MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 284



At this point, Du Cang turned around and looked at Xie Ze.

And Yin Lu, who looked ugly, also had a slightly secret expression on his face. The Du family where Du Cang is located is better than his Yin family, but if compared with the Xie family, it is still slightly inferior.

He flaunted his power in front of himself, but met Xie Ze to see how he handled it.

Yin Lu looked good at the show, looking at Du Cang and Fade Chen beside him, with a seemingly absent smile.

At this time, Du Cang glanced at Xie Ze with a sneer of disdain, without any concealed opening: “You are not qualified!”

“What!” Xie Ze’s expression suddenly became cold, with a cold face on his face Chill, “Du Cang, I’m going to make up this guy. Do you want to fight against me for him today?”

Du Cang smiled and said, “Xie Ze, I think you made a mistake.”

“That That is, in the status of Fei Ge, I don’t even need me to come forward for him. Fei Ge wants to deal with it, you are just one sentence. ”

” You say he, deal with me, one sentence is enough! “Xie Ze’s His expression sank, and his face looked pretty.

Yin Zhe looked surprised and looked at Fade Chen with some shock.

Yin Lu, with an expression of disbelief in her face, shook her head, and absolutely did not believe what powerful background this kid in the mountain could have.

At the moment, looking at Du Cang Ze Xie, opening not give way: “Ze Xie, I told you to say a word of it you Xie Xie wine, now belongs to Allen!!”

Then, a Du Cang Push Xie Ze away, then pull the door open, and respectfully greeted Fade Chen in the car. Then drive away.

At this time, Yin Lu was still chewing Du Cang’s words, “Xie Jiajiu belongs to Xie Shao, your second uncle Xie Jingang is in charge of management. Who in our provincial capital does not know this. Du Cang is talking nonsense, This kind of lies is too clumsy. ”

After finishing, Yin Lu sneered sarcastically.

But what she didn’t notice was that Xie Ze’s face was somber at the moment, looking at the distant vehicle, the expression on his face kept changing, and he gritted his teeth in his mouth: “It’s you, Fei Ge, Fade Chen. I didn’t expect , Du Cang, you’re actually mixed with that guy. ”

It turned out that Xie Lingfei and Xie Jinjie’s actions against the autumn group in Long’an City eventually resulted in Xie Jinjie’s death. Xie Lingfei transferred 51% of the shares of Xie’s wine industry to Fade Chen won a life.

This incident is a huge shame for the entire provincial capital Xie family. Therefore, the matter has not been publicized and blocked. For ordinary people, generally do not notice this news. Of course, if you find a relationship, you will know what happened.

The thought of the kid just now forced the Xie family to transfer the billions worth of liquor group, Xie Ze couldn’t help but feel a bit of itching. However, he couldn’t help but shudder in his heart, and thought of Fei Ge, who had a good martial arts strength. If he does it now, he may be the one who loses.

“No, I have to go back quickly and inform the family that Fade Chen has come to the provincial capital.”

Thinking of this, Xie Ze went into the car despite the heavy rain and drove away.

Here, I was still waiting for Xie Ze to get angry and punish Yin Fei, so I couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled, and the whole person stayed in place. “What the hell is going on? Why are they all blaming each other?” Strange. ”

Yin Zhe sighed and said:” Sister, I vaguely know, who is Brother Chen in the end? ”

” Who? Isn’t it really a bad character? “Yin Lu asked.

Yin Zhe lowered his voice and said: “A few months ago, my father told us that 51% of the shares of Xiejia Wine were transferred to the person in Longan City who thought he was called Fade Chen, and he said let us Do n’t mess with him. Remember? ”After

hearing his brother ’s reminder, Yin Lu heard his father once warned himself. I couldn’t help but be surprised, “Then, that kid turned out to be Fade Chen, who is famous in Long’an City?”

“Except for this explanation, there is no other explanation!” Yin Zhe sighed, and then looked at her sister blamed, ” sister, you just should not have treated Fade Chen. you know, he’s big brother-level figures in the city of Long an, Chen crazy person, if I angered him, we Yin no good. ”

mention this Yin Lu couldn’t help but look dark. She has always boasted that people are extremely accurate, and can quickly identify a person’s status, and then judge that the value is not worth making. Unexpectedly, this time he planted a heel on Fade Chen.

For a time, Yin Lu’s face was not very good-looking, and she said with excuse: “What a lunatic Chen, that is, a small place like that in Long’an City. It’s just a provincial town, where the big people in the whole province gather, not Anyone can dominate the king. ”

” That lunatic Chen, but a master of martial arts, is not easy to provoke people. “Yin Zhe reminded.

Yin Lu’s face changed, but he insisted on defending and saying: “Well, there are so many people in our provincial martial arts. There are many people who have offended Xie’s family. Xie’s family will never let him go easily.”

Yin Zhe was a little speechless to her sister, and she could only beg in her heart. Fade Chen did not remember to hate her sister. Otherwise, the Yin family might be in for a catastrophe.

At the same time, in the rainy car, Du Cang said to Fade Chen: “Feige, I just revealed your identity, you will not blame me!”

Fade Chen said lightly: “Nothing! My identity is not a secret. As long as you are willing to inquire, you can always find some information. ”

Hearing that Fade Chen did n’t blame himself, Du Cang let out a sigh of relief and said, “Feige, why do n’t you tell me in advance when you come to the provincial capital, I ’ll arrange it for you. Have a good time in our provincial capital. ”

Fade Chen said:” I came in a hurry this time, there is no preparation. ”

” Fei Brother, are you in a hurry? “Du Cang smelled.

Fade Chendao: “Look for someone.”

Seeing that Fade Chen didn’t have much interest in talking, Du Cang didn’t continue to talk anymore. “Brother Fei, you took a rest in the back seat. When I arrived, I called you.”

Fade Chen went all the way from the mountain forest. Running wildly, he didn’t have much rest for most of the day, and was really tired, so he closed his eyes and nodded and stopped talking.

After more than forty minutes, Du Cang took Fade Chen to the Du family, and then arranged Fade Chen to rest.

Fade Chen was also polite, and after taking a shower, he took a rest at Du’s house.

Before going to bed, Fade Chen made another call to Lin Qiuhan, but this time it was quite smooth. As soon as I called it, the call was connected.

Fade Chen immediately said: “Wife, I’m in the provincial capital. Where are you? I’ll go find you tomorrow.”


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