MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 11



✨Leah’s Pov✨

A make up box was in the room. Fully stacked. I gasped a little because I didn’t know what more than half of these were for.

I used the ones I did know about to try and hide my sad face. It helped a little making me brighten up.

“You’re making me late!”

He snaps outside my door. I sniffled one last time before straightening out my clothes and walking out.

He looks over my body and scoffs.

“Fucking plain.”

With that, he walks away.

“Don’t cry. Don’t cry, please don’t cry.”

I cautioned myself quickening my steps so he wouldn’t yell at me.


He picked a restaurant and the driver pulled over.

“I cleared it out. Most people would think I did it for you. As if.”

He snorted and stepped out.

“Keep calm. Don’t cry.”

I cautioned myself once more and got inside.

The windows were concealed or something because I couldn’t see those insides.


She beams rushing up to hug him, kissing him again.

“Does she have to dive her tongue in him every fucking time?”

I asked myself touching my lips.

“I don’t blame him though. Even if he didn’t want to and it barely lasted ten seconds, he’s an amazing kisser.”

“You can now disappear. I don’t want to see your face, it disgusts and annoy me.”

“Took the words right out of mouth babe.”

Brie says and kisses him.

They already had food in front of that table. I sighed deeply and moved towards the kitchen.

I hadn’t had proper food so I hoped and prayed they were leftovers for me.

I pushed the door open checking every pot.

I finally found a little rice and served myself, I ate hungrily moaning slightly. It felt good to have something in my stomach.

After I was done, I played with my legs with nothing to do. With my phone crushed, my play things were limited.


By my calculations and by that I mean I had literally counted every fucking second. Two hours had past so I guess they would be done by now.

I walked out of the kitchen and they were cuddling.

“But I don’t want you to go.”

She whined in a girly voice.

“No wonder he’s in love with her. She sounds amazing.”

I thought feeling a huge amount of jealously. They looked cute as she rested on his head.

“So fucking cute.”

“Next time, I’ll find a way for you to come over or come to your place. I promise.”

He pecks her temples finally noticing me.

“What are you doing here!”

He shoots angry glares at me.

“I g-got tired. I’ll go back now.”


His voice nearly gives me a heart attack. With others he’s calm but right now his voice sounds like the clasping of thunder.

“We’re leaving now.”

He got up and I sigh in relief.

“Could you maybe think we could just stop at my friend’s place. Just for like two minutes, nothing more I swear.”

I clasps my palm together begging him.

“Ok… we’ll…”

“Baby! She doesn’t deserve anything! She’s keeping us apart and so she should suffer. You shouldn’t be making her comfy by letting her see anyone. Let her feel like a prisoner for all I care.”

Brie pouts her lips.

“You’re right. We’re going back to me house.”

My heart was shattered but all I could do was nod. They kissed each other passionately and this time I didn’t look away. He kissed her do fiercely with such love. A tear rolled down my cheek.

I quickly swiped it off and he pulled away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Let’s go.”

She hugs him from behind and I sigh. Tomorrow I’m going through all this again and probably for the next fucking three hundred and sixty four days.

I won’t be able to, I might commit suicide or run mad if each day is like this.


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