MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 215



Dai Zijun was thirsty and hungry, and was now blown by the cold wind, and he almost didn’t cry.

He did not dare break Lingyun Zong gate, only to bodyguards shouted:. “Tert-kun, you quickly think of a way, I’m going in, otherwise, I am not freeze to death in this place,”

Mao-kun also difficult for a while, although he consciously The strength is good, but it is absolutely impossible to drink the power of the Xuan-level sect of Ling Yunzong against it. But Dai Shao’s request, he must find a solution.

While scratching his head, suddenly, his eyes fell into a dilapidated small pavilion on the side of the mountain gate. His eyes suddenly lighted up, his face full of joy, and said: “Dai Shao, I have a way.”

“What way?” The look of anticipation.

“Dai Shao, you will know when you look at it.” Mao Kun smiled and got up and walked towards the pavilion.

The dilapidated small pavilion is located in a remote place on the side of the mountain gate. Due to its long-term disrepair, the pavilion looks a bit dilapidated, with spider webs around it and many traces of bird droppings.

Mao Kun walked forward confidently, smashing the cobwebs, and then his eyes fell on a one-meter leather drum in the pavilion. When he reached out, he would go to get the drumstick next to the leather drum.

The disciple Ling Yunzong, who was guarding the gate aside, looked at Mao Kun’s movements and started to feel strange. At the moment he picked up the drumsticks to see, could not help but think of what, suddenly startled, looking great changes, and quickly rushed over to stop: “The fast drumstick down, what are you doing?”

Mao-kun did not put down the drumsticks, but smiles : “I heard very early that Ling Yunzong has a rule. No matter who he is, if he has something to do with Ling Yunzong, he can go to the side of the mountain gate to knock on this leather drum. Then, passing Ling Yunzong’s assessment Let Zongmen help fulfill his wish. ”

” Ling Yunzong ‘s rules have not been abolished? “Mao Kun looked at the young disciples.

The disciple was stunned, then nodded and said, “No waste.”

Ling Yunzong’s rules were set very early. It was only more than 20 years. With the murder and defection of Gu Lingfei, Ling Yunzong gradually declined, and his popularity was much less. In addition, Ling Yunzong’s attitude towards ordinary people has always been very good, and he can help as much as possible, so this drum has not been knocked since. If it were n’t for Mao Kun ’s mention now, these young disciples almost forgot that Zong Men still has such a rule.

“Then I will play the drums, no problem!” Mao Kun will immediately hit the drums.

The disciple looked tight and hurriedly said: “It is okay to beat the drums, but our related assessments have always been difficult. Do you have to think clearly?”

“What assessment?” Mao Kun said.

After all, no one has beat the drums for many years. The disciple knows what the rules are and quickly turns around to report back.

Mao Kun was not in a hurry, facing everyone, and then explained Ling Yunzong’s rules.

Suddenly, arouse everyone’s interest. Many people either let the bodyguards, or they played in person, and expressed interest, and later they have to beat the drums.

Some people are already thinking of asking after drumming, whether to ask Ling Yunzong to let him stay, or to seek the medicinal herbs that are cherished, or to ask Ling Yunzong’s master to accept himself as a disciple.

A group of people were still thinking excitedly. The disciples came back after asking for advice. They looked a bit cold, looked at the lively crowd, and then swept their eyes. Finally, they said loudly: “The requirement of the assessment is the union of four disciples in Lingyunzong Under the attack, hold a hundred strokes, even if qualified. “As

soon as the words fell, four disciples wearing cyan robes came behind him. These disciples are imposing, and at first glance they are not vulgar.

Suddenly, many people hesitated.

At this time, an inner disciple glanced at everyone and said loudly: “I will tell you in advance, four of us, two of them have reached the level of the late yellow level, and the two are in the middle of the level of the yellow level, and are far from the late stage. The realm is not far away. You are confident, you can challenge it and give it a try. ”

As soon as this remark came out, there was a sudden uproar at the scene. Those who were so excited just now all looked upset and then backed away.

Although many of them have hired the Warrior Bodyguards, their strength is not bad, but at most it is just the middle of the yellow level. At this moment, the siege of the two yellow-level mid-level and two yellow-level late masters is definitely not an opponent.

In an instant, the excited people stepped back, showing regret on their faces.

Mao Kun was also a little hesitant at the moment, and seemed to be considering whether to quit. But Dai Zijun could not care so much, sweeping the crowd, especially seeing Fade Chen and Huo Dongwei talk intimately, suddenly burst into flames, and said violently: “Uncle Kun, you must pass.”

Mao Kun heard, Immediately, he nodded, his face cleared, and he walked towards the four disciples. He has the strength of the late Huang level. If he plays against these four disciples, it must be the defeated ending.

But if it is to support a hundred strokes, Mao Kun is still confident. After all, he also had several years to enter the later stage of the Huang level, and walked and worked hard for many years, thinking that his combat experience is very rich.

“I am willing to accept the assessment, come on!” Mao Kun stepped forward and said aloud, which immediately attracted everyone’s discussion. Some people were envious and some were excited.

Dai Zijun felt light on his face and stood up with a smug look on his face, his hands behind his back, and said loudly, “Uncle Kun, I’m waiting for your good news.”

Immediately, he turned to Chen Flying here, his eyes fell on Huo Dongwei, with an affectionate look on his face, saying: “Wei Wei, wait for Uncle Kun to pass the assessment. Come in with me! You are a star, you can’t suffer from freezing and starvation here.”

Huo Dongwei looked cold, and said, “No, I’m willing to stay here.” After that, he twisted a little and moved closer to Fade Chen.

Upon seeing this, Dai Zijun looked dark, and his cold eyes fell on Fade Chen. He said coldly: “Wei Wei, wasn’t that guy quite awesome just now? But now, he dare not take the shot and plant one. Such a person, It’s no good for you to

interact with him. ” ” Dai Zijun, Fade Chen is my friend, and I don’t allow you to insult him like that. “Huo Dongwei said coldly.

Dai Zijun sneered, “Insult? Am I wrong? Uncle Kun will pass the test soon. But he doesn’t dare to pass the test first, and he doesn’t dare to even try it together. This is not a genius.”

Fade Chen heard the words, could not help but shook his head. I just thought that since Ling Yunzong stopped everyone, there must be my own reasons. I didn’t rush in at all, so I didn’t make it early, but I didn’t expect to be said to be weak by Dai Zijun.

“What kind of head do you shake, a soft egg, not qualified to accompany Wei Wei.” Dai Zijun said sarcastically.

Fade Chen said coldly: “Who am I, I don’t need to worry about you. But you want to worry about yourself. Your bodyguards may not necessarily pass the assessment.”

“Joke! Uncle Kun’s strength in the later stage of Huang, not to mention victory, But there is nothing wrong with supporting one hundred strokes. You are weak yourself, don’t think of others as you. “Dai Zijun’s smug look taught Fade Chen.

But at this moment, there was a scream of “ah” not far away. Everyone turned their heads, and then they saw Uncle Kun, who was a must-win in Dai Zijun’s mouth. At the moment, the blood sprayed from the corner of his mouth and flew out, falling beside Dai Zijun, his face was pale.

Suddenly, the scene was silent.

Dai Zijun, who was just now full of pride, seemed to swallow a worm in his mouth, his cheeks were twisted, and his expression looked extremely ugly.


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