MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 21



✨Leah’s Pov✨

I came to a healthy decision after much thought. Why do I have to pick one option when I could clearly do both.

On one hand, it’ll seem like Javier and Brie have the perfect relationship whilst waiting for their inevitable breakup like Tom suggested. I could also try to win a little favour from the heart of Javier. Make him hate me a little less.

In a way, I’ll try to make it seem like he isn’t stuck with me like he thinks. Firstly, I have to call him and give him the good news. Hopefully, it’ll brighten up his day and keep an innocent man or woman from loosing their job because of a silly mistake.

It almost seemed too good to be true. Two days earlier I was serving customers and dancing to Javier’s music on the television. Now, I’m married to the guy and calling him on the phone. My life went to average and boring to fun and interesting in under forty eight hours.

📞 Javier Thompson’s phone how may I assist you?

A female voice came up. His assistant I guess.

📞 I would like to speak to Javier.

📞 Of course everyone wants to speak to Javier. Get a life.

She snapped rudely and hung up. I gasped and quickly called back.

📞 I’m two seconds away from blocking you now and I bet,…

📞 Could you put my husband on the phone.

I cut her short, I heard her gasp at the other end and there was silence.

📞 Oh my God. Ma’am I am so sorry. Javier gets alot of calls from crazy fans although this is his private number. I just figured you were one of them. I’m sorry ma’am please don’t make me loose my job. I am so sorry.

She apologized and even started sobbing afterwards. I had no idea why she thinks I would fire her when it’s obvious her job is what made her speak in that manner. I chuckled lightly before responding.

📞 I won’t tell if you won’t. Kindly put my husband on the phone.

📞 Right away ma’am. Thank you so much.

I cringed at the fact that people older then me or in the same age bracket now refer to me as “ma’am” it’s going to take alot of getting used to before I accept that fact.

📞 Who is it?

I heard Javier’s harsh voice demand.

📞 Your wife. The girl responded.

📞 Did you do it?

He asked immediately.

📞 I spoke to Tom and he said you and Brie can continue dating but they’re some new arrangements.

📞 I don’t care. You did it!

I giggled a little. He sounded genuinely happy and that’s all that matters.

📞 I’ll be home in a little while so we can go over those details but thank you.

📞 You’re welcome.

Two thank you in one day. I feel like I’m going to burst up in joy.

I hung up waiting for Javier to come back. Realising I still had one more problem to solve, I quickly dialed Kyla’s number.

📞 Hi,how are you? Did he hurt you?

She demanded answers after picking up

📞I’m fine Kyla. I can handle myself.

📞 Are you sure? You better not be lying to be Anderson.

📞 It’s Thompson now, I think.

We both shared a laugh before getting serious.

📞 I know you’re still trying to help me Kyla. You need to stop.

📞 I did.

She says in a high pitch tone and I automatically know she’s lying.

📞 You are Kyla. You obviously have my best interest at heart but I can take care of myself.

She sighed at the other end.

📞 Promise me you’ll stop.

📞 Ok. But only on one condition.

📞 That seems to be the trending thing today.

I joked lightly.

📞 You promise that if anything, anything at all comes up, I’ll be the first person you’ll call. Promise me Leah Thompson.

📞 I promise.

📞 I love you.

📞 I love you too bitch.

I chuckled before handing up. I dropped my phone and turned only to see Javier standing behind me.

” I guarantee this will not end well.”

My subconscious said.


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