”

“But… Your neck might hurt.”

“That’s why I placed the pillow properly. I’ll be fine. I’ll sort something out when the time comes.”

I nodded my head slowly and he laid down to rest. His arrange act of kindness made me even happier.

“Dinner was lovely.”

He mumbled but I heard every word clearly. I blushed at his compliment and even gave a girly squeel before laying down to rest. I closed my eyes staring at his perfect skin with a smile on my face.

Today was good. Hopefully, tomorrow would only be better. I hope. I can only hope.


Things seem to be lighting up.
Will it last?
Where is Javier taking Leah to tomorrow?
How does it affect their contract?
Have we seen the last of Brie?

Read on. Find out.


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