MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 233



A group of people co-planned, the wine was hot and the atmosphere was very warm.

But at this moment, suddenly a loud noise made the door of the private room kicked open.

The people in the private room were shocked, and then shot the glasses on the table, standing up one by one.

“Damn, who is kicking the door?”

“What’s the matter, which one dare to come here to make trouble?”

“Which turtle son, get out of me!”

Several people roared, and at this time, a figure was pushed in.

Han Wuyong took the lead and grabbed the figure, and the one who was hacking his head was ready to fight. But just about to start, he suddenly discovered that this man turned out to be his son Han Bing.

Suddenly, Han Wuyong said with surprise: “Why are you here? Didn’t I let you drag them at the village chief’s house?”

Han Bing was a little timid, and said: “Dad, I, they” do

n’t wait for him to finish, There was a thud at the door, and another figure was thrown in directly, and fell on the ground with a thud.

Han Wuyong was surprised when he looked at this man. “The village chief, why did you come here?”

At this time, Han Bing finally organized the words and said, “Dad, our people were beaten. Xu Xiaoting brought us over. ”

” What, Laozi sent so many people, how could it be beaten? “Han Wuyong’s expression with an unbelievable look,” What the hell is going on? ”

But at the moment, bang was louder The sound of the sound, the head of the mashup who was beaten with a swollen nose and blue face, was directly dropped in at this moment, and still fell on the table.

At the same time, many dishes, dishes and bowls were knocked over, and the food, soup and water splashed, covering the surrounding guests, and they were suddenly embarrassed.

Suddenly, several people of Han Wuyong couldn’t help but furiously rushed towards the door, “Who is pretending to be a ghost outside, get in here!”

As a result, Han Wuyong just walked to the door, and before he saw it, he saw one Feet kicked towards himself.

With a “bang”, this foot was in the belly of Han Wuyong, kicking him directly out, and then fell on the ground full of debris. There was another wailing sound.

At this time, Fade Chen’s eyes came in coldly, and behind him, Xu Xiaoting and his mother, who looked cold, came in at the moment.

Section Chief Liu looked a little bit confused when they saw these people. They didn’t know who they were. But Han Wuyong got up from the ground, his face suddenly changed, Shen said: “It’s you.”

Immediately, his eyes fell on Xu Xiaoting and his mother, coldly said: “Well, I didn’t expect Xu Zhilong to have you so powerful. My mother-in-law, dare to hit someone openly. I think you want to sit in the game.

Xu Zhilong, Xu Xiaoting ’s father, died five years ago for some reason.

At this point, Han Wuyong finished speaking, glancing at the Mediterranean man on the seat, winking.

The man immediately touched his mobile phone with a furious expression and called: “Call me the brother of Lian Jiao’an. Someone is having trouble here and taking them to sit in the bureau.” After the

phone call, several people were complacent. Look at Xu Xiaoting and his mother. Han Wuyong sneered: “Two women, still want to fight me and want to contract hilltops. I’m going to let you go to contract hilltops now, haha!”

The man with the Mediterranean hairstyle is also serious at the moment Expression, coldly said: “You are suspected of hurting people for no reason, it is a violation of the public security management regulations, it is best to stop your hand immediately, otherwise, the crime will be dealt with

seriously .” To hurt someone, then Han Wuyong sent someone to hit someone and smash the car, why don’t you care? You are conniving and sheltering. ”

“Little girl, bullshit.” The Mediterranean man shouted. “You talk nonsense, it is malicious defamation, and the crime is increased.”

Han Bing saw it, hiding behind his father, with a tinge of revenge on his face, and then Tugging at his father’s clothes and pointing to Fade Chen, he whispered: “There is that kid.”

Han Wuyong saw this, and said: “This kid is the main offender, and he will naturally grab it.” The

Mediterranean man nodded immediately .

With a straight face, he said : “Such a villain not only needs to be arrested but also severely sentenced.” Fade Chen looked at their performance with a sneer, and finally said lightly: “Have you finished?” Han Wuyong looked somberly. With Fade Chen, he said: “Boy, you are looking for the stubble of my Han family. This is the most wrong decision you have ever made. When you enter the game, just wait for regret.”

“Is it? I feel, regret The person will be you. “Fade Chen said lightly.

“Crazy ignorant guy.” Han Wuyong sneered, “It’s too late to cry.”

At this moment, there was a loud footstep outside. Hearing the words, Han Wuyong and his team were immediately overjoyed, and looked at Fade Chen and Xu Xiaoting with pride. “When someone comes, you can wait.”

At this moment, Han Bing’s eyes turned and Xu Xiaoting’s eyes turned to him, saying: , That,

Xiao Ting she ” Han Wuyong glared at his son indignantly, but still gave a glance to the Mediterranean man. The man immediately understood and said, “Wait, I will shut this little girl alone. Han Bing, you are her fellow countryman, you can go to care about it and visit the prison. Then get along well!”

Han Bing suddenly rejoiced, watching Xiang Xuting’s gaze was full of desire to possess.

But Xu Xiaoting and her mother heard the words, and they couldn’t help but look cold. They said coldly: “Dare you touch me (Xiaoting), I will die with you.”

“Oh, Xiao Ting was originally my woman, let alone touch. Even if it is asleep, what can it do?” Han Bing was proud.

Fade Chen said that his face was cold, and there was a look of anger on his face. He slapped it hard and slammed it directly on Han Bing’s face. He said coldly: “It seems that you have no long memory, you must have a hard lesson.”

Han Wuyong watched this guy beating his son in front of him, and suddenly he was furious. “You dare to beat my son to find death!” The

Mediterranean man was also furious. “Knowing the law and breaking the law, you just wait to go in and stay well!”

At this moment, a team of people in uniform came in, and Han Wuyong immediately shouted: “You are coming, hurry, he and they all arrested me. Especially this kid.” The

Mediterranean men also shouted, “All grabbed, a group Diao Min, dare to come here to make trouble and find death! ”

After the two men shouted, they found that the uniform figure in front of them did not move at all.

The two were suddenly furious, Han Wuyong shouted: “Did you not hear me? What are you doing!” The

Mediterranean man also shouted: “This is an order, hurry to catch me!”

At this time, a deep voice The sound came up, “Captain Wang, when are you qualified to order us?”

“And, Han Wuyong, when are you qualified to order public officials?”


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