MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 286



The two big hands pinched their fists and squeaked with a disdainful smile, and approached Fade Chen from left to right.

“The name of Chen Maniac has spread widely in several urban areas near Long’an City recently. I just don’t know what the strength is!”

“It’s a coincidence, I have a nickname and it happens to be a maniac. I’m I want to compare with Mr. Chen and see who is more crazy! ”

Let’s just say, the muscles in the two of them tightened, and their footsteps moved slightly, looking for the best time to attack, ready to attack Fade Chen.

Seeing this, Yin Zhe couldn’t help worrying. Want to persuade.

But Yin Lu pulled his brother down and sat down, and then had a smug expression.

“These two are not simple hitters. That is the expert Xie Shao specially invited from the underground black fist industry. The appearance fee of each one is more than 10 million.”

“The two of them, I heard They are the top masters in the black boxing world. They have all maintained an undefeated record of 100 games, and they are absolutely powerful

players . ” ” According to the black boxing world, these two men have reached the middle level of the martial arts. And, this is just the realm. If it is true combat power, the two will only be stronger, even if the leapfrog kills the later stage of the yellow warrior, it is not impossible. ”

Listening to my sister, Yin Zhe could n’t help but be more I was worried and wanted to get up to help, but I saw Yin Lu waved his hand. The two men came over and directly pressed Yin Zhe.

“Sister, you can’t do this! Brother Chen is our benefactor, who saved our lives, you can’t treat him like this!” Yin Zhe was held down by someone and couldn’t get away, he could only persuade him.

Yin Lu sneered and said disdainfully: “What kind of benefactor. If you didn’t take him at that time, there wouldn’t be that kind of thing. Speaking of it, he still caused us to be in danger.” Yin Lu raked directly and put the black pot lid in distress Arrived on Fade Chen’s head.

Yin Zhe was in a hurry, but didn’t know how to justify. She could only shout: “Sister, you checked it after you went back yesterday. Brother Chen is the leader of Long’an City, an absolute strongman. Especially the strength of martial arts is very strong. , Xuan-level masters are not his opponents. You are now shooting, definitely not Brother Chen’s opponent. ”

Yin Lu sneered:” Xuan-level master! How old is he, how could it be Xuan-level master! This is obviously bragging The lie, that is, a simple guy like you will believe it. ”

” Sister, no, Brother Chen is really “Yin Zhe also persuaded.

Yin Lu interrupted him directly and said, “Don’t say it. The fight has already begun, you are too late to say anything. Now, you are looking at the master Xie Shao invited, how to teach that bluff liar!”

At the moment, the two young thugs, with their tight muscles resembling springs, ejected their hard fists and bombarded Fade Chen.

One attacked Fade Chen’s face and throat, while the other attacked Fade Chen’s lower abdomen and lower yin, which was definitely a loss. But it is precisely their life-and-death fighting experience that they have trained on the black boxing platform.

Seeing that the two of them shot such a vicious move, Yin Zhe couldn’t help but look white, with a more worried look on his face. Yin Lu and Xie Ze are smiling brighter and brighter.

“Boom, boom!”

The fists of the two will soon fall on Fade Chen. On the faces of the two fighters, the grinning smile of victory also appeared at the moment. They had expected it, when their fist hit Fade Chen.

A few teeth will fly out of Fade Chen’s mouth, where blood will seep out.

However, just when the two were so confident that their fists were about to hit Fade Chen.

Suddenly, the two felt that their fists were still a centimeter away from Fade Chen’s body, as if they had hit an invisible wall, and they couldn’t even get in.

At this moment, Fade Chen smiled lightly and sneered. “Don’t let this come out as a shame.”

“Get out of my way!”

Fade Chen screamed, and Fade Chen punched each other, and slammed them into their chests .

Suddenly, clicks and clicks sounded, and two powerful thugs were directly blown out by Fade Chen. His body hit the wall of the private room heavily, and a sip of blood spewed out of his mouth, before his body gradually slipped down the wall.

Looking at the chests of the two thugs, they are now recessed.

At the moment, Yin Lu and Xie Ze with smiles in their mouths were dumbfounded. A confident smile stiffened on his face and became uglier than crying.

“This, how is this possible? That was Xie Shao spent 20 million invited thugs!” Yin Lu was still full of disbelief.

Yin Zhe hurriedly said: “Sister, I told you all. Brother Chen is a master, a very good master. Don’t be delusional anymore, hurry up and apologize to Brother Chen. Looking at my face, Brother Chen can spare You once. If it is too late, no one can save you. ”

The muscles on Yin Lu’s face were trembling, and his heart was entangled.

According to her character, she would never want Fade Chen to apologize and admit her mistake. But the facts in front of her now tell her that there is no good result from complaining with Fade Chen.

When Yin Lu was hesitant, Xie Ze, whose face changed greatly, sneered at this time and said: “I didn’t expect you to really have two hits, even defeating the two thugs I invited.”

“If I don’t have a post With your hand, this time you really gave it to the general. “Xie Ze’s mouth showed a victory ticket, and then clapped his hands and stood up.” Master Zhou, trouble you! ”

” Amitabha! ”

Along with Xie Ze’s voice, a Buddha horn sounded, and then a forty-year-old monk wearing a golden cassock walked out holding a zen stick.

The monk is kind-hearted, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and it really looks like a monk.

Seeing this, Yin Zhe couldn’t help but be curious, and said: “How come a monk is invited. Is this monk able to fight?”

Yin Lu glared at Yin Zhe and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. This is Master Zhou of Longyuan Mountain. You have a monk and you have a deep Dharma. ”

” Deep Dharma, what’s the use! It’s not a monk, it can’t be an opponent of Brother Chen. Sister, please apologize! “Yin Zhe said.

Yin Lu glared: “You know what. Master Zhou not only has profound Dharma, but also martial arts is not bad, and has reached the peak of the Huang level.”

“What, the peak of the Huang level!” Yin Zhe could not help but exclaimed With a horrified expression on his face. Can’t help looking at Fade Chen, with a worried look in his eyes.

Yin Lu saw this and smiled, “Why, now I know I’m afraid. I know there are people outside, there are mountains outside. Then Fade Chen blows no matter how powerful it is, and it can’t be Master Zhou’s opponent. In this scene, he will definitely lose. . Now, do you still want me to apologize to that surname Chen? ”


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