MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 219



Fade Chen took out a booklet and handed it to Elder Cai, and said, “I sent it here.”

“This” Elder Cai took the booklet and looked at it. His face suddenly changed and he was surprised, “Ling Yun The trick is that our Ling Yunzong has lost many years of practice. ” ” Mr. Chen, you, you who killed the traitor Gu Lingfei in Hanjiang City? “Elder Cai looked at Fade Chen brightly.

Fade Chen nodded and said, “It’s me. I stopped by, so I thought about returning this exercise to Ling Yunzong.”

“Thank you Mr. Chen for your kindness.” Elder Cai bowed his hand to Fade Chenli.

Fade Chen was about to leave, but Elder Cai shouted at Fade Chen, saying that he would ask Elder Zongmen to thank Fade Chen together.

Fade Chen immediately agreed. A quarter of an hour later, a total of eight elders gathered in the side hall of Ling Yunzong. The head of Zhuo Dongquan was not present. Elder Cai had the highest status. He took out Ling Yunjue and explained to the elders what happened.

Suddenly, the elders were excited, and they stepped forward to check Ling Yunjue, after confirming that this Lingyunjue was the lost method of the sect, several elders immediately politely thanked Fade Chen.

Fade Chen waved his hand lightly, saying it was nothing.

But at this moment, a somewhat cold voice sounded in the crowd’s gratitude. “I want to ask Mr. Chen a question?” Chen

Fei looked down the voice and saw a slender 50-something The elder at the moment is staring at himself seriously, “You say?” The

elder glanced at the elders around him , and then said: “What I want to ask is, how did you find Gu Lingfei, how to kill him?” Yes, how did you find Ling Yunjue in the end? ”

As soon as these questions came out, Fade Chen’s expression chilled.

And the elders around him were suffocated. Elder Cai quickly hurriedly walked to the elder with slender eyes: “Elder Hu, Mr. Chen is kind to us Lingyunzong, what do you mean?”

The elder Hu shook his head, looked at Fade Chen, and said: “If everything is true, Mr. Chen is naturally our benefactor of Ling Yunzong. But I worry about fraud.”

“Fraud? What do you mean?” Fade Chen cold channel.

Elder Hu’s eyes cleared, staring at Fade Chen, his voice became harsher, and shouted: “According to rumors, Gu Lingfei has now reached the middle level of Xuan level, and his strength is very good. I want to ask, in my early 20s Mr. Chen, how did you kill Gu Lingfei in the middle of Xuan level? ”

Everyone heard this question and couldn’t help but look at Fade Chen for a moment. They may not doubt it, but they are always curious, how could Fade Chen be so powerful!

Fade Chen heard the words and said lightly: “How to beheaded? Beat him, then beheaded, how easy is it?”

“Beating him?” Elder Hu snorted, “Mr. Chen said lightly, then, Mr. Chen, are you How to defeat a mid-level master of Xuan level? You know, with Gu Lingfei ’s current strength, even if we are several elders, I am afraid that he will suffer a loss. ”

Fade Chen said with a sneer. How can I defeat it? ”

” Crush! “Elder Hu sneered.” Mr. Chen’s words are too much, right. The strength crushes a mid-level Xuan-level master. I’m afraid you have at least Xuan-level peak strength. ” Did Mr. Chen reach the level of Xuan-level peak? ”

Just after asking, Elder Hu shook his head with an expression of disbelief, and the elders around him also felt unlikely.

Elder Cai said in a round court: “Perhaps, Gu Lingfei is not as powerful as the rumor. Perhaps he did not expect Mr. Chen’s strength?”

Elder Hu shook his head and said, “Elder Cai means sneak attack. Even sneak attack, it is definitely not easy to deal with a mid-level master of Xuan level. I am afraid it needs the strength of Xuan level in the early stage. Mr. Chen has reached this level. Are you

finished ? ” He looked at Fade Chen with a questioning expression.

Fade Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart was a little angry. He didn’t explain much. His eyes turned and fell on a bronze big tripod with a height of more than two meters in the middle of the temple. Then he walked to the big tripod and looked at it.

“What are you going to do?” Elder Hu wondered, “Don’t want to avoid my question?”

Fade Chen suddenly snorted, then stretched out his right index finger, and suddenly thrust forward.

Suddenly, there was a fiery red energy on the surface of the index finger. The energy wrapped the index finger. Ling Li was like a gas sword. The roaring pierced air rushed toward the big tripod.

Everyone was shocked when they saw it.

“Here, what is this for?”

“Mr. Chen, stop it!”

Fade Chen’s index finger thrust into the Ding, and then made a “poof” sound. Immediately, Fade Chen closed his hands, his hands behind his back, his face pale.

Seeing the elders in the hall, they could not help but look at Dading. I saw a thick and hard big tripod, and now a finger-sized round hole appeared. The round hole is directly pierced, and the surrounding is extremely smooth.

Suddenly, all the elders changed their faces, and looked at Fade Chen incredible.

“One finger acne big tripod, this, what is this strength?”

“This thick big tripod, even me in the early stage of the Xuan level, can only smash the big tripod in one palm. But the big tripod must be poked. Broken, still a finger, then my strength is still far away. ”

“So, does Mr. Chen really reach the peak of the Xuan level? Or is it more terrifying realm level?”

“So what Mr. Chen said just now is completely true. He crushed Gu Lingfei!”

The elders Excited, Fade Chen turned his eyes and fell on the questioning Elder Hu. He said coldly: “Elder Hu, do you still have problems?”

Elder Hu’s complexion was unclear and his face looked very unsightly. He had no idea that Fade Chen was really so powerful and so powerful that it was natural to crush Gu Lingfei.

After a moment of silence, Elder Hu looked up and looked at Fade Chen, saying: “Even if Mr. Chen is so powerful, he really killed Gu Lingfei. I still have a question to ask Mr. Chen?”

“Also?” Fade Chen His eyes were cold.

Elder Cai and others also hurriedly winked at Elder Hu, indicating that he should not really anger Fade Chen. If Ling Yunzong had been given such a great enemy, it would be a huge blow to Ling Yunzong who had just returned to the Xuan level.

Elder Hu pretended not to see the eyes of other elders, looked at Fade Chen, and asked: “Since Mr. Chen has found Ling Yunjue from Gu Lingfei, then Mr. Chen must have read this Lingyun Juice.”

Weiwei After a meal, Elder Hu continued: “Ling Yunjue is one of the top-level exercises of our Lingyunzong. Even some prefecture-level forces have asked us to read Lingyunzong, but in the end we did not Since Chen Lingyun agreed to turn over tactics, then I would like to ask, Mr. Chen took down much. “?


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