MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 214



Liu Lao and Huo Dongwei, who were all worried about their faces, now had an incredible shock on their faces, and then turned into an excited, happy look, looking at Fade Chen with a smiling face.

“Xiao Chen, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. It seems that I shouldn’t have blocked it just now!” Liu Lao laughed.

Huo Dongwei’s expression of admiration, said: “Xiao Chen, I didn’t expect you to look thin and weak, so powerful!”

The other passers-by in the pavilion were also surprised at the moment.

“Chen doctor, did not think you are not only a medical road master, or a martial arts master ah!” ,

“Chen doctor, no, Master Chen, you can teach me two strokes do?”

“Haha, someone just said to Let ’s lesson Dr. Xiao Chen, now he ’s beaten! ”The

lively discussion flowed into Dai Zijun ’s ears, causing his cheeks that had been bright on his face to collapse. He stared at Fade Chen bitterly, his mouth constantly Convulsions.

Fade Chen felt his gaze, turned his head, and looked cold. He shouted, “Why, are you still not convinced?”

Dai Zijun gave a violent shock, and then ran out of the pavilion like a fled, looking at the hard to climb from the ground The bodyguard of his eyes showed an uncomfortable expression in his eyes, and then flicked his hands and continued along the mountain road.

At the same time, his cheeks were twisted together with hate, and he said in his hate: “Stinky boy, you dare to rob me of Dai Zijun’s woman and let him out of ugliness. You wait for me, as long as you reach Ling Yunzong, I offer The treasure will definitely help

Ling Yunzong ’s masters. When the time comes, it ’s not easy to teach the kid. ” Thinking of this, Dai Zijun’s face appeared a look of expectation.

Uncle Kun, the bodyguard, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, propped up the injured body, caught up with Dai Zijun’s footsteps, and walked up the mountain road.

The people in the pavilion, after a lot of heated discussions around Fade Chen.

It’s time for the herbal medicine on Huo Dongwei’s knee. Rinse it with mineral water. You can see that the bleeding wound has completely stopped the blood, and her body is beginning to recover and grow again.

Huo Dongwei stood up and walked a few steps, and felt a brisk pace, which was almost the same as before he was not injured. Can’t help but plunge into Fade Chen’s arms and said a few thanks with excitement.

The crowd immediately started to coax, some people took pictures, some people wanted to sign and take a group photo, and some people said they wanted to post on Weibo, so Huo Dongwei was nervous.

After a while of fun, everyone had a good rest, so they set off and went on to the mountain.

Fade Chen was not in a hurry at this moment, slowing down, and walking to the top of the mountain while chatting with everyone.

Liu Lao and Huo Dongwei are obviously most interested in Fade Chen. Liu Lao asked some things about Fade Chen’s hometown and work, and vaguely revealed the intention of soliciting. However, after Fade Chen politely refused, Liu Lao did not say much.

And Huo Dongwei, wrapped around Fade Chen, constantly asked if Fade Chen said that it can really remove scars. In addition, does Fade Chen have any other herbs that can whiten the skin and lose weight?

In short, it is worthy of being an actress, focusing on her own beauty and image.

Fade Chen could only introduce it with a smile, and finally agreed to wait until the provincial capital, when he gave Huo Dongwei to remove the scar, by the way, bring her some whitening and weight loss herbs.

After Huo Dongwei listened, he was very happy abroad, and he embraced Fade Chen’s arm without hesitating along the way. Intimate sister Wei claimed that she was patting her chest and assured Fade Chen. After Fade Chen went to the provincial capital, she reported her sister Wei’s name when she encountered difficulties.

In this way, talking and laughing all the way, the mountain road is not so difficult to walk up.

When the evening glow appeared, the group finally reached the top of the mountain.

Looking at it, under the evening glow, the forests and trees were stained with a golden glow, standing on the top of the mountain and looking down the mountain.

Such a scene can’t help but make people feel relaxed and happy, the mood is a lot easier. In addition, in the air at the top of the mountain, the scent of immortal medicine floating from Ling Yunzong is faintly floating, which makes everyone feel shocked, and the whole body seems to be a lot more comfortable.

For a time, everyone gazed at the towering and delicate Lingyunzong Mountain Gate on the other side.

Ling Yunzong, who has been silent for more than 20 years, is obviously renovated at this moment. The mountain gate and buildings are all renovated. Under the glow of the evening glow, they exude a golden light, plus the huge bronze tripod in front of the mountain gate. The thick sandalwood of the arms burns quietly, and the smoke rises, creating a sense of fairyland on earth.

Suddenly, everyone swarmed towards the mountain gate, wanting to enter Lingyunzong to worship early.

But before they came to the mountain gate, they saw many people sitting on the open spaces on both sides of the mountain gate. Before Lingyunzong Mountain Gate, there were a few serious young disciples.

Suddenly, everyone was a little stunned and asked.

“How is it, how we do not go in?”

“Excuse me, we can go in it?”

Gatekeepers disciples looking Stern shook his head and said:. “No, now, no one can go in, please wait outside.”

This time, the crowd After a while, everyone’s voice rang.

“Why don’t you let in?”

“What’s wrong with Ling Yunzong? In the past, the attitude was not like this to everyone. They were all greeted with enthusiasm.”

“Yeah, it’s already too late to let us in Did n’t we live on the mountain at night, I did n’t bring anything! ”

“Is Lingyun Zong now again rose to the level mysterious forces, high vision, the disdain for the rest of us?”

“No, Lingyun Zong of a head who has been very kind, do not do this to us.”

Some people do not believe , Explained to the disciple that he wanted to know the reason, but the disciple only replied coldly: “I’m sorry, this is the order of the elder of the sect.”

Although everyone was dissatisfied, they all came, and now they came down the mountain. . So I can only sit on the open space at the door and wait.

Fade Chen and his group sat down and chatted, and some people also brought food and water with them, so they ate and chatted like a picnic, which was quite joyful.

On the other side, Dai Zijun and bodyguard Mao Kun who came a step earlier were a little dumbfounded at the moment. They thought they could enter Ling Yunzong smoothly, live in the guest room, and they would n’t have to worry about eating and drinking, so they did n’t bring food at all, only two bottles of mineral water, and they had finished drinking.

But I did not expect to reach the top of the mountain, encountered an unexpected situation, and now I can not enter, suddenly thirsty and hungry, my eyes are starred.

As time passed, the sky began to darken.

It is now the winter season, the night breeze blowing on the top of the mountain, a burst of cold suddenly came, let people feel a trembling, can not help but tremble.


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