MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 213



The goddess who has been struggling for a long time has not made much progress. As a result, the kid picked up cheap, a few pieces of rotten leaves, and even fierce fight with Huo Dongwei. In particular, the kid’s hands even touched Huo Dongwei’s greasy legs, and even Dai Zijun’s eyes were spitting fire.

“Boy, get out of here!” Dai Zijun snorted sharply, then said to his bodyguard, “Uncle Kun, throw him out to me.” The

bodyguard was just stopped, and his heart was uncomfortable. Gloomy came to Fade Chen.

Upon seeing this, Huo Dongwei immediately changed color, and stood in front of Fade Chen, shouting: “Dai Zijun, what are you going to do?”

Dai Zijun saw Huo Dongwei still protecting Fade Chen at this time. “Wei Wei, that guy takes advantage of you, I can’t just sit back and watch, you let me teach him a meal.”

Huo Dongwei was angry and annoyed, and shouted: “Dai Zijun, what nonsense you are. Dr. Xiao Chen is just helping me cure ”

” Treatment? “Dai Zijun gritted his teeth.” Is it possible to cut pants for treatment? My hands are still so touched.

Huh ! ” Huo Dongwei was angry with Dai Zijun’s cheeks flushed, a little annoyed. It ’s just a cure. You think

badly and think of something else. ” “ I ’m dirty? ”Dai Zijun shouted,“ Weiwei, I ’

m helping you! ” Huo Dongwei said:“ You do n’t need to help me, this is My own business. Even if it really takes advantage, it doesn’t matter to you. “As

soon as the words were shouted, Dai Zijun’s face suddenly turned red, almost burning. The goddess she loved was willing to be taken advantage of by such a stinky boy, and she did not want to accept herself.

In such a situation, the anger in Dai Zijun’s heart burned, his voice gloomy, and he shouted to the bodyguard: “Uncle Kun, give the boy some cruelty.”

The bodyguard’s sturdy arms were raised, with a grin in the corner of his mouth, approaching Fade Chen step by step.

Huo Dongwei was anxious, but was helpless.

Beside, the gray-haired Liu Liu looked dull and shouted, “Dai Zijun, are you really going to do it in front of me?”

Dai Zijun looked at Liu Liu, his expression a little hesitant, but the anger at the moment made him difficult to calm, Finally, Shen said: “Lao Liu, this time has nothing to do with your old age. If you are really angry, I will come back to the provincial capital and come back to ask Liu

Lao to sin.” After that, Dai Zijun stared angrily. With Fade Chen, the teeth creaked. Obviously, I made up my mind to start.

Liu Lao was so angry that he glared his beard, looked at the housekeeper around him, and got up to stand up.

At this moment, Fade Chen looked over with a smile, and waved his hand gently, said: “Lao Liu, thank you for your kindness. I can solve this matter myself.”

“Xiao Chen! However, he is the late Huang level “Lao Liu and the housekeeper were a little surprised, and then they were worried.

Of course Fade Chen can see that Uncle Kun has the strength of the late Huang level, and also sees that Liu’s housekeeper has the strength of the middle Huang level. He knew that the butler was not the bodyguard’s opponent, so he didn’t let the butler shoot.

Fade Chen smiled and waved his hand, said: “Liu, you can rest assured, I can solve it.” During

the speech, Fade Chen walked gently to Huo Dongwei, and looked at the bodyguard two meters away with a light mouth, his expression was light but confident.

When the bodyguard saw it, he froze for a moment, then smiled: “Boy, solve me. It seems that your brain is broken.”

“Give me a punch!” Uncle Kun, the bodyguard, shouted and stared. With round, thick arms, and with a booming momentum, the fist with a big mouth at the bowl, fiercely smashed towards Fade Chen.

That momentum, like a giant hammer rounded in the air, with an unstoppable momentum, fierce bombardment.

This situation caused Huo Dongwei and Lao Liu to show a worried expression, and almost rushed over.

And Dai Zijun, with a happy smile, hugged his hands on his chest and sneered again and again.

But when the bodyguard’s fist machine landed on Fade Chen, Fade Chen extended his right arm, reached out his right hand, spread his palms, and grabbed the bodyguard’s fist.

Upon seeing this, Dai Zijun laughed unabashedly: “Haha, is this kid stupid? He even wanted to hold Uncle Kun’s fist, he was just looking for death.”

Uncle Kun, the bodyguard, was also proud of his smile. , The fist in the hand thundered like a dragon, the momentum was heavier, and the surge came.

With such a majestic blow, facing Fade Chen, who looked thin and weak, it seemed as if the surging waves would swallow the boat on the water.

But at the last moment, Fade Chen’s white and delicate palm suddenly reached out and grabbed the fist of the bodyguard.

The bodyguard was furious, his fists burst out, and shouted, “Give me a break !”

“Slap!” With

a crisp sound, Fade Chen’s fair- handed palm held the bodyguard’s fist in such a precise way.

The bodyguard was stunned, and there were some surprises. Obviously, he didn’t expect Fade Chen to really catch himself. However, he immediately exerted force and slammed forward, trying to break Fade Chen’s palm.

However, when he came down, he was shocked. The force on his fist seemed to be a mud bull entering the sea and could not shake Fade Chen’s palm.

“What’s going on? This kid can withstand such a force?” The bodyguard wondered.

The people around were dazed, and some did not understand what was going on.

Dai Zijun couldn’t help but frown lightly, and then dissatisfiedly shouted: “Uncle Kun, don’t be merciless, and teach the kid hard.”

Uncle Kun, the bodyguard, gritted his teeth and exerted force again, but the force he clenched with his teeth slammed in Fade Chen In his palm, there was still no movement, as if blocking his fist was not a hand, but a glimpse of a hard wall.

“How is it possible?” The bodyguard was puzzled and surprised, and his arm was slightly torn at the moment because of his excessive force.

And at this moment, Fade Chen said lightly, “Is that enough? Now, it’s time for me to start.”

“You” bodyguard was startled, but the words didn’t have time to say, and immediately felt a share The unstoppable force came from Fade Chen’s arm, then extended into his own arm, and spread to the whole body.

In the end, the body of the strong bodyguard was lifted by Fade Chen with one hand. The burly bodyguard, like a duck holding his neck at this moment, had no movement at all. He was lifted by Fade Chen and flicked a few times in the air, then banged, and directly thrown out of the pavilion, fell on the mountain road, and grunted After several hits, it finally stopped when it hit the mountain wall.

Seeing this scene, everyone around was dumbfounded, and the air was silent. After a few seconds, it suddenly burst out and quickly resumed the excitement.


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