MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 218



Li Xiaoxiao took an instant look at this, so he paid for the price. After all, in her impression, there is really no money that ca n’t be solved. “How about two hundred million? So much money is enough for you to spend ten lifetimes! I have shown my sincerity. I hope you can Come out of your sincerity. ”

” Sister, have you made a mistake? I have said whatever sincerity I have. I don’t want to talk about it. “Fade Chen was speechless.

For this money first guy, Fade Chen been too lazy to say anything, go directly to Lingyun Zong Disciples money, said: “! Hello, I want to put my request,”

“ah, in theory, you can put Any requirement. But the premise is that we are within the scope of Ling Yunzong’s ability, and things that do not exceed our bottom line. “Neimen disciples explained.

Fade Chen nodded, and the expression around everyone looked forward. Although they didn’t buy Fade Chen’s wish, they also wanted to see what Fade Chen had to ask.

After all, this opportunity to make a request is very rare. Twenty years ago, the artist who finally passed the drumming assessment at the time, the ultimate wish was a precious medicinal plant worth 5 million.

You know, it was five million twenty years ago, and now it is worth at least tens of millions.

Moreover, in the eyes of many people, the wish of that person was too small. Just like this group of rich people now, the wishes in their hearts are strange.

Some people want to go to Lingyunzong to study, some want to get Lingyunzong’s martial arts skills, and some people want to save the life-saving treasures. These are all extremely precious things, worth at least tens of millions.

Under the attention of everyone, Fade Chen thought for a moment, then pointed to Huo Dongwei, Old Liu, and several old people he knew, and said: “The sky is over, these older people, I am afraid that my body can’t stand it. You can let Shall we enter your sect to find a place to rest? ”

“Ah!” The disciple of the inner door heard it, and couldn’t help but stunned. He looked at Fade Chen in disbelief and confirmed, “Your request is for the few of you to go in for a rest?”

Fade Chen nodded and said, “Well, just This request! ”

The people around him heard Fade Chen making this request, and they were all silly, and his eyes became strange when he looked at Fade Chen. I do not know whether to describe Fade Chen silly or open-minded.

After all, this is a wishing opportunity that many rich people would rather spend millions to buy. As a result, Fade Chen just asked to go in for a rest, which really made everyone never think of it.

At this moment, Li Xiaoxiao was so angry that her cheeks were flushed. She didn’t expect that Fade Chen refused her money of up to 200 million yuan, but instead used to make such a small request.

For a time, she felt that Fade Chen was completely violent to the heavenly things. She suddenly stopped breathing and shouted, “Boy, did you make a mistake. This is Ling Yunzong’s wishing opportunity, so you ask this kind of request?”

Fade Chen turned his head. Inexplicably looked at Li Xiaoxiao, said: “I know! But what do I ask, does it have anything to do with you?”

“You” Li Xiaoxiao got angry and wanted to say something. But when he opened his mouth, he found that he had no reason to blame Fade Chen. After all, this was a wishing opportunity won by others, and what kind of requirements he made was entirely his own.

After the disciple of Lingyunzong’s inner door froze for a moment, he immediately said to Fade Chen: “Your request, I need to report to the elders, please wait.”

Fade Chen nodded and sat back.

Huo Dongwei and Liu Lao gathered around them and looked at Fade Chen with the same surprised expression.

“Xiao Chen, that’s hundreds of millions of dollars, you don’t envy me at all?”

“Xiao Chen, even if you don’t want money. You can also have a good relationship with Li Xiaoxiao. She is the richest man in the Chinese family, if she can. Report it to her thigh, then it ’s just that ”

“Yeah, you don’t hold your thighs. Instead, it annoyed Miss Li, which is troublesome!”

“Xiao Chen, you really don’t feel distressed at all, such a good opportunity!”

Everyone regrets It was also emotion, but Fade Chen himself was very calm and said lightly: “This opportunity for requesting was originally an unexpected opportunity. Don’t value it so much. Besides, I have enough money for it, I don’t have to pursue it too much ”

Lao Liu sighed and said:” Xiao Chen, your mentality is still calmer than the old guys who have lived for decades more! ”

At this time, the disciples of Neimen came back and said that they got the elder Agree, Fade Chen can let them go to rest.

So, Fade Chen, Huo Dongwei, Liu Lao and others walked into Ling Yunzong.

Outside the door, a group of people watched them go in and couldn’t tell the emotion at the moment. Envy, regret, pity, perplexity, all kinds of emotions are intertwined, and finally it can only be turned into a long sigh, each finding a place to stay away from the wind overnight.

Miss Li Xiaoxiao did not bring the camping things, and by the way swept around, she finally threw out a stack of thick banknotes and bought a brand new tent from a small boss.

At this time, Fade Chen and their disciples came to the location of Ling Yunzong’s guest room.

Ling Yunzong ’s guest rooms are a bit shabby, but they have been cleaned very cleanly, and the bedding inside is obviously newly prepared, all neatly arranged.

Seeing this scene, Fade Chen couldn’t help being curious. Looking at it like this, Ling Yunzong is clearly ready to receive the drug-seeker, but suddenly he does not let the drug-seeker come in, perhaps what happened.

Everyone chose their own room, and after disciples of the inner door said some rules of Ling Yunzong, they had to leave.

At this time, Fade Chen shouted a disciple and said, “Please wait!”

“Mr. Chen, do you have any requirements?” After the defeat of the previous move, the disciple’s attitude towards Fade Chen appeared respectful.

Fade Chen said: “Could you take me to see your elders, I have something to look for him.”

“See elders, this” inner disciple is a little embarrassed, but after hesitating, he nodded and said, “Mr. Chen Please follow me. ”

Fade Chen followed the disciple of Neimen all the way through the guest room area, bypassing the side of the hall, and came to the rest area of ​​disciple Ling Yunzong. The disciple of the inner door asked Fade Chen to wait a moment and go in for a report.

A few minutes later, the inner disciple came back and said that it was the elder Zongmen Cai Xiyun Cai who agreed with Fade Chen, but the euphemistic reminder did not take too long.

Fade Chen nodded and entered the room immediately.

Inside the room was a burly and rugged man in his fifties. When the man saw Fade Chen coming in, his eyes, which looked like copper bells, fell directly on Fade Chen and looked at Fade Chen.

With a smile on his face, Fade Chen said lightly: “I have seen Elder Cai.”

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know if you have anything to see me?”


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