MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 282



But at this moment, a stone the size of a grinding disc was washed down from the nearby small soil slope and hit the road at once.

Yin Zhe, who is quickly catching up with Xie Shao, was taken aback by the sudden stone and hurriedly hit the steering wheel, trying to avoid the stone.

But the country road was already narrow, and now the rain is so heavy that the road surface is extremely slippery. The car turned so violently that the tires slipped on the side of the ground. The entire car suddenly lost control and began to tilt and roll over.

It is about to turn out of the road. Although it is not a cliff here, the distance between the road and the ditch on the roadside is more than one meter. If you fall down like this, people must be injured.

At this time, Yin Zhe and Yin Lu’s sister and brother suddenly panicked and yelled in horror.

At a critical moment, Fade Chen leaned forward, leaned forward from the back seat, grasped the steering wheel firmly with both hands, and began to fight back to control the body.

So, in the majestic heavy rain, the Wrangler vehicle almost tilted to forty-five degrees. On the occasion of a great deal, the two wheels on one side drew a perfect arc on the wet ground, and finally bypassed the stone The block fell to the ground steadily again.

At this time, Yin Lu and Yin Zhe’s sister could not help but relieved, almost jumped to the yell of the throat, and swallowed back again.

But they were just relieved, and as a result, they found a dangerous situation again.

It turned out that Xie Shao’s car in front of them might have been knocked into a stone or pothole on the road, and the car was twisting and twisting on the road, and it was about to lose control.

The Wrangler was just behind Xie Shao’s car. It was too late to slow down at this time, and he was about to hit Xie Shao’s car.

Suddenly, the two sisters could not help but be surprised again.

Fade Chen stabilized the steering wheel with both hands and stared at the figure-eight luxury car in front of him, and then looked at the timing. Instead of slowing down, he slammed on the accelerator and the car rushed straight up.

The two sisters of the Yin family were shocked when they saw it, and their hearts almost jumped out of their stomachs.

Yin Zhe could not help shouting carefully. And Yin Lu, at this time, even shouted: “Don’t hit Xie Shao’s car, hit the steering wheel quickly, avoid, avoid! Otherwise we are in trouble.”

Fade Chen didn’t know what Yin Lu thought, this When you turn the steering wheel, don’t you want to rush into the field under the road. At this juncture of life and death, I still thought about how to please Xie Shao, completely ignoring myself and my loved ones.

Ignoring Yin Lu’s shouting, Fade Chen looked like a torch and his hands were steady. Steering the steering wheel, aiming at the trajectory of Xie Shao’s vehicle’s actions. At a critical moment, the Wrangler drew a straight line and rushed directly next to Xie Shao’s car. Even on a narrow rural road, he surpassed Xie Shao’s car .

Moreover, when overtaking, the Wrangler lightly touched the side of Xie Shao’s vehicle. The strength is not big, but it just gave Xie Shao’s car a strength, but it made the car calm down.

So, in the heart-wrenching of the two sisters of the Yin family, the two cars in danger were all settled down fortunately.

Yin Zhe suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at Fade Chen excitedly, and said: “Brother Chen, your technology is too powerful! In this case, the car was stabilized and overtaking. Such a level It ’s almost time to catch up with a professional racer. Brother Chen, do you usually play cars? ”

Yin Zhe, who are rich and young, have low enthusiasm for cars, otherwise, they wo n’t drive out to do barbecue camp some type of.

At this moment, Yin Zhe couldn’t help getting excited when Fade Chen’s car skills were so great.

Fade Chen smiled and did not speak. But Yin Lu, who was next to Yin Zhe, pulled his younger brother back and said with a cold face: “What a terrible situation, just like that situation, do you know how dangerous it is?”

Fade Chen was a little speechless. The dangerous situation was not caused by you forcing your younger brother to accelerate. If you slowly followed behind, how could you encounter such a danger.

Yin Zhe also felt a little embarrassed and quickly said to her elder sister: “Sister, I was improperly controlled and almost overturned the car. What does it have to do with Brother Chen. On the contrary, Brother Chen shot and saved us. . should fall fracture ”

brother to help each other speak, which makes Yin Lu some dissatisfaction, then frowned and said:” I do not mean this, but just super Xie little car moves. ” ”

who is it, that Xie Less. The boss of our Xie family in the provincial capital. Are you doing that? Why are you overtaking and showing off your skills? “Yin Lu blamed.

Fade Chen heard that he couldn’t help but look down, Yin Zhe hurriedly wanted to explain.

But Yin Lu interrupted his brother’s words at once, and glared at him, saying: “Don’t talk, I’m thinking about it for you, don’t you know what’s wrong? What is Xie Shao’s identity, you are overtaking his car at this time This is not Xie Shao’s face, don’t give him a face, how can he still be in the circle in the future, and how to have a good relationship with Xie’s family in the future. Do you see how others don’t overtake, are they really not good at car skills? Xie Shao face, deliberately let Xie Shao first. Understand, this is the correct way of doing things. ”

Yin Zhe was so embarrassed by her sister,” Sister, it’s just a car, how can there be You’re talking so much about it! ”

” Not paying attention? Do not pay attention to how you mix in the circle, this circle is respectable, you know? Rich and young people like Xie Shao, you should always pay attention, ten million You ca n’t be angry, you ca n’t be in the limelight without scruples, and you ca n’t

listen to Yin Lu ’s words, Fade Chen feels a little speechless.

This Yin Lu is completely out of control, for the so-called relationship, so-called stubborn power. Even the safety of his family has been put in a secondary position, but the first consideration is whether he has caused the face of the rich and the young, which is a bit ridiculous and sad.

So, Fade Chen coughed and explained, “It was overtaking just now, because if the deceleration is too late, the blind brake deceleration is very likely to cause slipping and cause a rollover, and it will also cause a serial impact of the vehicles behind. So, that At that time, the only way was to seize the opportunity, overtake, and perhaps still be able to get steadily and safely. ”

Fade Chen explained this, Yin Zhe nodded quickly and said,” Sister, look, Brother Chen made a very reasonable point. . This is also for our safety. Besides, did n’t anything happen? ”

Yin Lu said with a heavy face, displeased:“ What did n’t happen? When I overtake, I ran into Xie Shao ’s car, This is not serious, so what is serious. ”

Immediately, Yin Lu looked at Fade Chen, coldly said:” There is a hotel in front, wait for parking there. You go and apologize to Xie Shao, say the car is yours. Yes , don’t bother us. ”


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