MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 289



“It’s not fair. If I complete the formalities, you still won’t give me the antidote, wouldn’t it?” Xie Ze shouted.

Fade Chen snorted and said, “Fair? When you asked me for the shares, why didn’t you mention the word fair?”

“You have to be clear, you are not qualified to tell me the conditions. Or agree Ask, complete the transfer agreement, and then exchange the antidote. Either you will pay the bill and wait for the poison to die. You have to choose between two options! “Fade Chen said indifferently.

Even though one thousand and ten thousand were unwilling in Xie Ze’s heart, at this time, Xiaoming was in the hands of others, and there was no room for negotiation at all. He nodded and said helplessly, “I agree.”

Fade Chen nodded, and then looked around , Fell on Yin Lu.

Yin Lu suddenly panicked, his body trembling constantly. Even Xie Ze, such a major, has become soft. She, a woman of the third-rate family, has no conditions to talk about in front of Fade Chen.

At this time, Fade Chen looked at her like this, and did not speak.

Yin Lu suddenly felt hairy all over, as if Death was holding a sickle and approaching him step by step. The urgency of approaching death is more tense and frightening than the real death.

Finally, she couldn’t stand the tension and fear. She knelt on the ground with a click, slammed Fade Chen, and asked for mercy: “Mr. Chen, I got it wrong, I shouldn’t be so to you, I Now I really know it wrong. Mr. Chen, what are your requirements, as long as our Yin family can do it, we must meet your request, Mr. Chen. ”

Fade Chen shook his head and said coldly:” Yin family, there is nothing to make me look good. “.

Then, Fade Chen raised his palm and shot at the top of Yin Lu’s head.

Seeing this, Yin Lu suddenly felt cold all over, feeling a sense of fear struck.


A palm fell and a red light fell into Yin Lu’s head. Yin Lu suddenly felt a tingling in the head, the facial features huddled together, the whole person fell to the ground, and the pain rolled up.

Yin Zhe, who saw her sister so pained, couldn’t help worrying. He wanted to plead with Fade Chen, but when he thought of what his sister did, she could not open her mouth.

Fortunately, Fade Chen gently stroked the palm of his hand, and another light shot into Yin Lu’s brain. Yin Lu’s pain immediately disappeared, gasping heavily, his body undulating continuously, just a few seconds later, a thin layer of sweat had appeared on his body.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you for your mercy!” Yin Lu began to kowtow again.

Fade Chen said coldly: “No need to knock anymore. I put a mark in your head. If you dare to disrespect me in the future, this mark will happen, letting you feel the agony of life and death. Do you understand? ”

” Understood, understand. I will never dare to disrespect Mr. Chen again. “Yin Lu continued to express gratitude,” Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you ”

Fade Chen waved his hand, coldly said:” No need to thank me If it were n’t for seeing you as Sister Yin Zhe, I would have slapped you to death. ”

Yin Lu could not help but feel cold in her heart, and the whole body shivered.

At this time, Yin Zhe heard, and then thanked: “Thank you Mr. Chen, I”

Fade Chen patted Yin Zhe’s shoulder, said: “No need to say more. Yin Zhe, you are very good, but there are some things, you want to You ca n’t be controlled by others. Do you understand? ”

“ I understand! ”Yin Zhe pursed his mouth and nodded.

Fade Chen didn’t say much, then turned around and left, leaving the private room. Master Xie immediately followed behind and went out.

After leaving the private room, Fade Chen went to his wife and called her, told her his address, and waited for her to come and pick herself up.

But at this time, the room was written with Yin Lu, and with the help of others, it barely stood up from the ground, his eyes full of frightened expression.

They had dismissed Fade Chen and Chen Maniac before, but they did not expect that master Zhou, who he had invited carefully, could not beat even one of his opponents, let alone Fade Chen.

When they thought of Fade Chen’s strange method just now, the two couldn’t help but get up and hurriedly got up. They didn’t dare to say a word, walked out of the private room, and hurriedly prepared to go home quickly.

When the two walked out of the Blue Ocean restaurant, they saw Fade Chen waiting at the door, they couldn’t help but shudder in their hearts, they could not help shrinking their necks, and slowed their pace.

At this moment, a black red flag car drove out. The car did not look luxurious, but the special logo and a series of license plate numbers suddenly surprised the passers-by. stand up.

Xie Ze and Yin Lu, who knew more than ordinary people, could not help looking at the familiar license plate at this moment.

“Sun family, that is Sun’s car and license plate!” Yin Lu whispered.

Xie Ze was also puzzled and said, “How can the Sun family’s car appear here? Is there a big person from the

Sun family coming to do things? It’s not like that!” The so-called Sun family is the strongest person in the provincial capital, where Sun Fengqin is located. Family. In just over ten years, Sun Fengqin led the Sun family to rise rapidly, becoming the largest family in the provincial capital and the only mysterious power in the provincial capital. In the provincial capital, it can be described as a legendary existence.

The Xie family where Xie Ze is located is usually a top family. But compared with the legendary existence of the Sun family, it is not a grade at all.

So, at this moment, they were surprised to see the Sun family’s vehicle appear here.

In their doubtful eyes, the red flag car stopped at the door of the restaurant, and a housekeeper in his fifties came out.

The housekeeper came out and went to Fade Chen at the door of the restaurant. He chatted with Fade Chen and seemed to confirm Fade Chen’s identity. Then bowed down and made a gesture of invitation, invited Fade Chen to the red flag car. Then the housekeeper gets in the car and drives away!

Seeing this scene, Xie Ze and Yin Lu behind them were completely silly at the moment, their mouths were trembling, and they could not speak clearly.

“This, Fade Chen, has something to do with the Sun family! How is this possible?”

“No wonder, no wonder he is so powerful. In just half a year, he brought Longan to the name. It turned out that there was a grandson The family is behind you! “The

mouth sighed. The two were also afraid and happy after a while. Fortunately, they didn’t choose to stubbornly resist in the end, and finally became soft. Otherwise, the close relationship between Fade Chen and Sun’s family may not only be theirs, but their family will be destroyed.

For a time, the two patted their chests, feeling terrified.

In addition to being afraid, Yin Lu looked at the red flag car away, and then looked at his younger brother Yin Zhe. He couldn’t help but feel a remorse, and muttered in his mouth: “If at that time, I listened to my brother’s words , If you have a good relationship with Fade Chen, now ”


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