MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 281



At the same time, beside the man with a chicken crown, other people shouted.

“Boy, come on! No one can refuse Xie Shao’s words.”

“This is your chance, you know? Help us Xie Shao once and keep you in the provincial capital without worry.”

” Have you heard? ? Boy, just come to see Xie Shao! “There

was a lot of noise around, obviously, this Xie Shao was the focus of this group of people.

Xie Shao also looked at Fade Chen proudly, apparently waiting for Fade Chen to come over and admit that he was soft.

But what he didn’t expect was that after Fade Chen heard everyone’s words, he turned a blind eye to them and turned to leave.

Suddenly, Xie Shao’s face sank, and he got angry.

At this moment, a 23-year-old young man next to him walked over with a mobile phone and reminded him: “Xie Shao, I have just sent a text message to remind you that there will be heavy rain at night. Too dangerous, we still Let’s go back first. “When

the young man disturbed him, everyone’s attention shifted. Looking up at the sky, I suddenly saw a thick layer of dark clouds drifting over, which was also mixed with lightning and thunder, and it looked like it was going to rain.

Upon seeing this, everyone didn’t want to camp anymore. After all, they did not succeed for so long, and now it is raining again, just an excuse to leave.

As a result, many people spoke.

“It doesn’t look good! Let’s clean it up!”

“Yeah, it’s a heavy rain, our tent can’t resist it, go back!”

“I ‘m not prepared enough this time. I’ll find a few professionals to come over next time. Have fun. ”

As everyone said, the leading Xie Shao suddenly loosened and nodded, saying: “Since it is going to rain, then pack up and go!”

Then the group of people got busy and started to pack up and leave. Of course, many people don’t care about this, they simply don’t bring anything, get on the off-road vehicle, and drive away.

Seeing this, Fade Chen smiled at the young man who came out and nodded slightly to express his gratitude. He knew that when the other party appeared at that time, there was also the meaning of making siege for himself.

The man smiled and reached over, saying: “Hello, my name is Yin Zhe, the provincial capital. You are going to the provincial capital, why not go with us!”

“Hello, my name is Fade Chen. Are you convenient?” Fade Chen looked at his rich and young companions who had left.

Yin Zhe smiled and said: “There is nothing inconvenient, just bring more people.”

“Thanks!” Fade Chen expressed gratitude and walked towards a Wrangler with Yin Zhe.

Yin Zhe opened the door and greeted Fade Chen on board. Immediately, a woman ’s voice came out and said, “Yin Zhe, what are you doing with him?”

Yin Zhe smiled and said, “Sister, it ’s going to rain. Brother Chen is also going to the provincial capital, and I ’ll take it by the way. “Well

, Cheng!” Yin Zhe then introduced to Fade Chen: “This is my sister, Yin Lu. This is Fade Chen.”

Fade Chen looked at Yin Lu, about twenty-eight years old, dressed up For fashion and good looks, it’s not bad. However, it was the pair of disdainful eyes that looked at him that made Fade Chen uncomfortable.

However, Yin Zhe warmly invited himself, and the basic politeness was still to be spoken, so Fade Chen nodded to Yin Lu and greeted, “Miss Yin is good!”

Yin Lu was dissatisfied and said: “Don’t be so familiar, I and you Not familiar. ”

At this time, Yin Zhe greeted Fade Chen to get in the car and said, “Sister, don’t delay the time, Xie Shao, they are all gone. Let’s hurry.”

Mentioned Xie Shao, Yin Lu was anxious and impatient. He said: “Getting in the car, getting in the car, delaying our time, annoying.”

Fade Chen arrived in the back seat, then Yin Lu immediately threw a plastic bag, unpleasantly said: “You are dirty and dead, don’t directly Sitting on the seat and cushioning. “After

teaching Fade Chen, Yin Lu began to educate his younger brother Yin Zhe.” Yin Zhe, do you know what you are doing? ”

” He just made Xie Shao not happy Well, you bring him now. What will Xie Shao think, how to see you in the future, how will our Yin family and Xie family do business in the future? You do n’t think about these things, just do whatever you want. ”

Yin Zhe is a little impatient. , Said: “Sister, I just helped Brother Chen take a trip, how can you say it so seriously. You think too much.”

“Yes you want to be simple, now you have stepped into the society. You can’t do anything like before With the temperament coming. Why did I let you and Xie Shao Let ’s play together, it ’s not for you to expand your network, and have a good relationship with Xie Shao. ”Yin Lu chattered with education,“ As a result, you do n’t want to please Xie Shao, but instead bring such a guy, if it provokes Xie Shao was dissatisfied, and our previous investment was in vain. ”

” I know, I know. Sister, don’t say it. “Yin Zhe said impatiently.

Yin Lu said: “You know what. If you know, catch up now, and apologize to Xie Shao and explain the situation. Do you know?”

“Know! Yes, I speed up, I catch up, this is not enough. “Yin Zhe stepped on the accelerator and speeded up the car.”

Then, Yin Lu turned her head and looked at Fade Chen, frowning dissatisfiedly, and said in a cold voice: “Wait after catching up with Xie Shao, you apologize and explain clearly with Xie Shao. You and my family Yin Zhe don’t have any Relationship, you know? ”

Fade Chen glanced at Yin Lu, and he could see through the woman.

This is a woman who is completely immersed in the exchange of interests. All people and things are calculated with the relationship of interests. If you are good for yourself, please vigorously please.

Seeing that Fade Chen did not respond, Yin Lu frowned in dissatisfaction, and was about to scold.

At this moment, a thunder burst sounded in the air with a “click”. Then the intensive raindrops fell down.

Suddenly, the majestic heavy rain fell down and completely covered the world with a rain curtain. The visibility in front of the car suddenly dropped a lot.

Seeing this, Yin Zhe couldn’t help but slow down.

But seeing Yin Lu, dissatisfaction: “! You do slow down, Xie little lie ahead, catch up ah The apology is not good, and so over time, and even then an apology is useless,”

Yin Zhe no choice but to Speeding up again, Xie Shao chased towards the front.

And Yin Lu is still chattering his brother with various elements of interpersonal relationships, points of attention in communication, and the like.

Yin Zhe suddenly felt more irritable, and at this time, the rain was even heavier. The road conditions in the countryside are not good. At this time, the rain is heavy, and the roadside suddenly becomes muddy.

Yin Zhe drove more than one car and was about to catch up with Xie Shao’s car.


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