MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 221



There were some elders beside him who suddenly felt strange, “You know Gu Lingfei, what does this mean, we all know! After all, he was also our brother.”

But what Elder Cai thought suddenly, his face changed drastically, severely Staring at Elder Hu, he shouted: “You mean, you have been in contact with Gu Lingfei, is he a traitor arranged in our sect?”

Elder Hu changed his face, and finally nodded, crying: “In those days, Gu Lingfei invited me to go to Master’s room with him to steal the exercises and medicine. I didn’t dare to go with him. As a result, I didn’t expect that Gu Lingfei actually killed Master and Brother. ”

Gu Lingfei, who was going to flee at that time, stuffed me with some herbal medicine and drank medicine, and asked me to ventilate him to help him escape. I didn’t agree, but Gu Lingfei threatened me with a report, and I was afraid. But helplessly agreed to his request. ”

” So, when chasing Gu Lingfei, I occasionally revealed some information to Gu Lingfei. ”

The elders heard the words, one by one, with a fierce look, and stared at Elder Hu very angry.

“I said that the Zongmen had done half of the people, but after all, they didn’t catch Gu Lingfei. It turned out that you were a traitor to report.”

“In collusion with the traitor, you are also a traitor. I will arrest him immediately.”

Fade Chen looked at Elder Hu and said quietly: “Because you are in contact with Gu Lingfei, I heard that Gu Lingfei was killed, and I will send back the news of the exercises. There are ghosts in my heart, worrying that Gu Lingfei will kill you Told me. ”

” So, after you sent me the person who gave back the exercises, you deliberately made troubles and wanted to slander me. It was to make other elders distrust me, so as to avoid the possibility of revealing that you were a traitor. News. Right? “Fade Chen looked at Elder Hu and said in a deep voice.

Elder Hu was silent for a while, nodded and said “Yes”.

Cai elders penalty Presbyterian door, heard at the moment, looking cold, harsh bark, “Take him up, locked into the dungeon, but the head of the customs and then to dispose of.”

Two elders then walked the elder Hu Control it up.

At this moment, a sudden violent explosion rang, and the entire side hall seemed to be shocked.

The people were shocked and hurried out of the side hall and looked at the explosion. That was on a mountain wall behind Ling Yunzong’s building, and there were caves. At the moment, one of the caves at the top showed a burst of fire, and another burst of smoke came out.

Upon seeing this, Elder Cai and others suddenly changed their faces, screaming badly: “No, take charge of him”

“What’s going on?” Fade Chen asked.

Cai elders walked explained to Fade Chen said:. “Two weeks ago, we head Zhuo prepare a refining furnace dan, awarded to outstanding door on people seeking drugs were in heaven worship”

“no I thought that at the critical moment of refining medicine, I suddenly found that the key herbal medicine that was quite precious was suddenly gone, but was packaged into another similar herbal medicine. After the herbal medicine was put into the Dan furnace, it produced a violent reaction and almost let The whole dan furnace exploded. ”

” The head was frightened, and he used all kinds of means to barely control the dan furnace. But the bureau couldn’t bear that this remedy was scrapped, and he barely controlled the dan furnace himself, and then Let us quickly look for the treasured herbs that have been dropped in Zongmen. ”

After listening to Elder Cai ’s explanation, Fade Chen suddenly realized,“ Because you are looking for herbs, you have stopped the applicants who should have received them. ”

Elder Cai sighed and said:” It is indeed so, we can’t help. If you let the drug seeker come in, people have many eyes and want to find medicine, it will be even more difficult. ”

At this moment, Fade Chen suddenly realized To be pressed Hu elders on the ground, pulling the mouth, flashed a hint of sneer.

Suddenly, Fade Chen’s eyes fell, and he came forward and sneered, “What do you know about Zhuo’s master?”

Elder Hu’s face sank, revealing a look of surprise, and then there was a sudden silence.

Fade Chen drank coldly, his palms raised, his palms responded vigorously, and said coldly: “Do you want me to do it before you say it?”

Elder Hu suddenly startled, his body shivered, and then he said, “I, It’s me who cherished the treasured herbal medicine from Zhuo’s head. ”

” What, how can you do this? “Elder Cai cried angrily and surprisedly.

Elder Hu lowered his head and said, “I heard that Gu Lingfei was killed and worried about my identity being exposed. So, I made another preparation.”

Several elders around “you, you” were angry I wish I could shoot Elder Hu directly.

Fade Chen asked calmly at this moment: “Where are the herbs you dropped?”

Elder Cai and others suddenly recovered, and quickly asked, “Yes, where are the herbs?”

Elder Hu smiled and said: “Herbs, I’ve taken the medicine myself.”

“You dare not, do you dare?” Elder Cai and other people got angry.

At this time, there was another explosion in the cave on the mountain wall, and the smoke was stronger.

When they saw the situation, Elder Cai couldn’t help but be anxious. “No, Dan Furnace may be out of control, and the boss is in danger.”

“Slave him!” Chasing towards the cave, Fade Chen also walked past at the moment.

Soon, a group of people came outside the cave where Zhuo Zhang’s head was.

The cave is built on the wall of the mountain. There are red furnaces, ground fires, storage rooms and other things, which are specially used for Zhuo Zhang’s alchemy.

At this time, the huge cave was filled with smoke. A huge medicine tripod was set on a fire in the hearth, and in the Dan furnace, there was an explosion from time to time. Beside the Dan furnace, a dark-haired man with long hair is struggling to control the Dan furnace at this moment, and it seems that he still wants to save the medicine in the Dan furnace.

However, the explosive impact of Danlu continuously blasted on the long-haired man, causing him to shake violently and spit out blood.

Elder Cai, they could n’t help but anxiously rushed towards the inside and shouted, “Master, danger, come out soon.”

Zhuo Zhangmen saw this and shouted, “Do n’t come, Dan furnace is out of control now, I If you leave, there will be a huge explosion. I am afraid that the entire Houshan cave will be destroyed. Such a loss, we Ling Yunzong cannot afford. ”

Elder Cai and other people sink in their hearts. You should know that there are dozens of caves in Houshan, including alchemy, storage, and practice. Many cherished herbs and weapons of Zongmen are stored in these caves, and there are some excellent disciples of Neimen who are also practicing in the cave at this moment.

If these caves are really blown up, then Ling Yunzong will definitely be seriously injured. The forces that have just risen to the Xuan level will immediately fall, and there is no chance to rise again.


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