MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 225



Because that big bag full of things turned out to be a full ton of herbs. Moreover, it is obvious that some precious medicinal materials can be seen, and the value of each strain is probably at least about 10 million.

Just a rough estimate, this package is probably worth more than one billion yuan.

Everyone couldn’t help but stunned, and could only admire the pride of the richest man, Li Family.

Even Elder Cai and Zhuo Zhang’s eyes couldn’t help shrinking at this moment, and the muscles on his face shook slightly.

However, Elder Cai then regained that cold expression,

saying : “I’m sorry, even if the gift is heavy, our rules will not change.” The head of Zhuo also nodded, agreeing with Elder Cai. This is the principle that they have adhered to for many years and will not change easily.

However, Li Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Zhuo Zhang, Elder Cai, I think you may have misunderstood. This little gift is not for the two, but it was donated by the Li family to the entire sect of Ling Yunzong. ”

My grandfather heard about Ling Yunzong’s many years of applying medicine and doing good deeds. His elderly people admired him very much, but he never took the opportunity to visit, so he sent me to donate these herbs.”

“These herbs are not What is cherished. It is a necessary thing for the disciples of Zongmen. I think the master Zhuo will not refuse us to make a meager contribution to the disciples of Lingyun Zong! ”

After listening to these words, the disciples of Ling Yunzong Every eye is bright, and Zhuo Zhang’s head is a little hesitant at the moment.

He himself doesn’t care about these herbs, so he can discard them at will. But from the perspective of the entire sect, if Ling Yunzong, who has just recovered his vitality, has received such a large number of herbs, it can be said to be a huge help for the younger disciples, to promote the progress of their strength, and exercise their alchemy and refining techniques. For Zongmen, it was a good thing.

Zhuo Dongquan at the moment felt tangled immediately.

As long as he nods his head and agrees to accept these donations, Ling Yunzong’s strength in a short period of time can go further and lay a solid foundation for Zongmen’s future development. Can be described as many benefits.

But on the other hand, he was unwilling to accept the realization request of this so-called donation statement. If I accept the donation, when the Li family asks him to see Li Fuhua again, can I still refuse?

Once this head is opened, Ling Yunzong’s perseverance for many years will be lost. At that time, I am afraid that no matter who is coming, as long as enough money can be paid, Ling Yunzong will give people alchemy medicine.

In that way, those who have the opportunity to obtain the panacea may have no chances for ordinary residents. In this way, the development of Zongmen completely violated the Lingyun Zongzu training passed down from generation to generation.

Moreover, Li Fuhua is not a good person. On the way he made a fortune, I don’t know how many people were contaminated with blood. This is also an important reason why Zhuo Dongquan did not want to go to Xiangjiang to cure Li Fuhua’s alchemy.

Thinking of this, Zhuo Dongquan must have his eyes firmed up, shook his head at Li Xiaoxiao, and said: “Miss Li, please take these herbs back, we Ling Yunzong will not accept this form of so-called donation.”

Li Xiao Xiao heard that she couldn’t help but change her face. She didn’t expect Zhuo Dongquan to really refuse her such a high-priced gift.

“Dr. Zhuo, do you really no longer think about it?” Li Xiaoxiao finally said.

Zhuo Dongquan didn’t speak, but just shook his head to express his opinion.

Li Xiaoxiao suddenly looked somber, feeling that his face was really glorious. The granddaughter of China’s richest man in China, yesterday’s wish to buy a hairy kid with money was unsuccessful, and today’s blatant purchase of this alchemy treatment of Zhuo Dongquan was unsuccessful.

For Li Xiaoxiao, who has always believed in money and omnipotence, it was tantamount to two slaps on her face, and it was slamming in the face of everyone.

When I thought of these two things spreading, how would I be criticized and satirized? Li Xiaoxiao’s discomfort and resentment suddenly flowed out.

She glanced at the old man in Tang suit next to her, and then looked at Zhuo Dongquan again, her voice was low, her eyes with a fierce expression, said: “Zuo Zhang, I have given enough face, you really don’t want to go A trip to Xiangjiang? ”

Elder Cai heard a cold voice and said in a

deep voice:” What do you mean by this and threaten our head? ” Zhuo Dongquan also said in a deep voice:” Miss Li, our Ling Yunzong has no intention and The Li family has any relationship. Please come back. ”

Li Xiaoxiao’s face was somber to the extreme at the moment, and his voice was cold. He said,” Dr. Zhuo, this trip to Xiangjiang, you have to go, you have to go without going a. ” ”

bold! “Cai elders harsh bark, Nose bridge upside down, eyes glared fiercely Li Xiaoxiao, who wild momentum, it is necessary hands.

But Li Xiaoxiao had no fear, nodded to the old man in Tang suit around him, “Trouble, Fu Bo.” The

old man nodded and walked out with his hands, directly meeting the momentum of Elder Cai.

Elder Cai suddenly felt that he was about to explode, and he was suffocated. Then, as if he had encountered a wall, he was directly blocked.

In an instant, Elder Cai’s face changed greatly, looking at the Tang suit elders in front of him, Shen said: “Master above Xuan level!” You

know that Mr. Cai himself is a master at the beginning of Xuan level, and can almost suppress his momentum. Fubo, that must be at least Xuan-level master.

Fu Bo Cai looked at Presbyterian, lightly: “.. I am with you no injustice Wu Chou Ling Yunzong, I do not want hands only need your head to take a trip only”

! “Arrogant

Suddenly, the whirlwind screamed, and this punch seemed like a tiger going down the mountain, and rushed fiercely towards the thin old man in Chinese costume.

But the old man smiled and did not move, until Elder Cai’s fist was about to hit him. Then he extended his right hand and gently turned it, just like a snake, and wrapped it around Elder Cai’s arm.

In an instant, Elder Cai felt his fierce punch, completely unable to send force, as if a tiger was entangled in a giant python, completely unable to move.

Elder Cai felt that his entire arm was entangled by the other party. As the opponent moves, his arms gradually become sore and numb, and he falls down weakly. There is no resistance at all.

“Retreat!” The flexible arm twirled gently, and in the end it seemed like a spirit snake flicked its tail, pumped on the tiger, and shot the tough Elder Cai straight away. He stepped back a few steps in a row, and a blood oozed from the corner of his mouth , His face turned pale for a moment.

Zhuo head of seeing, looking sank, harsh bark, “you dare hurt!”


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