MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 223



“But, that violent energy?” Zhuo’s head was still worried, pointing to the energy breath that was hovering like a dragon above the red furnace at the moment.

Fade Chen didn’t say much, but his right hand repeatedly hit a number of gassing, like a chain of chains, bound the flying dragon in the air, and then used his fingers to tighten the chain instantly, pulling the roaring dragon back into the furnace.

Then, Fade Chen took a few shots on the Dan Furnace with his left hand. The liquid in the Dan Furnace wrapped this breath, and then kept spinning and condensing.

Finally, Fade Chen shot his hands on the Dan furnace, and dozens of black pills of nail size popped out of the furnace. Fade Chen then picked up a jade plate, raised his arms in the air, and accurately placed all the pill It’s all installed in the jade pan.

Putting the jade plate on the wooden table next to it, Fade Chen smiled at Zhuo’s head: “Zhuo head, Neiyuandan, made it!”

Zhuo head looked at the round circles in the jade plate The richly scented Danmaru, with its mouth wide open and eyes wide, looked at this scene unbelievably and said, “This, is this really Neiyuandan?”

“Of course it is! Just because there is no Jiazimu Huaizhi Instead of ordinary herbs, the effect will be worse. “Fade Chen laughed.

“Here, this is incredible. Mr. Chen, your alchemy technique is really fascinating. I don’t know how to describe it.” Zhuo Zhan was a little excited.

Outside, seeing the unusual situation here, Elder Cai and others came over curiously at the moment. As a result, as soon as they looked at the Dan Maru in the jade plate, and then listened to the words of Zhuo Zhang’s head, they immediately understood what had happened, and then looked at Fade Chen in disbelief.

“Here, Mr. Chen, how did you do it?”

“That’s right, the energy movement in the Dan furnace is about to explode. As a result, you not only controlled the energy, but also refined a furnace of medicine that has been discarded. Success, this, this is really perfect! ”

The elders were excited, Fade Chen waved his hand with a smile, saying nothing.

Immediately, Zhuo Zhang and others thanked Fade Chen for a while, and even wished that all the treasures in Zong Men were taken out and selected by Fade Chen.

After all, Fade Chen’s kindness is not that simple. Instead, he saved Zhuo Dongquan, and saved Ling Yunzong’s Houshan Foundation. Without Fade Chen’s shot, I am afraid that Ling Yunzong’s foundation will ruin half.

Therefore, this time Fade Chen is equivalent to keeping the mountain gate of Ling Yunzong. Such graciousness, coupled with the beheading of Gu Lingfei, the return of Ling Yunjue, and Elder Cai and others have not mentioned the matter of finding the elder Hu Hu. It can be said that Fade Chen pulled Ling Yunzong back in a critical situation with his own strength.

It’s no wonder that Zhuo Zhang’s head and others are extremely excited, and they are extremely respectful to Fade Chen.

Fade Chenwan refused to thank Zhuo Zhu for their gratitude, and pretended that it was too late to prepare to go back to rest.

But when he was about to leave, suddenly, his nose lightly sniffed, smelling a special smell, and then his eyes fell to the ground fire mouth under the red furnace.

“Mr. Chen, what’s the matter with you?” Zhuo Zhang asked, opening his head.

Fade Chen stared at the ground fire mouth and said, “Zhuo Zhang, how did this fire flame come from?”

Zhuo Zhang’s head was a little strange. Why did Fade Chen suddenly ask this, but he still answered: “Behind the mountain, There is a hot spring, and there is a geothermal heat below the hot spring. After our exploration, we found a geothermal lava in the depths. So we excavated the passage and led the lava ground fire to construct this ground fire mouth. ”

” Mr. Chen, this ground fire mouth Is there any problem? “Zhuo said.

“Nothing!” Fade Chen shook his head, said nothing, and then turned and walked away.

A group of people left Houshan, and Zhuo Zhang headed back to the side hall, learning that Elder Hu was a traitor, suddenly angry and angry, and then thanked Fade Chen for a while.

In the end, the head of Zhuo took Elder Cai and his party and personally sent Fade Chen back to the rest place.

Afterwards, Zhuozhangmen handled the affairs in the Zongmen, while the disciples at the door opened the mountain gate, and the drug-seekers waiting at the gate came in to check in.

In this way, it was busy until midnight, and the entire Lingyun Sect was brightly lit and seemed extremely busy.

In the early morning of the next day, as soon as the sky turned bright, many people came to the entrance of Ling Yunzong, and as time went on, more and more people gathered all on the square in front of the mountain gate.

Because Ling Yunzong’s Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony will be held today, many people rushed up the mountain at this time.

Ling Yunzong mobilized almost all his disciples and began to prepare for the related matters of the Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony. Prepare items, entertain guests, etc.

In his busy schedule, Elder Cai also came to Fade Chen once and wanted to arrange Fade Chen to the VIP seat of Elder Ling Yunzong to respect him.

Fade Chen Wan rejected their kindness and said that he would just sit with the ordinary drug-seeker. Then he and Huo Dongwei and Liu Lao sat in the position of the drug seeker.

Less than ten o’clock, there were thousands of people gathered on the mountain, there were drug seekers who swarmed from all over the country, there were other messengers who came to congratulate, and there were also local officials.

At ten o’clock in the morning, with a melodious bell, Ling Yunzong’s sacrifice ceremony officially began.

The noisy scene suddenly became quiet. Zhuo took charge of a brand-new robe. He took out the elder disciple of Ling Yunzong with a serious face, and then began a complex and majestic ceremony.

Although ordinary people don’t understand these ceremonies very much, the majestic and awe-inspiring attitude and atmosphere made everyone feel an intangible sense of solemnity.

After the ceremony was held, Ling Yunzong’s disciples took their seats and Zhuo Zhang took the stage to briefly introduce the matter of this Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony. They were full of expectation for the future development of Ling Yunzong and thanked those who supported Ling Yunzong.

After some speeches, Ling Yunzong officially returned to the sect of the Xuan-level forces, and there was a sudden warm applause at the scene.

Then, finally, it was time for many drug seekers to look forward to the most, that is, Ling Yunzong’s on-site application.

For a time, hundreds of drug seekers were bustling with excitement. The scene seemed to be boiling water and became active instantly.

Ling Yunzong is quite experienced in this, and he is not in a hurry. He arranges the elders and inner disciples in an orderly manner, asks the relevant information of the drug seeker, and then gives the medicine for free.

Many people who got the panacea were immediately excited and kowtowed, and even burst into tears, the scene seemed lively and enthusiastic.

Because there were too many people rushing up, Huo Dongwei’s identity was naturally inconvenient to squeeze with them. At the moment, it fell to the end, sitting with Fade Chen in the position, not moving at all.


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