MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 288



Facing this imposing streamer, Master Zhou couldn’t help but startled. His fist that had been smashed out, he quickly shrank back, and then jumped in shape, trying to avoid Master Xie’s attack.

But what he didn’t expect was that his avoidance made Master Xie’s offensive more and more fierce, manipulating the wooden sword, and constantly approaching himself.

At this moment, Master Zhou could barely shoot his palms, and he burst out with vigour, resisting Master Xie’s offensive.

However, in the face of a wave of offensives, Master Zhou’s resistance became more and more reluctant. He could only gritt his teeth to maintain the situation at the moment, and had no extra strength to counterattack.

In contrast, Master Xie at the moment is bombarded one attack after another, changing various ways, and constantly launching an offensive against Master Zhou.

Upon seeing this, he was proud and looked down on Yin Lu and Xie Ze, who were dressed in sloppy master Xie, and was a little dumbfounded at the moment. Especially Xie Ze, but he knows how rare Master Zhou is at this level. He is forced into such a situation at this moment, and he can’t help but feel horrified.

However, looking at the two men against more than 20 moves, although Master Zhou is still reluctant to resist. However, Master Xie’s attack seems to have no previous power, constantly changing moves, bombarding Master Zhou, but did not cause much damage.

On the contrary, it was Master Zhou, who seemed to have figured out the routine of Master Xie’s attack. A flash of light flashed in his eyes. He took off a circle of beads on his neck and folded his hands together. Above the beads, a golden light suddenly appeared, which was hard Sheng Xie gave Master Xie back.

Then, seizing this opportunity, Master Zhou slammed with both hands, and Fozhu suddenly snapped off. Each bead was like a bullet, with a sharp streamer, and shot at Master Xie fiercely.

Seeing this, nervous Xie Ze and Yin Lu couldn’t help but applaud and shouted, “Master Zhou, good kind. Shoot them with Buddha beads.”

“Forcing me to such a situation, I have also discarded the beads I have nurtured for eighteen years. You have to pay the price!” Master Zhou’s eyes showed an angry fire, and the palms of Pu Fan’s palms shot quickly with the burst of the beads After coming up, Master Xie Xie shot fiercely.

Seeing that Master Xie seemed to be in trouble, Yin Zhe could not help getting nervous, his breath was suffocating, and his eyes didn’t move.

At such a critical time, Fade Chen did not seem to be nervous at all, but instead sat on the armchair in the private room. Easily said to Master Xie: “Your progress is not small, it’s quite good. Stop playing, solve it!”

“What do you mean?” Xie Ze frowned when he heard Fade Chen’s voice.

Yin Lu raised her eyebrows and dismissed: “Xie Shao, ignore him. Deliberately pretend to be a ghost and want to confuse us and Master Zhou.”

Xie Ze nodded and shouted: “Master Zhou, beat them with all your strength and don’t be distracted and affected “”

But just when his words were just shouted.

Seeing that Master Xie was about to be shot by Buddha beads, a slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He looked at Master Zhou and said, “I just tried so many new moves, and the effect seems to be good. Next, it’s time to end.”

“New move? What do you mean?” Master Zhou frowned, and immediately saw Master Xie’s palm move, and a burst of energy was shot out. Feeling the violent surge, Master Zhou was suddenly shocked, and also understood The meaning of Master Xie’s words just now could not help but exclaimed, “You didn’t use your full strength just now, just used me as a human sandbag for practicing new moves.”

Master Xie said with a smile, “It seems You ’re not stupid, you see that this is coming. ”

” You “Master Zhou was vomiting blood with anger, burst into a scream, and gritted his teeth to use all his strength, and patted Master Xie fiercely.

However, Master Xie’s wind was light, and the energy in his palm set off a strong wind, which directly shot the Buddha beads shot by Master Zhou and Master Zhou as a whole.

“Bang!” With

a loud noise, Master Zhou flew out fiercely and hit the wall of the private room. A huge swollen bag suddenly bulged on the shiny bald head. Blood oozed from the corner of the mouth, and the whole person was directly paralyzed on the ground. .

At this time, Yin Lu and Xie Ze were dumbfounded, and they looked at Master Zhou who had lost his fighting power inconceivably. His eyes were full of horror.

“Zhou, Master Zhou has lost, this, this is impossible!” Xie Ze murmured.

Yin Lu also rubbed his eyes fiercely and said, “How come, Master Zhou is not a master of Huang-level peak, how can this be?”

“It must not be true, these are hallucinations, all I see are fake “Xie Ze was reluctant to believe the truth in front of her.

“Fake!” Master Xie sneered and slammed his hand to draw Xie Ze’s cheeks red and swollen. “If you look again, is it an illusion, is it fake?” The

hot pain on his face told Xie Ze, all this is not an illusion, it is true.

Suddenly, Xie Ze looked at Fade Chen and Xie Master who were walking towards him. His eyes were full of horror, and he stepped back involuntarily and was forced to the corner of the wall.

“You, what do you want to do?” Xie Ze shuddered.

Master Xie glared at him fiercely, scaring him to tremble, and then looked at Fade Chen, the look of inquiry in his eyes.

Fade Chen said coldly: “Xie Shao, I remember I warned you before!”

Xie Ze shivered and said: “Mr. Chen, I, I will never dare again. The shares of liquor company, I also No more, no more. ”

“No!” Fade Chen said coldly, “That’s already my thing. It’s ridiculous to say no now!”

Xie Ze was stunned, and then he looked ugly and difficult to say: “I , I promised, Xiejia Wine Company’s remaining 49% of the shares will also be transferred to Mr. Chen for free. As long as Mr. Chen let me go. ”

” The remaining shares! “Fade Chen touched his chin , Thinking about it.

Finally, he nodded softly and said, “It’s okay.”

Xie Ze was suddenly overjoyed, with a flash of light in his eyes.

At this moment, Fade Chen’s fingers flicked lightly, and a burst of red light shot into Xie Ze’s mouth, suddenly Xie Ze was overwhelmed, coughing desperately, covering his throat.

Fade Chen whispered: “No more effort, that’s my special poison. The entrance melts away, and the cough has no effect.”

“I agreed, why are you?” Xie Ze was terrified.

Fade Chen said indifferently: “Your family’s promise, I can’t believe it. Therefore, this poison is a guarantee. After you have completed the remaining transfer procedures, I will naturally give you an antidote.”


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