MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 222



“However, if you don’t leave, you will be in danger,” Elder Cai said urgently.

The head of Zhuo was a little relieved, and some decidedly said: “Now, only me in Zong Men can control the Dan Furnace, and slowly calm down the Dan Furnace. As long as I can keep the Zong Men Foundation, I will be dead, That’s no regrets. ”

” Master, you can’t die! We “Elder Cai and others were very anxious, but couldn’t think of any other way. At this moment, they looked like ants on a hot pot.

At this moment, Fade Chen, who had watched the Dan furnace for a few minutes, walked towards the cave and said, “I’ll try it!”

Zhuo Zhang’s head saw it, stunned, and then quickly said: “Boy Do n’t come over here, it ’s too dangerous here. You ”

Elder Cai and others explained immediately:“ Zhuo Zhang, this is Mr. Fade Chen Chen. He killed the traitor Gu Lingfei and gave us Ling Yunjue I sent it back. ”

” It turned out to be the great benefactor of our Ling Yunzong. “Zhuo Zhan thanked,” Mr. Chen is our benefactor, then Mr. Chen should not be allowed to take risks. Elder Cai, you will soon take Mr. Chen away ”

Fade Chen did not leave, but continued to approach,” Zhuo

Zhang ‘s rest assured, I am sure. ” Zhuo Zhang’s head saw this, a little anxious, said:” Mr. Chen, you can’t come any closer, here is really too Dangerous. ”

Then they elder Cai said to them:” Elder Cai, take Mr. Chen away. ”

Elder Cai did not move, but explained:” Zhuo Zhang, Mr. Chen is from Tianwuzong. ”

” Tianwuzong! ” Zhuo’s head was shocked, and then he was shocked, looking at Fade Chen.

At this time, Fade Chen also walked to the Dan furnace, reached over and looked at it, and then put his luck on the Dan furnace, and then said: “Zhuo Zhang, you can let go, next, hand over Me! ”

“However, this furnace is very dangerous, inside,” said Zhuo’s head, worried.

Fade Chen smiled softly and said, “Zhuo’s head is at ease, and I am confident. If I make a mistake, when you refine Neiyuan Dan, because you put Xi Liumu as Zimu Huaizhi into the Dan furnace, it caused The energy of the hydrangea, which should have been fused with Azusa acacia, could not be neutralized, so it caused the out of control of the dan furnace. ”

” Now, you use the internal energy to force the energy to suppress, but only solved the surface problem, did not solve the fundamental problem . Once the energy exceeds the limit you can oppress, then it will be uncontrollable and an explosion will occur. So, the most basic way now is to integrate and stabilize that energy. ”

Zhuo Zhang listened to Fade Chen, talking, It was surprising that all the medicines and the reasons in his own furnace were spoken between words.

But then he also some frustration, shook his head and said:. “! I also need to know as soon as possible to stabilize the energy integration of Zi Mu Huai sticks but now can not find, there is no right way ah,”

Fade Chen heard this, shook his head, smiled and said: “No, Zhuo Zhan, there are other ways.”

“Other ways, what way? Looking for herbs that can replace Zizhihuaizhi? It’s just that kind of herbal medicine that can’t be found in a short time now?” Zhuo Zhang The door looked at Fade Chen curiously.

Fade Chen glanced at the cabinet where the medicinal materials were stored in the stone cave and said, “No, mix it with ordinary herbs, and treat it for a while to produce a similar effect.”

“Replace with ordinary herbs?” Some do not believe it.

Fade Chen light laugh: “I live temporarily suppressed energy Dan furnace, Zhuo head you help me find a few taste herbs grass three off the clouds, starburst spent two white fibrous roots length.”

Zhuo some head He doubtfully moved his hand away from the Dan furnace, but was surprised to find that the violent Dan furnace actually did not explode, but instead was pressed firmly by Fade Chen, which seemed to be more stable than he had just now.

Suddenly, the confidence of Zhuo Fei’s heart in Fade Chen greatly increased, and he rushed to the side of the cupboard, and according to Fade Chen’s words, began to prepare the medicine.

Soon, the head of the Zhuo gave Fade Chen the prepared medicine, and Fade Chen pressed it on the Dan furnace with one hand, running the inner breath, and stabilized the violent energy in the Dan furnace. The other hand tapped lightly, shaking the lid of the Dan furnace, and then five fingers seemed to wear flowers and butterflies, flexibly selected several herbs, and put them into the Dan furnace in different order and time.

At the same time, the left hand attached to the Dan furnace began to exert force, urging the Dan furnace to shake gently, and controlled the movement of the herbs in it according to his own mind.

The huge dan furnace, at the moment in Fade Chen’s hands, seemed extremely flexible. Each small movement can accurately control the position and method of each herb in the Dan furnace.

Beside, Zhuo Dongquan watched Fade Chenyun’s movements, and the whole person was a little dumbfounded. He was surprised: “It’s true that he is a disciple of Tianwu Mountain. At this age, he has such a superb alchemy technique, which makes me beyond the reach “”

Fade Chen’s movements are accurate and stable, without any trace of mistakes, and accurately control the Dan furnace.

Beside, Zhuo Dongquan can also clearly feel that the violent energy in the Dan furnace has gradually stabilized, and the entire Dan furnace has been completely controlled by Fade Chen.

“Finally, the energy is under control, there is no danger of the explosion in the Dan furnace, this cave is saved, and the crisis of our Ling Yunzong has finally been lifted.” Zhuo Dongquan couldn’t help but take a long sigh of relief, a rare expression on his face. Smile.

Elder Cai, who was standing a little further away, saw that Zhuo Zhang’s head smiled, and their suspended heart finally let go.

But at this moment, suddenly, a strong breath rushed out of the Dan furnace, and the energy seemed to turn into a Canglong.

Suddenly, the head of Zhuo, who had just rested, changed color instantly, “No, Dan furnace is out of control.”

Elder Cai and others were also shocked, and then shouted: “Master, Mr. Chen, don’t care so much, run away!”

Zhuo Zhang looked solemnly, looked at the anxious Elder Cai and others, and then looked again Ling Yunzong at the bottom of the cave gritted his teeth lightly, and showed a decisive look in his eyes. He walked towards Fade Chen and said, “Mr. Chen, thank you for your help. Now, give me the Dan furnace, I should be able to control more than ten ! seconds, you rushed back it, ”

Fade Chen heard some strange head turned to Zhuo said:”? Why should I escape escape ah “?

Zhuo head a moment, emergency channel:” Mr. Chen, Dan furnace The energy has been out of control and is about to explode. You must run away. This is our Ling Yunzong matter, and should not involve Mr. Chen. ”

Fade Chen heard that the movement in his hand did not stop, and he was still controlling the Dan furnace easily. . But showing a hint of a smile, “Who says Dan furnace to explode all right, Dan furnace is now good?.”


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