MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 227



In an instant, Forber’s two hands were directly cut off and fell to the ground. Then two streams of blood spewed out.

Faber recovered, and looked at his bare arms, terrified, pain and horror, suddenly shouted, “My hand, my hands! You, you cut my hand “You,”

such a decisive means, suddenly shocked everyone on the scene. Some dumbfounded watching this scene on the scene.

Just now, Li Xiaoxiao, who was full of pride, was stunned for ten seconds at this moment, and then he recovered. His face changed drastically, pointing at Fade Chen, and said, “You, how dare you hurt my Li family, how dare you cut off Fu Bo’s hands, me

?” “Cut off your hands?” Fade Chen snorted, “This It’s just the beginning! ”

Fade Chen’s arms fell, and Fade Chen’s arm was raised again, and an air blade was drawn in the sky. The sharp air blade was simply unstoppable, and he directly crossed the neck of Fu Bo.

Suddenly, Fu Bo’s shout came to an abrupt halt, and then a round head flew up, and a blood spring spouted at the fracture, so that Li Xiaoxiao was all covered with blood.

“Ah, Fu Bo!” Li Xiaoxiao was stunned, and then shouted at Fade Chen. “You, you killed Fu Bo. Our Li family won’t finish.”

Fade Chen glanced coldly, staring To Li Xiaoxiao, coldly said: “Do you want to try it too?”

Li Xiaoxiao’s body shook instantly, the arrogance on his face instantly turned into deep fear, and the look in his eyes turned into a moment. The fear flashed, and he didn’t dare to look at Fade Chen’s eyes. He lowered his head and shivered.

Seeing this, Fade Chen snorted heavily and shouted, “Get out!”

Li Xiaoxiao quickly turned around, and stumbled down the mountain.

At this time, the people on the mountain looked at Fade Chen in shock. Especially Dai Zijun and Mao Kun, at the moment the hearts of the two were cold, and a feeling of fear came to their hearts.

Fortunately, they didn’t do anything to Fade Chen just now, otherwise, I am afraid that, like that Fu Bo, they have become a dead body.

After being afraid, they could not help feeling curious again. Who is this Fade Chen in the end, it is so powerful, it is easy to kill Fu Bo, a master of the middle meta level.

There was not much time left for them to be curious, and Zhuo Zhang’s head immediately ended the Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony, allowing the disciples to send all the drug-seekers on the mountain down the mountain.

Then, the head and elder of Ling Yunzong thanked Fade Chen for a while. At the same time, I was a little worried and said: “Mr. Chen, this Li family is the richest man in China. If things go back, I am afraid that you will be

waved.” Then came. ”

Upon hearing Fade Chen’s bold words, Zhuo Dongquan realized that Fade Chen was a disciple of Tianwu Mountain. With such a big backing behind him, Fade Chen is really not afraid of the Li family.

Suddenly, the head of Zhuo finally let go.

And Fade Chen, then also quit. Down the mountain with Huo Dongwei, Liu Lao and others, at the foot of the mountain, Fade Chen said goodbye to them. Then his body flashed and broke into the dense forest.

Fade Chen, who entered the forest, ran all the way, quickly inserted into the position of Lingyun Zong’s back mountain along a diagonal line.

With his eyes closed, Fade Chen felt the breath in the air.

After more than ten seconds, his eyes suddenly opened, and he ran quickly towards a boulder.

Behind the boulder, there is a naturally formed small hot spring, the spring inside is gushing out, and the steam is still steaming.

Fade Chen stared at the hot spring for a while, and then his eyes began to spread with a small black crack under the hot spring.

Following this crack, Fade Chen continued to move forward. After about half an hour’s walk, Fade Chen has come to another mountain.

At this point, the tiny black crack disappeared in front of a rock wall.

Fade Chen took a deep breath and felt a different kind of breath pouring into his nose, his eyes brightened. Then throw away the backpack, use both hands to run the inner breath, and turn into two sharp shovel, shoveling crazy on the rock wall.

Suddenly, the gravel flew around, and the hard rock wall, under Fade Chen’s inner yuan, seemed to be cut like pieces of tofu.

In just one hour, Fade Chen dug a cave in the mountain wall. The cave is about two meters deep into the mountain wall. Fade Chen closed his eyes again and felt his nerves, then changed direction and started to dig downward.

Subsequently, he was busy for more than two hours, after Fade Chen had dug into the mountain wall more than ten meters away. Finally, Fei felt a loose mud in front of him, and then a rush of heat surged towards him.

Fade Chen turned around, protected his body, and walked out of the cave. Suddenly, a huge underground karst cave appeared in front of him, and there was an underground dark river flowing in the center of the karst cave.

But it is not water flowing in the dark river, but layers of hot lava.

The lava flowed out of the deeper crypt, then flowed down the karst cave, and finally extended to the direction of Lingshanzong Houshan. The energy of this lava is also the source of alchemy ground fire in the hot springs and caves of Lingyunzong Houshan.

Of course, Fade Chen is definitely not concerned about these lava. It was a bit of cold breath mixed with lava.

It was a special ice-cold atmosphere, mixed with hot lava, extending all the way to Lingyunzong’s back mountain. At that time, Fade Chen, who helped Zhuo Zhang’s alchemy in the cave, noticed the special atmosphere in the ground fire, so he asked Zhuo Zhang’s source of the ground fire, and then traced it all the way here.

Feeling the breath carefully, Fade Chen carefully searched around the lava.

Finally, when he reached the exit position where the lava surged, he found a small white plant on a black stone beside the lava.

The plant has just emerged two young leaves, the size of a nail shell. But if you look closely, you can see the natural patterns of ice and snow growing on the leaves. And this little grass exuded a cold, cold breath.

When Fade Chen’s palm came close, he felt a bit of frostbite.

However, Fade Chen was not dissatisfied, but almost jumped with excitement. Both eyes stared at the little white grass growing beside the hot lava.

This grass is called Jiuye Bingluohua. It is a kind of plant that is extremely yin to cold. Like Jiuyou Binglian, it is the most yin thing needed by Fade Chen to practice Jiuyang Burning Heaven’s Secret. The realm is a rare treasure.

Of course, the nine-leaf ice-cold flower here is just a young bud, which is not yet mature. It will not be truly mature until it has grown into nine leaves, and when it finally blooms. It was only then that Fade Chen took Jiuye Bingluohua to have the greatest effect.


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