MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 224



Sitting together, Fade Chen chatted with Huo Dongwei, “Dong Wei, you are a big star, why did you come to Ling Yunzong for medicine!” Speaking of which, Huo Dongwei looked slightly dark, and shook his head immediately, said: ” In fact, my main purpose is not to seek medicine, but to travel for relaxation. I was about to hear about Ling Yunzong, so I came to see it by the way. ”

” Relief? Work pressure is too much? “Fade Chen laughed.

Huo Dongwei nodded, and said to Fei Chen with some feelings: “Others look at our star’s beautiful scenery, but in the background it can be said to be Alexander. Especially the older actresses like me are almost on the brink of exhaustion.”

“How Will? Dong Wei, you are only twenty-seven or eighty years old, how can you be angry? “Fade Chendao said.

Huo Dongwei sighed, with a look of emotion, “You don’t know the huge pressure of competition in our circle. Now those little flowers in their early twenties, little beauties, don’t mention how fierce the momentum is. We old sisters They are all called aunts, and getting angry is normal. ”

” It turned out to be work! “Fade Chen comforted.” Under your conditions, even if you are not a star, you can live well in other ways! ”

Huo Dongwei said: “Recently because of these, I’m irritable and I feel very stressed, so I came out to relax.” When

talking about his private affairs, Huo Dongwei was a little irritated and didn’t continue to talk. You should not be young, why are you so powerful? ”

Immediately, the two chatted one sentence at a time. Fade Chen also saw Huo Dongwei’s true side. Beautiful and straightforward, it is more pleasing than the image in the film and television drama.

On the other side, Dai Zijun, whose cheeks were still red and swollen, saw Fade Chen and Huo Dongwei look so beautiful, and they suddenly suffocated with smoke above their heads. Look at that kid. ”

Mao Kun nodded and said, “Master, rest assured, our stuff is a good treasure. The head of Ling Yunzong will definitely agree to our request.” The

two then smiled confidently, but they were not in a hurry to go with ordinary people. Crowded.

There were two other people who did not go to the crowd. That was Miss Xiangjiang Li Jiali Li Xiaoxiao and the old Tang suit elders.

Li Xiaoxiao put his hands on his chest, and looked down at the crowded crowd with a look of disdain, and said softly: “A group of ants, begging like a beggar, sad!” The

old man in Tang suit said: “Big Miss, you want me to get rid of them “?

Li Xiaoxiao said:” no, anyway, I still have time to say, people rush now, I am afraid that will provoke discontent Zhuo head “..

mentioned Zhuo head, costume old man thought for a moment , Said; “Miss, this time, can you really come to Zhuo Zhang’s head to be yourself?”

Li Xiaoxiao’s mouth showed a confident smile, and said: “If it had been before, I was not confident yet. But yesterday night came I am confident that he will not refuse those things. ”

Then, the two looked at Zhuo Dongquan who was smiling and applying medicine to the drug seeker.

After a busy day, almost two hours passed. Almost every one of the drug seekers got the corresponding elixirs, one by one cheering and smiling.

Seeing that there were finally fewer people, Dai Zijun moved at the moment. He and Mao Kun walked to Elder Cai with a confident smile on their faces.

“What is your situation?” Elder Cai asked.

With a smile on his face, Dai Zijun stepped forward and found an item from his arms, and handed it to Elder Cai, saying, “This is the best Hetian jade that I specially bought from Hetian. Please accept it!”

Upon seeing this, Elder Cai suddenly felt a heavy expression and shouted, “What do you mean?”

Dai Zijun smiled and said, “Dao Chang, we are just a little heart. I hope to ask for a Guanyin drunk.”

He wanted to take Huo Dongwei with this medicine.

Upon hearing this, Elder Cai suddenly looked cold and said coldly: “How can we

Ling Yunzong have that kind of medicine? When you Ling Yunzong is where we go, get out, get me out !” Dai Zijun didn’t expect the other party to suddenly get angry. He quickly explained: ”

Doctor , this is the best Hetian jade, but I spent it.” After Dai Zijun finished, a violent breath broke out from Elder Cai, and Dai Zijun was directly shaken away, and at the same time he shouted: “We Lingyun Zong Shiyao is doing good deeds, helping sick people, not seeking benefits. Your behavior is an insult to us

Ling Yunzong ! ” Dai Zijun didn’t expect things to be so serious, and he was dumbfounded.

The people around looked at Dai Zijun with a good look, shook his head constantly, and the sound of discussion started.

“This guy really thinks that he can get messed up with a little money! This is not an ordinary city, this is a sect!”

“I usually get used to it in the city, thinking that I can buy Ling Yunzong’s master with something! “It’s

ridiculous. If the directors were to make money, they would just go down the mountain and open a pharmacy. They would make no more than that!”

Dai Zijun suddenly looked completely down, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t get medicine. Laughing handle, a tinge of light on his face is changing.

At this moment, Li Xiaoxiao and the Tang suit elder held their heads up and came over confidently, glancing at Dai Zijun obliquely, disdainful, and then walked directly to Zhuo Dongquan in the eyes of everyone.

Slightly arched his hand, Li Xiaoxiao said: “Zuo Zhang, under the Xiangjiang Li Xiaoxiao.”

Upon hearing the name, Zhuo Dongquan knew Li Xiaoxiao’s intention, and immediately said with a deep voice: “Miss Li, your grandfather’s business, forgive me for nothing.”

Li Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Zhuo, please don’t worry To refuse. This is a little gift from our Li family. ”

After that, the old man in Tang suit clapped his hands. Suddenly, a roar of the helicopter came, and under the helicopter, a huge package was hung, flying towards the square.

Cai elders heard this, looking suddenly sank, unhappy, said: “Miss Lee, I just said, I need to repeat that we Lingyun Zong not going to let you put personal interests and requirements?.”

Cho also head Nodded with a smile, apparently agreeing with Elder Cai.

But Li Xiaoxiao looked confident, shook his head, and said, “Don’t worry about Elder Cai and Zhuo, wait to see these things?”

Immediately, the helicopter approached, the package fell, and hit the ground. Then the old man in Tang suit untied the package to reveal the contents.

Seeing the contents of the package, everyone couldn’t help but light up, and their faces were all surprised.


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