MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 23



✨Leah’s Pov✨

Growing up, I always grumbled learning how to cook. Frankly, I saw it as a waste of time. Maybe it’s because I didn’t imagine I would be married this soon or maybe I was just too lazy at that time. At the orphanage, I was forced to learn no matter how I felt. At the end of the day, I started loving it. I became amazing at it. Not to brag but I could win a cooking contest or something.

The maids seemed really uptight. Even in the kitchen, they each addressed me formally like they were frightened of saying the wrong thing or something. It made cooking extremely boring. The more I tried to make them see we weren’t so different, the harder it became. I just sighed and accepted my fate. After we were done, I helped set the table placing the food smiling at myself. I couldn’t be happier.

I went upstairs to freshen up before inviting Javier. Out of excitement, I pushed the door open without knocking. My mouth fell open but I quickly turned away.

“You’re naked….”

I stuttered covering my eyes unable to control my haggard breathing.

“Yes, I can see that I am.”

He says mockingly.

“You would know that if you knocked first.”

He snaps in a harsh tone.

“It wasn’t my fault. I was just….”

“Right, of course it’s not your fault. Nothing ever is.”

He retorted, I could hear him struggling to get some clothes on.

“You’re being really mean when you promised to be nicer.”

I fired and there was silence. For a moment, I thought I over stepped my boundaries. Maybe he would scream at me or worse.

“You’re right. I’ll make sure I’m clothed at all times. You make it seem like I’m the first naked man you’ve seen or something. You can turn around.”

He says. I obey and face him. He takes in my expression and his lips twitch upwards.

“Wait… I’m the first man you’ve seen naked. Don’t you and your boyfriend

He trailed off, I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t…”

“It’s okay. I don’t wanna know really.”

“Oh, alright.”

I mumble. I really should push forward and convince him I do not have a boyfriend. He can’t count Kyla as one. It seems like no matter how hard I try, something always gets in the way. That’ll be a problem for another day.

“I’m going to go freshen up. Dinner’s ready.”

“I thought the maids would announce it. They aren’t usually this fast.”

“I cooked.”

I stated in a shaky voice.

“You what?”

He asked not harshly but clearly surprised.

“Yeah. I thought I’ll cook this evening you know.”

“You can cook?”

“Of course I can.”

He breathed out making me slightly confused. His gaze was on me but he refused to utter another word.

“I’ll be downstairs.”

He finally mouthed clearly his throat slightly before walking out.

It didn’t take long to freshen up. I put on some fresh clothes and a little body spray before trailing down the stairs with a smile on my face. It disappeared the moment I sighted Brie at the door speaking to Javier.

“Just when I thought today would go great.”

I thought to myself sadly. I couldn’t watch so I swiftly turned around to go back inside.

“You need to leave Brie.”

I stopped dead in my tracks at his choice of words.

“We talked a little about this. I said I’ll see you tomorrow to finish up. You can’t keep coming here. I’ll come see you but we can’t meet up here anymore.”

“But why?”

She whines in her perfect voice.

“I’ll explain more tomorrow. You just can’t stay here right now.”

For some twisted reason, I grinned as he drove her away. It felt fucking good. I took really slowly steps down the stairs. My face was the last thing she saw as Javier gently closed the door.


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