MAIDS – Episode 6




👠 They
👇are 👇
desperate 👠

💮 Episode 6💮

The next day the girls reported to the MAIDS agency

“Good afternoon ma’am” toria greeted as they entered the receptionist office

“Afternoon welcome how may I help you” the receptionist asked

“We are back for the assignment we came back a week ago”

“Oh oh you’re Toria Mae and Jane right”


“Okay follow me”

They girls followed her as they were taken to another office entirely different from where they went initially

They meet the lady that attended to them the previous week

“You finally came”


“Laura pass me those files” she said to the receptionist

“Jane Torres you are assigned to work at D&D mansion you’d be working for Damon Cruz and Daniel Torres” she said and Jane was just nodding like an agama lizard nervously sweating at the thought of serving two guys

“MAE VALENTINE you are assigned to work at 22park avenue you’d be working for Mr Royce and his ten years old daughter” she said and Mae muttered an “okay”

“Toria Vegas you are assigned to work at the skyB Mansion” she was saying when toria squealed

“Ohhhh my gosh oh my gosh!! You mean at Tyler’s house” she squealed like an highschool girl and the lady just nodded

She wasn’t amazed at Tori’s excitement who wouldn’t because Tyler was a well known music director and producer he’s known to be connected to the successful musicians in the country and extremely hot to

And Toria hearing she’d be staying with him made her music dreams stay put

All she did was smile at intervals as they went to meet the receptionist to give them detailed information of their respective bosses

“Damon and Daniel are businessmen that are highly respected they don’t condone any form of indiscipline
so make sure everything you do looks perfect
They are man whores so do well to avoid breaking into their sessions.
If they demand you to satisfy them séxually you do it
Their food routine isn’t known so they’d tell you that themselves when you get there and one more important thing you move in with them is that understood” Laura asked and Jane only made a disgusted face as the thought of pleasuring them came to her mind

That isn’t going to happen she’d make sure of that

“And to you Mae” Laura started

“Mr Royce is a single father with a ten year old daughter he has a financee he’s is the CEO of Royce and Co
You are to serve him and his little girl Isabella Because his finacee Becca doesn’t stay with them she only come for visit
You will have to merge as a maid and a teacher for his daughter because of your educational background so he requested for that and you only work from Monday to Friday and get offs on Saturdays and Sundays” Laura said and Mae’s face lit up in excitement

And lastly Toria..who was giggling like a child

“As you know that you’d be working with Tyler at the skyB Mansion you should as well know that he has many maids but you are assigned to work as his personal maid which means you’d serve him alone

He’s rude and grumpy so avoid stepping on his toes

He talks less so don’t be a chattering box all you have to do is face your job squarely and you’d work for him anytime he calls plus you’d be leaving with him as well” she concluded but Toria was only grinning

It’s obvious everything she didn’t hear a thing Laura has been saying

Mae and Jane was just shaking their heads at Tori’s act

They signed the necessary documents and exited the agency

They will start work soon and live in affluence like Madison and hopefully they won’t get fired soon


The story has started 😁😗


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