MAIDS – Episode 7




👠 They
👇are 👇
desperate 👠

💮 Episode 7💮

🎋 Toria 🎋

🎶I book myself table’s and all the best restaurant in need alone🎶

🎶I buy myself task cause just so I can drive real fúckin slow🎶

🎶I like my own company company ion need it🎶

🎶Am not always cold am just good on my own so good on my own🎶

🎶I’ve always been told one day I’d find somebody who changes my mind🎶

🎶They come alone I won’t think twice cause I already gat a good thing with me🎶

🎶Yeah I already gat everything I need🎶

🎶The best things in life already mine don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me🎶

🎶Cause I already got a good thing with me🎶

🎶Yeah I already done I everything I dreamed🎶

🎶Am good by myself don’t need no one else🎶

🎶Don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me🎶

🎶Cause I already good thing….🎶

I sang and danced to khelani’s song good thing as I packed my loads

Good thing has actually happened to me cause I’d be in the same house with Tyler

I am so fúcking happy

I exhaled tiredly as I finished packing my things

I didn’t forget to pack my musical properties

My little guitar and rockstar outfit for my daydreaming sessions

I finally dragged my bag to the junction as I flagged down a cab to the mansion


My breath hitch at the sight of the gigantic building in front of me

Oh my gosh berries

This is affluence and wealth
Oh mama I wanna be rich!

I was brought of my trance by the security who lead me into the mansion

My mind will literally explode this is so fúcking beautiful

The interior design was out of this world

I closed my mouth in embarrassment when I noticed there was a girl around my age or a year older standing at my front

“I felt far crazy than you when I first got here” she said and I looked at her

“Oh am Clarissa” she said stretching her hands out for a shake

“Victoria Vegas but Toria for short” I beamed

“Okay this way Toria” she said leading me in and I was just admiring the wonder and beauty of the house

I was finally halted at the front of a room

“This is your room and that’s Mr Tyler’s room beside yours we were told you are his personal maid”

“Oh my thanks”

My face flushed seeing that i will be very close to Tyler Himself

“Do well not to step on his toes or you will be out of here by tomorrow” she said causing my excitement to died down

“Okay I’ll try” was all I could say

But seriously it’s gonna be hard

“Go in and freshen up your uniform is on the bed” she said before leaving

I walked into the room and its interior alone is bigger than the whole of our house

Thank God we listened to Maddie

I bounced on the bed happily and started unpacking

Soon I was done and now claded with the maid outfit

Mine was different from what the lady wore the other time I guess thats because am his personal maid

I went downstairs to the kitchen as earlier shown by Clarissa there I got all my schedule with him

They were much but worth giving a try since the pay is fat

I was done cleaning his room when I heard honk of car signifying his arrival

Although I almost fainted when I entered Tyler’s room due to the awesomeness but Clarissa was there to help

Now I was standing at the door waiting for him to come down

As soon as he did I wanted to raise my head to look at him when Clarissa knocked it back down


“You don’t maintain eye contact with him of you don’t want to be fired” she wishpered

His colonge filled my nose as he passed me by will until he stopped and turned to look at me

“Who are you” his voice came out cool and at the same Time cold

“I am talking to you” he snapped and that was when I realized I had zoned out

“Ermm…th…the……maid” I stuttered

“Seriously Tori since when do you stutter” I scolded myself mentally

“When did you arrive”

“This…his… morning” I replied and he just walked ahead and Clarissa signaled me to get his bag

God this is going to be harder than I thought

🎏 Mae 🎏

I looked around frantically as I entered the estate

It was quite too over spent and luxurious

And a maximum of 4acres just to build a house

A waste of money if you ask me

I carried my small bag since I will only be spending a week here

The gateman ushered me in and I was wowed by the interior

What caught my attention was the pictures of historian legends and artifacts

It was like a mini museum

My exact dream house

My hands was wondering the beautiful painting and muttering their names when someone cleared thought behind me

“You must be a fan of history” the voice said and turned to find Mr Royce grinning at me

Standing in front of me was Mr Royce with the perfect abs

Pink lips and cute face that can make any girl drool

“Hum.. good morning Mr Royce…it’s nice to meet you” I said nervously

“I guess I made the right choice after all” he muttered which I heard

I followed him as he showed me the room I’d be staying

Then after I went to the kitchen to prepare lunch while he went ahead to go pick his daughter

Two hours later

I was done with the food and had finished setting the dining the both of them when Mr Royce and his daughter walked in

He had the Happy smile on his face while is daughter had a plain and blank expression which made it impossible to read her mind

“WELCOME back” I said as I went ahead to collect her bag pack and lunch box and went to the direction of the place he called her room

I came back to meet them already sitted down and ready to eat

“I’d be in my room” I said and maid to go but he stopped me

“Come eat with us”

“I’ll pass thank you”

“Well I insist”

I had no choice so I sat down with an awkward smile

Soon we were done eating and I made to pack the plates when Mr Royce spoke again

“Alicia help her” he said to his daughter while I just sighed knowing there’s no point arguing with him

At the kitchen…

“Hi” I said to the little girl

“I don’t like you” she said walking out

This is not going to be easy, I face palmed myself

🎋Jane 🍜

I arrived early enough buty bosses weren’t around

I was directed by the security

But I waited patiently till they came back

No doubt Damon was hot and Daniel was cute and strangely familiar

“You must be the new maid” Danny said cheerfully

“Yeah I am”

“Oh please” Damon said and I frowned
I guessed Daniel noticed and he chuckled

“Just do your job and get something to eat” Damon said grumpily

“Is he always this grumpy” I asked Danny silently as he followed me to the kitchen

“Well it’s his personality”

“Ohh” was all I could mutter

An hour later…..

I was done cooking but the food was delicious and I don’t think there’s any harm tasting right

I took a spoonful and moaned in satisfaction

I didn’t know I had been eating the food till I heard the sound of iron hitting each other. Then I realized I have finished the food

I tried to hide and make another as fast as possible

I turned back to find Damon and Daniel behind me Damon was obviously boiling in anger and my mouth was stained with rice crumbs pot was on my right hand and the big spoon was on the other hand

Oh mother of Mary don’t tell am about to get fired

Food has finally finished me


Auhty Jane the foodie 😂


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