MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 226



Fu Bo immediately closed his hands, quietly looked at Zhuo Zhang’s head, and said softly: “Zuo Zhang’s head, Li’s family doesn’t want to be an enemy of Ling Yunzong. It only takes Zhuo Zhang’s head to work a little and go to Xiangjiang. ”

This is already a naked threat, Zhuo Dongquan said coldly:” All of them hurt people, this is not a threat. Do you Li family really think that our Ling Yunzong is weak and can be bullied? ”

Li Xiaoxiao beside him sneered There was a polite, said: “Zhuo head, we are not dealing with you now, that is to leave you a face, you better not toast and do not eat fines. In that case, it is not good for both parties.”

“You Do it for me! “Zhuo Dongquan stood up, rarely angered, and slammed with a violent momentum.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoxiao shook his head, then looked at Fu Bo, and said: “Don’t hurt too much, otherwise it will affect the treatment of grandpa, then it will be troublesome.”

Such words seemed extremely arrogant and suddenly attracted the entire Ling Yunzong All of them were angry, and they stared at the two scarletly, their anger raging.

“Master, give them a little lesson, let them know we Lingyun Zong powerful.”

“That is, do not think money can do whatever they want!”

“Get rid of them, such people must not come we Lingyun Zong!”

An angry voice In the middle, Zhuo Dongquan made a breath with his right hand and struck Fu Bo’s chest.

This breath is different from Elder Cai’s toughness just now, but it is somewhat similar to an old ox. Although it does not look as fierce as the tiger, the old ox is thick and powerful, but the force is greater than the tiger.

Forber quickly confronted, and suddenly, an old ox was playing steadily, and a spirit snake kept circling around, looking for opportunities to wrap up the old ox.

The two mid-level metaphysical masters at this moment look like two spirit beasts, each move brings a strong internal element toss, continuous collision and roar, and shatters a lot of the surrounding grass and mountains and rocks.

Soon, the duo passed more than a dozen moves at once.

Zhuo Dongquan’s moves seem to be slow, but they are very calm, almost no risky moves, completely stable defense. Forbe’s Spirit Snake Offensive has no chance at all, and can only continue to circulate in the periphery.

Upon seeing this, Fade Chen could not help but nod and whispered: “.. After all, he is the head of the orthodox were Zhuo Disciples, deep foundation, a solid foundation of this slow and steady pace, as long as they do not mess, the almost invincible”

seems As Fade Chen predicted, Fu Bo attacked dozens of moves to no avail. Can not help but gritted his teeth fiercely, the offensive suddenly accelerated, as if pouring into the head of Zhuo Zhuo like a storm.

The pressure suddenly increased a lot, but the skill of Zhuo’s head was quite deep. Under the offensive like a heavy rain, it was still stable as a rock, blocking the other party’s attack.

Instead, it was Fober, because this attack was full, revealing a flaw. As a result, Zhuo Zhang took the opportunity and punched with a punch, hitting Fober’s heart.

Forber was suddenly shocked and hurried to avoid. But it was too late. The powerful force of Zhuo Zhang’s head pressed his body, and he could not avoid it at this moment.

Seeing it was about to hit the vital parts, but at this moment, a glance of intolerance flashed in the eyes of Zhuo Zhang’s eyes, which originally hit the fist of Fu Bo’s heart nest. At this moment, he deflected the direction and punched Fu Bo’s stomach. on.

Suddenly, a strong pain rushed in, and Fu Bo’s face sank, unable to bow.

The head of Zhuo closed his hand and said in a deep voice, “Please come back”

but just before the word of Zhuo’s head finished, Fu Bo, who was holding his stomach, suddenly rushed forward, his hands seem to be like spirits The snake attacked suddenly and attacked the neck of Zhuo Zhuo’s head.

Zhuo’s head was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do. He was completely unable to avoid it and was hit by Fober. Suddenly his face turned white, and a sip of blood spewed out of his mouth, and he stepped back a few steps.

“Zhuo head!” Ling Yunzong’s elders and disciples were anxious and rushed over quickly.

And Li Xiaoxiao walked proudly to Fu Bo, proudly said: “Did you see it? You

Ling Yunzong, in my Li’s eyes, it is not worth mentioning.” “Now, you, Zhuo Dongquan, immediately Pack things up and follow us. “Li Xiaoxiao said with a tone of command.

The elders and disciples were furious and rushed out one by one.

But Li Xiaoxiao looked disdainful and sternly said: “You are going to come to death, I don’t mind killing you.” During the

speech, the momentum of Fu Bo’s body exploded again, and he welcomed the crowd.

Ling Yunzong’s disciples were squeezed by this momentum, and his complexion suddenly turned pale, and he was able to advance completely.

Upon seeing this, Li Xiaoxiao was more proud, looking at the injured Zhuo head, and said: “I will give you half an hour.”

Zhuo Dongquan’s expression on the face was uncertain, and he gritted his teeth and wanted to refuse. But when he looked at the children of his sect, his eyes could not help but dim, and finally he sighed, shook his head, and said: “I answer”

But at this moment, a cold voice rang out, “Zhuo Zhang, do not the group agreed to the request shameless villain. ”

Wen Yan, Li Xiaoxiao looking sank, looked up to find the speaker turned out to be Fade Chen could not help but look more cold, and” are you? ” ”

you want me to intervene Lee Things? “Li Xiaoxiao said sharply.

Fade Chen snorted coldly, “Shameless villain, I let you go!”

“You’re looking for death!” Fu Bo gritted his teeth, his expression cold, and with one hand, he came out, like a spirit snake, pounced on Fade Chen’s neck.

Fade Chen saw that, his eyes cold, his arms raised slightly, “You shameless

attacker , is the real death!” “Just Zhuo’s last punch, I couldn’t bear it, I deliberately did not attack you. The key part. But you took the opportunity of Zhuo Zu’s soft heart to attack Zhuo Zhe’s boss instead. “When

everyone heard this, they knew why Zhuo Zhe, who had the upper hand, had suddenly lost.

Suddenly, condemning waves of condemnation rushed towards Li Xiaoxiao and the housekeeper Fu Bo like tide.

Forber looking slightly changed, then Lengheng heard, shouted: “! Zhanwu Road, winner takes all, who wins it will come right and you just lost dog moaning it!”

Yuehua Jian, Fu Bo hands The company became more and more fierce, and the attack struck Fade Chen.

Fade Chen’s eyes narrowed, “Shameless. Today, I’m going to get rid of your poisonous tumor for the martial arts world!”

” Get rid of me! Well, I want to see if you have this skill.” Humph, the hands like a spirit snake, had now reached Fade Chen.

But at this moment, Fade Chen raised his arm and waved down. An internalization turned into an air blade, slashing out of the sky, and sharply crossed Fober’s hands.


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