MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 236



In this case, even the calm Lin Qiuhan was stunned at the moment, and then the pretty face quickly swelled red, covered her body, and hurriedly shouted: “You, you go out quickly!”

Fade Chen used his hands and feet to crawl out of the bathtub. I do n’t know if it was a slippery hand or some unexpected expectation in my heart. After a panic, my palm slipped on the edge of the bathtub. Even my body was unstable. I slid down directly and planted it back into the bathtub. Contact, completely stuck together.

Linqiu Han Zhang Hong cheeks now red almost to drop water, bit his lips, his hands will be pushed away from Fade Chen himself, teeth and said: “! You, you and get out,”

“Wife, I really did not mean it ! “Fade Chen quickly explained, and then used his hands and feet to crawl out of the bathtub. Standing beside, he explained to Lin Qiuhan sincerely.

As a result, Lin Qiuhan turned to look at Fade Chen and found that this guy was standing beside him and explained. Suddenly, her face was flushed, and she quickly said: “No need to explain, you are going out!”

Fade Chen looked down, and realized that he was gloomy at the moment, and suddenly turned old, quickly turned around, and ran out of the bathroom.

Pushing down the stairs, Fade Chen quickly rinsed it off, immediately put on his clothes, and then looked upstairs with some anxiety, turning his heart over the river.

“Their behavior today is not over?”

“I do not think my wife is looking for an excuse to deliberately take advantage of her now!” ,

“How did the movement for so long, my wife is really angry with me.” “Not

so Tragedy, angered his wife as soon as she came back? ”

Fade Chen, who was calling out for rain and wind, was like a little boy in his first love at the moment. Go, but just moved, then hesitantly withdrew his footsteps.

In this way, Fade Chen did not know how long it had passed. Suddenly I heard a sound of opening the door from the building. I looked up and saw that the wife’s door was open, and her figure was half exposed.

To say that at this time, besides Fade Chen, Lin Qiuhan himself was uneasy.

To say that from small to large, except for the drunk and Fade Chen rolled sheets. She had never been so intimate with a man, and she was still naked.

In this situation, Lin Qiuhan, who has always been calm, had a heart banging at this moment, just like a deer, and could not stop at all.

Hidden in the room for a long time to calm down, let his expression calm down as much as possible. Lin Qiuhan took a long breath and walked downstairs.

Fade Chen looked up at his wife’s cold expression, and couldn’t help but feel relieved, secretly his wife was not angry. But then somehow, he felt a slight discomfort when he saw this expression on his wife.

“You are back.” Lin Qiuhan asked, asking lightly.

Fade Chen nodded and explained the matter of staying an extra day by the way. “Yesterday I happened to meet Xu Xiaoting and went to her house for a little help. So, I only came back today.”

Lin Qiuhan heard the words and gently raised his eyebrows. Although nothing was said. But there was a slight sense of joy in her heart. She was happy that Fade Chen could take the initiative to explain these things to herself.

“Well!” Lin Qiuhan responded, and then said nothing.

Fade Chen, who was always active, didn’t know what to say at the moment. Coupled with the absence of Mother Wang, the atmosphere in the room seemed a little awkward at first, and the two of them just sat and did not talk.

Fade Chen scratched his head for a while, and his heart was in a hurry. “How to go out on his own, come back and get a big oolong, and then make a wife like a stranger.

“No, I can’t go on like this, I have to take the initiative, otherwise I will become a stranger.” Fade Chen moved, and then pointed to what he brought back in the kitchen, said, “Wife, are you hungry, I’ll cook

Xiao Ting has given me a lot of souvenirs. I will cook it for you. ” Lin Qiuhan glanced at the clock. At ten in the morning, what time to eat before the village and the shop.

Fade Chen also looked at the time, embarrassed, and then touched the remote control, said: “It’s still early, let’s watch TV!”

Lin Qiuhan nodded casually, but suddenly, it seemed that he had thought of something. With a hot cheek, he rushed towards Chen

Fei and yelled, “Don’t!” Fade Chen was shocked, and didn’t understand why his wife was suddenly so excited and stupid. But the action on the hand was pressed down, and the phone was turned on.

Then, Fade Chen saw two handsome and charming characters on the huge screen TV, one man and one woman. Upon seeing the makeup, she knew that it was the most popular idol drama of the moment.

When Fade Chen went to work some time ago, he often saw the company’s little girl chasing the show every day and crying. As a result, he tried to watch a few episodes himself, and found that the plot was too cliché, and some could not stand it.

But when I didn’t expect to go home, I found that my wife, who was a cold boss, was hiding in the bathtub to watch this idol drama and was crying. Not only that, she watched on the big screen on TV.

Thinking of the pink and tender dress in the wife’s room, and her love of all kinds of Doraemon toys, Fade Chen is very suspicious that his wife has a girl heart that has not been extinguished.

Thinking of this, Fade Chen looked at the blushing face, the anxious Lin Qiuhan, could not help but laughed, said: “Wife, in fact, you like to watch idol dramas, I know nothing. Because the wife you are always in my heart Girl! ”

Lin Qiuhan blushed pretty and touched her heart slightly, but looked at the picture on TV. The expression was even more urgent, and he reached out to snatch the remote control in Fade Chen’s hand.

Fade Chen thought his wife was still shy and smiled: “Wife, it’s okay. Isn’t it an idol drama? I’ll watch it with you. Besides, I don’t know if you like dolls.”

“No, not like this Lin Qiuhan explained anxiously.

“Why not?” Fade Chen was puzzled.

At this moment, there was a charming and charming voice on the TV screen.

Fade Chen turned his head and found that the protagonist and the protagonist, who were still in your relationship, were hugged together at the moment and fell on the petal-bearing seaside grass. While kissing wildly, they took off their clothes and were about to Passionate.

At this time, Fade Chen was a little silly. It turned out that my wife was not worried about discovering that she was watching an idol drama, but was worried about discovering that she was watching this passionate old driver plot!

To say that this is not to blame Lin Qiuhan. She has grown up so much that she has never been in love once, so she can only look for them in idol dramas.


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