✨Leah’s Pov✨

I start choking immediately probably on the breakfast I had earlier. The strange man rushes towards me trying to help.

I end up pushing him away gaining my composure and glaring at him.

“If you think I’d fall for some sick joke, you’re very mistaken.”

“I’m just happy I got your wallet for you, u have to go back to work now.” My voice cones out firm and strong just like I intended.

“You’re seriously passing up on an opportunity to get married to the “Javier Thompson” ”

“There’s no way you know him besides if Javier was looking for a bride, I’d know I’m his biggest fan.”

“Oh really now…” He says getting amused.

” I am. Ask me anything, I dare you.” I hated someone questioning my love for him.

“What’s his favourite food.”

“Rice cakes.”

“Favourite snack.”


“Favourite song of all time.”

“You and I.”

“Favourite hobby.”

“Listening to music.”

“Wow,I’m impressed.” He commends giving me a little applause.

“Thank you, I’ll be on my way inside now.”

“His biggest fan deserves to hear his voice on the phone right.” He takes his phone out and dials a number. For a second I debate walking in from what would seem to be a crazy man but a part of me stays and sees what happens next.

“Javier, yes. I found someone.”

He says and puts it on speaker.

“Very good, like I said the earlier the better.”

He responds and my legs gets wobbly from hearing his voice.

“Oh my fucking….” I curse and the man chuckles.

“Believe me now?” He asks hanging up.

“Not really, I’d admit he sounds just like Javier. I would know, I have watched all his press conference but still, it can be edited.” I retort folding my arms.

“Well then, you know what they say. Never meet your idols.” He says and switches to video call in my presence.

“What is it Tom?”

Javier groans shirtless and I swear I got hot.

“Holy fuck!”

I scream and he hangs up immediately.

“Believe me now…” He trailed off chuckling.

“Yes! I believe you.”

“So, back to my proposal. How would you like to get married to him?” He asks again, I didn’t think twice before….

“Hell yes!” I scream and he opens the door to his car.

“But I still have my shift. I haven’t informed anyone.”

“We’ll handle that later, are you in or out?”

He asks, I look back at the restaurant before getting in.

“I’m going to fucking get married to Javier freaking Thompson.” I fight the urge to scream it to the world. He drives to a boutique making me look down at my outfit. I look so plain, boring.

“You’re meeting Javier, I want a good first impression.” He says and we walk in.

“While the clothes are getting set, I need to clarify the deal.” He says and I nod my head.

“You’re going to get married to him for just a year.” He begins with and I take a deep breath, a year with Javier. Yipee.

“During that year, you’ll perform all the duties as a wife. All of them.” He adds and I take a deep breath.

“You can’t tell anyone its a sham. No one at all…” He adds and my mind drifts off to Kyla.

“If you need money or anything,come to me and I’ll attend to you. Other than that there’s nothing else. Are you okay with the terms?” He asks, I think about all of them before slowly nodding my head.

“Good, the clothes are ready. Get changed into one of them and we can leave.” I nod my head and grab the bag before going into a stall.

I pick the longest one which reached my knee. It was a little skin tight but it’s not like I had much curves to show off. I leave my clothes in the stall as he ordered and walk out.

“Good.” He commends and we leave the place.

“I can’t believe I’m going to meet him!”

I nearly squeel unable to contain my excitement.


An hour, we’re in front of a gigantic building. The one I’ve always wished to enter.

I take a deep breath to calm myself. Mr Tom opens the gate by pressing a button. I checked his wallet for his name before.

He drives in and I almost faint. Javier is standing at the doorstep.

“I asked for an ugly girl.” I heard him mouth, he indirectly called me pretty. I blush at that compliment before stepping out.

“Hi, my name is…”

“I don’t care.” He snaps rolling his eyes making me jump a little.

“Did you tell her everything she needs to know?” He asks.

“This isn’t the Javier I know?” I thought walking up close.

“Good job Tom. I’ll make the announcement Tomorrow.” Javier says with a plain look and he still looks hot. I ogle at him unable to take my eyes off.

“Welcome to hell.” He suddenly says draining all the smile from my face.


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