MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 220



As soon as the words came out, Cai Xiyun suddenly changed his face and quickly shouted, “Elder Hu, you are still talking nonsense. Hurry to apologize to Mr. Chen!” The other elders also hurriedly spoke out and asked Elder Hu to stop talking and apologize.

Because the meaning of Elder Hu’s words is to suspect that Fade Chen has copied the Lingyun Jue practice secretly, and is stealing their practice.

This accusation is undoubtedly a huge suspicion and mistrust, and also represents Elder Hu’s deep maliciousness towards Fade Chen. Such behavior would easily cause Fade Chen’s anger towards Ling Yunzong. Therefore, Elder Cai was overwhelmed, and quickly stopped drinking.

But Elder Hu took the weight and looked at Fade Chen, and continued: “I want to ask Mr. Chen to answer my question?”

Fade Chen glanced down, and said: “If I said I didn’t write down, you Believe it? ”

Elder Hu sneered coldly, said :” This kind of practice is placed in front of a warrior. I still don’t believe that someone is not heart-warming. ” Copying Ling Yunjue, what’s the point of your question! ”

” I just want Mr. Chen to admit it! “Hu said.

Fade Chen sneered and said, “I admit it? It’s ridiculous. Don’t say I didn’t write down this Lingyun recipe. Even if I do, it’s not worth mentioning at all. Because Lingyun recipe is not worth mentioning to me.

“Sophie!” Elder Hu shouted angrily.

Elder Cai and others do not believe Fade Chen’s words very much, only think he is a pretext.

But Fade Chen snorted and said, “Sophistication? You overestimate yourself, not to mention a Lingyun tactic, even the entire Lingyun Sect is not worth mentioning in my eyes.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Elder Hu suddenly changed his face and shouted loudly: “Speaking loudly. Boy, you immediately apologize to me. Otherwise, don’t blame us Ling Yunzong for being polite and take you down.”

Elder Cai and others looked A change, although I felt that Fade Chen’s remarks were over, but after all, he was suspicious for no reason, so he quickly came forward to make peace.

But Fade Chen sneer, then throw a jade tablets, Hu threw in front of the elders, and said: “Do you think, so I need to steal your Lingyun Lingyun Zong’s tactic?”

“Do not casually take one out and wanted to fool people, “You” Elder Hu glanced at the jade card, and then said smoothly. But when he saw the three antique seal characters on Yu Pei, the whole person was stiff in place.

Upon seeing this, Elder Cai and others came over and immediately froze in place, looked at the jade card inconceivably, and then looked at Fade Chen again.

A group of people were all stunned, daring not to say one more word. After a few tens of seconds, it was Elder Cai who first recovered, shaking and holding the jade card in his hand, and handing it to Fade Chen respectfully, said: “Mr. Chen, you, your jade card!”

Fade Chen took over Guo Yupei looked at Elder Hu and said coldly: “Now, do you have any questions?”

Before Elder Hu started, Elder Cai quickly waved their hands and said, “No, there is no doubt.”

Just kidding, that jade card The three characters “Tianwuzong” in seal carvings are what they represent in the world of martial arts. Their group of people is very clear.

Now in the world of China Martial Arts, the forces are divided into four realms of heaven, earth, and Xuanhuang according to their ranks. Their Ling Yunzong has just returned to the level of Xuan-level forces, but they are only at the bottom level of Xuan-level forces.

On top of the Xuan-level forces, there are also higher-level prefecture-level forces and heaven-level forces, of which the prefecture-level forces have been able to dominate one side and can almost walk in China without hindrance. Finally, the heaven-level forces, it seems like the existence of the legend, there are only a few.

One of the famous sect gates of the heavenly forces is Tianwuzong built on Tianwu Mountain.

Now, Fade Chen took out the jade card of Tian Wuzong, and just now showed his incomparable strength.

Elder Cai and others immediately thought that Fade Chen was a disciple of Tian Wuzong and went down to the mountains to practice incognito. He slapped Gu Lingfei to death, and then sent the exercises back to do good deeds, but he didn’t expect to be suspected by Elder Hu, so he posed as the disciple of Tianwu Zong.

At this time, Elder Cai and others all glared at Elder Hu, with a fierce color in their eyes, and wished to smash him into pieces.

Because of his unreasonable suspicion, Fade Chen’s impression of Ling Yunzong became worse, and he might even feel resentful. And letting a disciple of a heaven-level sect hate to hate, what a great danger that everyone can imagine.

After all, when it comes to heaven-level forces, it is necessary to destroy their Ling Yunzong, that is, to move their fingers.

At this moment, they finally understood why Fade Chen was so ranting that Ling Yunjue and Ling Yunzong were not worth mentioning in his eyes.

Because these words are completely truthful, and there is no bit of rhetoric.

However, what they did not know was that although Fade Chen was from Tianwu Mountain, speaking of it, he was really not a disciple of Tianwu Zong. As for the jade card, the old man of Tian Wuzong smiled for himself when he went down the mountain.

At this time, Elder Cai and others stared fiercely at Elder Hu and shouted: “Elder Hu, you still do not apologize to Mr. Chen!”

Elder Hu looked somber at the moment, and his face was full of surprise, it seemed It’s hard to believe what is happening. But at the thought of the identity of Fade Chentian Wu Zong disciple, he suddenly trembles in his heart, and dare not have any other thoughts, he quickly kneels on the ground and apologizes to Fade Chen.

Fade Chen looked at Elder Hu with a deep voice, and didn’t speak until Elder Hu’s head bleeds and bleeds. Then he said: “You just asked me a lot of questions. Now, I am asking you a question?”

“Mr. Chen, please?” Elder Hu’s attitude at the moment was very respectful.

Fade Chenyou said: “Why do you doubt me?”

Elder Hu’s face turned white as soon as the question was cleared.

Elder Cai and others were also stunned, and immediately frowned lightly, and also noticed something strange. Although the character of Elder Hu is usually a bit gloomy, he will not doubt others for no reason like this, and after Fade Chen has shown his strength, he will continue to express his doubts. This already has some intentional slander!

Elder Hu shuddered, trying to say something, but then closed his mouth again.

Fade Chen glanced coldly and shouted, “Why, do you want me to do it yourself?”

Elder Hu suddenly shivered and quickly shook his head. At the thought of being forced to confess personally by a master of Fade Chen’s rank, Elder Hu felt chills in his heart. At this moment, he didn’t persevere anymore. He lay on the ground crying and weeping, and cried, “I’m wrong, I’m wrong a. ” ”

because, because I know and ancient Ling Fei! “Hu elders finally uttered these words from his mouth.


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