MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 283



“Sister, how can you do this!” Yin Zhe suddenly dissatisfied, “Brother Chen accidentally scratched Xie Shao’s car just for our safety. How can you?”

Yin Lu said: “I just said, you didn’t listen to it Ah! The identity of Xie Shao, we have to be very careful no matter how we get along now, you do n’t pay attention, this time there must be a saying, you ca n’t come forward, he must ”

at this time, Fade Chen stopped the car to In front of the hotel. Immediately, a roar came and Xie Shao’s car drove over.

“Wait”, the door opened, Xie Shao got out of the car and walked, looking a little weird.

Upon seeing this, Yin Lu suddenly became uneasy, and quickly patted her brother, and then yelled at Fade Chen: “I still apologize, don’t you wait for Xie Shao to come over!”

Yin Lu hurriedly finished. Got out of the car, then squeezed a smiley face and greeted Xie Shao, “Xie Shao, what I just said, I’m so sorry! Our car didn’t hit Xie Shao’s car on purpose. It was just that My brother, but that guy. ”

Xie Shao slightly surprised, said:” It’s not your brother, this is the case. When I said Yin Zhe’s car skills, when did it become so powerful! ”

Yin Lu did not know Xie Shao really boasted The car skills are still ironic. I was even more disturbed in my heart and said, “Xie Shao, we were wrong just now. I really shouldn’t overtake and bump into your car. Xie Shao.”

At this time, Yin Zhe and Fade Chen also got out.

Yin Lu suddenly turned her head, glared at Fade Chen, and said fiercely: “You, but you have come to apologize to Xie Shao. You just drove so recklessly just now.”

Fade Chen was too lazy to care about this woman. He glanced at him and said : “Thank you for letting me take a ride. Next, I’ll just go by myself.”

Yin Zhe apologized and said: “Brother Chen, my sister has some temperament, and she said, don’t mind me,”

“I know! I’m gone. I have the opportunity to contact the provincial capital again.” Fade Chen patted Yin Zhe’s shoulder and smiled gently. Yin Zhe is pretty good, but her sister is too snobbish.

Yin Lu saw that Fade Chen was about to leave, and was immediately unhappy, rushed over and stopped, “What are you doing? I want to go. I told you that you haven’t apologized to Xie Shao and explained what happened just now. How can you leave?

Fade Chen was already impatient with Yin Lu and waved his hand displeasurely: “Looking at Yin Zhe’s face, I haven’t refuted you. However, don’t be excessive.”

“I’m too much, how can I be too much! We drove you kindly and kindly, and you drove indiscriminately and drove to Xie Shao’s car. It was you who was too much, “Yin Lu shouted.

Fade Chen felt that this woman was a little unreasonable. He drove by himself, not to save their sister and brother. As a result, the woman did not know to thank herself, but instead blamed herself for offending Xie Shao, which was simply unreasonable.

Yin Zhe quickly came up to persuade her sister, Fade Chen was also ready to leave.

But at this moment, Xie Shao looked at Fade Chen for a moment, and then shouted: “Wait!”

“Why!” Fade Chen turned his head and said lightly.

Xie Shao’s mouth smiled confidently, and said: “It seems that you are not a hiker, but a car rider!”

“You have good car skills, come and follow me. I lack a skilled driver here. Follow Me, I will give you a salary of 50,000 yuan a month. I have n’t pursued the barbecue before and shaved my car. ”

Say, Xie Shao put his hands in his trouser pockets, and he looks like a bamboo on his chest. .

Yin Lu, who had been angry at Fade Chen, was a little silly at the moment. She did not expect that Xie Shao not only did not blame this guy, but recruited.

Suddenly, Yin Lu’s complexion was a little strange. I didn’t know how to treat Fade Chen for a while. After all, the driver who can be Xie Shao can be considered in the circle.

Just when Yin Lu was thinking about how to deal with Fade Chen, Fade Chen glanced at Xie Shao and said: “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in being a driver!”

Suddenly, Xie Shao’s face sank and unhappy: “Are you sure? ”

Yin Lu next to him heard the words and immediately appeared.

“Boy, Xie Shao let you be a driver, that’s to give you face and look up to you! Don’t

you know what’s wrong!” “Do you know, how many people are fighting to be a driver for Xie Shao, you have this opportunity, that’s great Lucky! ”

This guy, Xie Shao was not excited by her. She was still talking. She wished to demote Fade Chen to the ground.

Fade Chen heard and said coldly, “Shut up for me, it’s not your turn to intervene!”

Yin Lu saw that he was angry at such a country boy, and he suddenly became angry. He said coldly, “What are you? Something, I said to you, that was your honor. Xie Shao gave you the opportunity, but also your luck. You are a poor boy, what is the right to shout at me! ”

Xie Shao looked at Fade Chen with a smile on his face. This kind of person who doesn’t know any good or bad, he doesn’t mind letting Yin Lu step on him first. When the time comes, pull yourself out again. He knew how rare the opportunity Xie Ze gave.

But at this moment, a car engine sounded. Randomly, a loud scream came: “Yin Lu, what are you qualified to call Brother Fei three and four!”

“Who, dare to treat me like this” Yin Lu instinctively shouted, but then turned his head and saw a Wearing a Chinese suit, a young man with a serious face came over, suddenly his face stiffened, and he didn’t expect at all, “Du, Du Shao, how come you are here?”

The people in front of me are not others, but they are really the young master of the famous Du Medical Center in the provincial capital, Du Cang Du Shao. The Du family is famous for its medical path in the provincial capital. Although it is not a top-notch first-class force, it is definitely a second-rate force. It is still much stronger than the third-rate forces like the Yin family.

“I’m here to welcome Fei Ge, why do you say I am here?” Then, Du Cang walked to Fade Chen and shouted respectfully and intimately, “Fei Ge, you’re here!”

Fade Chen nodded and said : “It’s hard work!”

Fade Chen got into the car of Yin’s sister just now, and immediately found Yin Lu’s dissatisfaction with him, so he contacted Du Cang and asked him to send a car to pick him up. Unexpectedly, at such a late night, in such bad weather, Du Cang actually picked himself up.

Seeing that Du Cang was so respectful to Fade Chen, Yin Lu suddenly felt completely unclear. So, he was startled and said: “Fei Brother? He, can he not be such a great person?”

“Great person?” Du Cang snorted. , “Brother Fei, that’s someone you can’t climb high!”

“How is it possible?” Yin Lu’s expression on his face couldn’t believe it.

At this time, Xie Ze next to him stood up and said coldly: “Yin Lu can’t afford to climb, don’t know if I can’t afford Xie Zegao?”


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