MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 287



Yin Zhe changed his face, shook his head, and said, “But, but no matter what. This is your sister. You have a mistake first. Even if Master Zhou wins, you have to apologize.”

“Huh!” Yin Lu was dissatisfied. With a grunt, he said, “Master Zhou has won, is it still a big problem for the boy to stand up?”

When thinking of the deeds he read about Fade Chen, Yin Zhe couldn’t help but feel firm, “Brother Chen will not lose ”

At this moment, the master Zhou walked straight towards Fade Chen, folded his hands, bowed slightly to Fade Chen, and then said:” Amitabha, the donor, and the sea of ​​bitterness, there is no turning back. The donor returns quickly, don’t make mistakes! ”

Fade Chen sneer, said:” What is the same mistake again where I was wrong “??

monk smiled slightly:.” ill-gotten gains is wrong, refusing to repent is wrong, wounding shot, it is also wrong. ”

“Is it?” Fade Chen sneered, “Then I don’t know this Master Zhou, you’re wrong to help, please!”

Master Zhou looked pale, and then smiled again: “The donor, the poor monk is for your good, gift You have a chance to save you Sin. ” ”

My sins, I am afraid you have not ridden it! “Fade Chen cold channel.

Master Zhou said in a deep voice: “The donor, the poor monk is the Buddha’s guardian, you can’t be so slandered. The donor quickly stepped forward and bowed down to salute the Buddha. The poor monk can also ask the Buddha to forgive your sins.”

“Forgive!” Fade Chen sneered Tao, “I Fade Chen, no one needs forgiveness. Not to mention the vain Buddha.”

“You are bold. Questioning the Dharma, this is the biggest blasphemy against my Buddha. If you don’t repent, the poor monk will represent the Buddha’s door. You’ve changed a bit. “During the speech, the master Zhou raised the Zen stick in his hand and poked it on the ground.

In an instant, the hard marble floor was directly smashed by the zen stick, and the cobweb-like cracks quickly spread. It was even covered with a huge private room.

Upon seeing this, Xie Ze’s mouth was filled with a smug smile, and said, “Master Zhou, if you don’t listen to the Dharma, you should surrender him.”

Yin Lu also smiled, smug, “Ha ha, look at him How arrogant. In front of Master Zhou, he does not have a little arrogant capital. ”

Yin Zhe was worried, but he had no choice but to pray silently in his heart that Fade Chen won.

Facing Master Zhou ’s imposing blow, Fade Chen was not afraid. He smiled and disdainfully: “If you are a monk to make money as a thug, then you should do it yourself. Do n’t deceive people with the guise of a Buddhist monk. You are the biggest slander to the Dharma. ”

” Bold and dauntless, and dare to talk nonsense! “Master Zhou screamed like a diamond, and the Zen stick in the book struck Fade Chen fiercely.

It seemed that the attack was about to strike, but at this moment, there was a knock at the door of the private room, and then the door was pushed in alone.

The person who came in was a sloppy man in his fifties or sixties. In a Tang suit, he could not see the color anymore, his silver hair, and his gray hair at the moment. It was really awkward.

“Who is this?” The man suddenly broke in and moved everyone’s heart and looked at it together.

Only Fade Chen smiled lightly and nodded to the

person who came, saying, “You are here!” This person is not someone else, it is Master Xie, Xie Yuan who hurriedly came. Because of the wind and dust all the way, it looks a bit embarrassed.

Master Xie looked at the situation in the private room, especially the monk’s turbulent momentum, and suddenly felt something was wrong, so he asked: “Mr. Chen, what happened?”

Fade Chen pointed at Master Zhou and said, “This monk pretends to be a ghost. , Say to teach me. ”

” Bold! “Master Xie suddenly screamed and stared at Master Zhou fiercely.

Master Zhou immediately glared and shouted: “It seems that you are a partner of this evil handicap. Then I represent Buddhism and spend you together.”

“Spend us, joke!” Master Xie sneered with disdain, then Looking at Fade Chen, “Mr. Chen, this monk, you don’t have to shoot, let me come!”

“Can you?” Fade Chen looked at Master Xie and asked.

After all, Master Xie was just the strength of the later Huang level. There is still a certain distance from the realm of the master Zhou’s Huang level peak.

Master Xie smiled confidently: “During this time, I used the Bodhi that you rewarded me with Mr. Chen. Although the medicinal effect has not been fully refined, my current strength has been further improved. To deal with this monk, No problem. ”

” It’s okay if you have confidence! Since this is the case, come on! “Fade Chen nodded and took a step back.

Master Xie stepped forward immediately, ticked his finger at Master Zhou, and sneered: “Bald donkey, you just want to deal with Mr. Chen, you are

looking for death!” “Bold!” The name of the bald donkey made Master Zhou suddenly angry. Then, the caduceus clanged in his hand, and then with a golden light, he shot at Master Xie fiercely.

Master Xie stood there without any blocking action. Arms lifted slightly, and a stream of light flew out from behind, and hit the monk’s Zen stick.

The flying streamer is exactly the wooden sword made of Vajra Bodhi by Master Xie.

The two attacked each other, and the atmosphere was tense.

But Xie Ze and Yin Lu are still very confident, with a big smile on their faces.

“Fade Chen, I said why are you not afraid, it turned out that you found a helper. But, how could that sloppy guy be an opponent of Master Zhou?”

“What about the helper, the final result is already doomed. It will certainly be defeated. . ”

“Fade Chen, do you think this sloppy old man delays you a little more time, does it make any sense?”

“That old man is as stupid as Fade Chen. Using a wooden sword to collide with a metal zen stick is a self-defeating way. “In

the sarcasm of several people, Master Xie’s wooden sword and Master Zhou’s caduceus collided violently.

In an instant, a strong collision impacted a layer of violent air waves, all the debris in the booth was blown over. Even a few people, their eyes were almost blown away by this strong wind.

The strong wind then slowly dissipated, and everyone looked dumbfounded at the scene.

Because the scene in which they imagined Master Zhou’s victory did not happen, even the fragile wooden sword they imagined did not suffer any damage at the moment.

Instead, the wooden sword turned Master Zhou’s hard metal Zen rod into two pieces.

Master Zhou was also taken aback at this moment, and then an expression of extreme anger appeared on his face. He clenched his fists and slammed at Master Xie, and at the same time yelled angrily: “You are looking for death, I will kill you.”

Master Xie chuckled. Dao: “It’s right to shout like this! In line with your identity, the fake monk pretending to be just now is a joke!”

Master Xie said with a smile, but the movement in his hand was not heard, and the wooden sword roared in the air Draw an arc, and then with a streamer, chop down towards Master Zhou.


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