MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 285



“You have come to the provincial capital!” Lin Qiuhan’s voice was obviously a little surprised, and then said, “I have to go back, you don’t need to trouble me to find me.”

“All come, your wife, tell me where you are. .. I will find you tomorrow, by the way, playing in the provincial capital, I have never been in the provincial capital yet! “Fade Chen said easily.

Lin Qiuhan’s tone seemed a bit hesitant. After a moment of silence, he said: “No, I will go back to Long’an immediately.”

Fade Chen felt a little wrong and said: “Wife, what’s wrong! You are so unwelcome. The city is looking for you! Still, you have something to hide from me, or you have found another man and want to divorce me! ”

” No, no! “Lin Qiuhan explained,” It’s really nothing, just You have thought about it for a long time. ”

” I don’t care, if you don’t tell me, it’s something! “Fade Chen teased the child’s temper.” You don’t tell me now. I will ask Du Cang and Mr. Wu tomorrow together The provincial city issued a notice, saying that my wife was lost and went to find you everywhere. ”

Lin Qiuhan was really worried about Fade Chen doing this kind of thing, so he said:” You don’t want to come, I will come to you tomorrow. ”

” Are you looking for me? Where are you? “Fade Chen asked.

Lin Qiuhan quietly said: “Tomorrow you will know. In this way, at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon, you tell me the place, I will pick you up.” The

wife said that this part, although Fade Chen was confused, but still promised: “Okay, that’s the deal. Wife, you must come to pick me up tomorrow!”

“Well, rest assured! Such a big person, like a child.” Lin Qiuhan said.

“In front of my wife, I am a child.” Fade Chen laughed, “I’m going to sleep, I need your wife to kiss you before bed.”

“Hello!” Lin Qiuhan rarely accepted Fade Chen’s request so neatly. .

Immediately, Fade Chen put the mobile phone on his ear and listened to the sound of “boom” coming from the end of the phone. Suddenly there was a drunk, like the wife’s sweet kiss came along the radio waves.

“Thank you wife. It’s not too late, you wife should rest early too!” Fade Chendao, then hung up the phone.

Have a good night’s rest at the Du family, the next morning. Du Cang originally wanted to entertain Fade Chen to go out for fun, but Fade Chen said that there was time, so Du Cang did not persuade him much.

Fade Chen had planned to wait at the Du’s house at two o’clock in the afternoon. But at more than ten o’clock in the morning, I suddenly received a cell phone message from Yin Zhe.

“Brother Chen, I’m really sorry for the previous things. My sister didn’t know your identity and offended you. I’m really sorry. I want to invite Brother Chen to have a meal and apologize to you.”

Fade Chen returned A message, “It’s okay, it’s a trivial matter, I didn’t care about it, Yin Zhe, you don’t have to worry so much.”

As a result, Yin Zhe’s message came again soon, “Brother Chen, if you don’t come, you don’t forgive my sister , Do n’t forgive me. I really want to apologize to you. ”The

other party ’s attitude is so sincere, and Fade Chen is not easy to refuse. Do n’t be too biased. ”

He was worried about being too biased. His wife would n’t be able to come and pick him up.

The speed is still very fast, Yin Zhe’s message came back, “Well, thank you, Brother Chen. Then it is set at the Blue Ocean Hotel, just on the Second Ring Road, and his food is very good.”

“Yes! Then I will immediately Come here. “Fade Chen returned a message, then went out and hurried towards the Blue Sea Hotel.

While on the road, Fade Chen received another call from Master Xie. It turned out to be a matter over the resort, and he had supervised Zhu Ling to get it right. So I followed the provincial capital.

So, Fade Chen reported the address of the Blue Ocean Hotel and asked Master Xie to find himself.

Soon, at the Blue Ocean Hotel, Fade Chen came to the private room booked by Yin Zhe, knocked gently on the door, and then pushed in.

As soon as he entered the private room, Fade Chen’s brow furrowed. Because in this huge private room, not only Yin Zhe was sitting alone, but also several others. Among them are Yin Zhe’s sister Yin Lu, as well as Xie Ze, and several thug-like people who are carried by Xie Ze.

“Brother Chen, you’re really here! Please sit down!” Yin Zhe walked quickly and greeted Yin Zhe enthusiastically.

Fade Chen said in a deep voice: “Yin Zhe, what’s going on?”

“What’s going on?” Yin Zhe’s expression was blank. “My sister said she had asked Brother Chen to come. You have to talk to Xie Shao. Please come and compare with the master of martial arts. ”

” What, compare! “Fade Chen frowned and said,” Isn’t your text message asking me to come out and say you want to apologize for your sister’s reconciliation? ”

” Ah, I text. No! “Yin Zhe was confused, and then looked at his sister Yin Lu.” Sister, you don’t mean you ”

Yin Lu smiled, took out a mobile phone, left it on the table, and smiled:” Brother, Nothing, I just used him to call him out. ”

” What! “Yin Zhe was shocked and took a look at the phone, then angrily said,” Sister, how can you do this? You are Cheating, how could you treat Brother Chen and me like this! ”

Yin Zhe shouted angrily, then said to Fade Chen:” Brother Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this kind of thing. This time, it’s because we’re wrong, I’ll find it separately place, you apologize to Chen Big brother. ”

he said, Yin Zhe is necessary and Fade Chen left the private room together.

At this moment, Yin Lu looked sullen and yelled: “Yin Zhe, you come back to me, sit down!”

Xie Ze also sneered, and said: “Since Mr. Chen is here, so hurry to do something! It is better to sit down and have a good chat.”

“I have nothing to chat with you.” Fade Chen said coldly.

Xie Ze also sneered and said, “Indeed, I have nothing to chat with Mr. Chen. But, Mr. Chen, you took 51% of the shares in Xie’s wine industry. ”

Shares! That was transferred to me by Xie Lingfei. Why, you Xie family don’t want to admit it?” Fade Chen snorted.

Ze Xie said: “I would not admit, just the way it shares, stakes we have to carry Xie check something, in order to avoid accounting errors so, let Mr. Chen will return back to the accounts of the relevant documents…”

“If I Not willing! “Fade Chen said coldly.

Xie Ze sneered, looked at several thugs around him, and said: “I know Mr. Chen is very good at playing in Long’an City, and there is a nickname called Chen Maniac. I just don’t know how crazy Chen Maniac is.”

After talking, two young thugs beside Xie Ze stood up. The two men were more than one meter and eight or five meters tall, and their muscles protruded prominently, which obviously contained powerful explosive power.


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