MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 228



Of course, the environment in which Jiuye Bingluo grows is also very harsh.

This kind of extremely cloudy to cold plant has a strange habit, that is to grow in a hot environment, which can gradually grow. This is why Fade Chen can find Jiuye Bingluohua in this lava crypt.

He took a few deep breaths and calmed his mood.

Afterwards, Fade Chen carefully leaned over to Jiuye Bingluohua, using the metamorphosis, carefully digging out Jiuye Bingluohua together with the hot earth and stone below.

Holding the tender plant seedlings with both hands, Fade Chen walked out of the cave with great joy. Then I found some trees in the woods, simply made a small wooden frame, and gently placed the nine-leaf iced flowers in it.

Then, Fade Chen turned on the inner breath and directly hit the mountain wall. The tumbling rocks collapsed, directly burying the cave passages, and also covering the traces of Fade Chen’s entry and exit.

After handling the scene, Fade Chen put the small wooden frame into his backpack, and then embarked on a return journey with joy.

After tossing for a long time, Fade Chen finally returned to the suburbs of Long’an City. Although he was still a few hours away from the city, Fade Chen also felt a sense of belonging. After all, this is his current home.

So, Fade Chen took a selfie and sent a message saying that he was back.

It didn’t take long for the message to come out, and there was a voice of praise. Asked where Fade Chen went, and lamented that Fade Chen finally came back, and joked that he forgot Fade Chen.

Just when Fade Chen read the news, suddenly the phone rang, Fade Chen looked at the number, it was Xu Xiaoting, and then he answered the phone, “Hey, Xiao Ting.”

“Dr. Chen, you are in Longling County ! “Xu Xiaoting’s clear voice rang.

“How do you know?” Fade Chen said.

“Dr. Chen, the selfie you just sent, with orientation!” Xu Xiaoting said, “Yes, Dr. Chen, my family is in Longling County, are you free? I invite you to dinner.”

“Your family is nearby “Ah!” Fade Chen said in surprise, “Well, where is your home, I will pass immediately.”

Xu Xiaoting smiled: “No, I will pick up Dr. Chen.”

“Well, my position is Dudu” Fade Chen I also wanted to elaborate on the address, but ended up hanging up the phone. Fade Chen couldn’t help shaking his head, “When is this Xiao Ting’s temperament getting so urgent.”

Just when Fade Chen shook his head with emotion, a clear cry came from behind: “Dr. Chen, I’m coming!”

Fade Chen turned his head At first glance, it was found that Xu Xiaoting even smiled, standing pretty behind him.

“Okay, Xiao Ting, you saw me long ago. You didn’t come up to say hello.” Fade Chen laughed.

Xu Xiaoting grunted and said: “I’m not worried about Dr. Chen’s inconvenience, so I called to ask first.”

“What inconvenience can I have!” Fade Chenhun touched Xu Xiaoting’s head with a smile , “Okay, I won’t say much. I’m hungry now. Where do you invite me to eat?”

Xu Xiaoting said: “Go to my house to eat. I told my parents to Dr. Chen after I came home Things, they have been nagging, looking for an opportunity to thank Dr. Chen. You didn’t expect that this time, it happened so accidentally, “Xu Xiaoting smiled.

Fade Chen nodded and said, “Let’s go home!”

“We” and “go home”, listening to Xu Xiaoting’s ears, suddenly made her blush and her cheeks hot.

With a red face, he brought Fade Chen to an electric car, handed the car key to Fade Chen, and then smiled and said, “Dr. Chen, please take me by bike!”

“Of course!” Fade Chen took the car key, started the electric car, patted the back seat, and said, ”

Xiao Ting , come up and sit down.” Xu Xiao Ting sat across the back seat and used to reach out and hug him. Fade Chen’s waist, but then realized what was happening, his hands shrank back again.

Fade Chen seeing this, grabbed Xu Xiaoting little hand ring on his waist, smiled and said:. “! Xiaoting, pay close attention to otherwise, like last time, to have my back bumped”

mentioned on Xu Xiaoting couldn’t help but blush, and smashed Fade Chen’s back twice, and his nose snorted, saying: “Dr. Chen, you also said that you were too bad this time and deliberately took advantage of me. ”

Where am I? It’s clearly Xiaoting that you hit me, OK.” Fade Chen shouted injustice suddenly, drove the electric car between his speeches, and then a slight brake, suddenly let Xu Xiaoting’s body involuntarily hit him.

So, a familiar soft touch came from Fade Chen’s back, “Look, it hit again.”

“Dr. Chen, you are too bad!” Xu Xiaoting’s face was blushing and she said softly. But the hand surrounding Fade Chen’s waist and limbs never loosened again.

And Fade Chen, no longer joking, drove the car on the road, “Xiao Ting, you show me the way.”

This time, Fade Chen soon discovered that he had no intention of joking. However, the bumpy road in the countryside must create opportunities for Fade Chen.

The electric car was ups and downs, bumpy forward, Xu Xiaoting in the back seat, the body shook suddenly, and then the soft body hit the body of Fade Chen, bringing a gentle touch.

“Xiao Ting, I didn’t mean it this time! Look, you are hitting me!” Fade Chen laughed.

Xu Xiaoting heard the words, her cheeks were hot, and she said softly: “Dr. Chen, you still say! Don’t say anything!”

“Okay, okay, don’t say it, don’t say it. It’s enough to feel it slowly.” Fade Chen laughed, “Hey, it seems to be bigger than before! Is it my illusion, or is it because of winter clothes? More. ”

” What’s bigger? “Xu Xiaoting was surprised for a while, and didn’t understand what Fade Chen said, but when she saw Fade Chen’s thief’s expression, she immediately thought about it, and her pretty face was almost flushed with water Here comes, “Dr. Chen, you bullied me again!”

“Xiao Ting, how can I have it! Just to be honest,” Fade Chendao said.

“It’s not the truth.” Xu Xiaoting pouted, “I didn’t wear more clothes!”

“Oh, it’s not because of clothes! That’s really big.” Fade Chen laughed.

“Dr. Chen, you are getting worse and worse. Huh!” Xiao Ting’s face was ruddy and she said softly.

The two of them bumped all the way, and “struck” all the way to a village.

Near the village, there were more people, and Fade Chen calmed down a bit. Xu Xiaoting also reached out and touched his ruddy cheeks, then lowered his head and brushed his hair.

“Xiao Ting, which room is your house!” Fade Chen asked, looking at a large three-story building by the road.

Xu Xiaoting pointed to a somewhat old two-story building in front of the small building and said, “That’s my home.”

“Good, we’re home.” Fade Chen walked towards the small building.


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