MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 212



Dai Zijun ate deflated on Huo Dongwei’s side, turned his head to look at Fade Chen’s chuckles, and was immediately angered.

He gave a stern drink to the man who looked like a bodyguard behind him, and said, “Uncle Kun, this guy doesn’t know what to do, you throw him out to me.”

Immediately, the strong middle-aged bodyguard walked to Fade Chen with a smile In front of him, he squeezed his fists, staring at Fade Chen, and said, “Boy, do you want me to start, or do you go away?”

Fade Chen glanced at him obliquely , saying : “I want you to get away.”

“Boy, what are you talking about!” The middle-aged bodyguard looked dark and his voice was low.

“Did you hear me? I let you go!” Fade Chen took out his ear and talked at his fingertips, with a look of disdain.

With such an expression, he immediately angered the bodyguard. He snorted heavily and punched out with a punch, hitting the stone pillar beside Fade Chen. Suddenly, with a loud bang, a fist mark appeared on the hard stone pillar. The entire pavilion seemed to tremble with this huge force.

Dai Zaijun then face proudly said: “..! Tert-kun is my bodyguard, with a yellow late stage strength kid you dare to irritate tert-kun, you’re dead ha ha”

everyone around heard that, suddenly shouted color .

After all, in the late Huang level, masters of this level, not to mention ordinary people, even for many rich people, are considered very good masters.

For a time, many people could not help worrying about Fade Chen. Some aunts who had a good chat with Fade Chen also secretly persuaded Fade Chen to soften, this time let it out, after all, experts of this level can’t afford it.

Fade Chen knew that they were well-intentioned, but still did not get up, said lightly: “Relax, I’m okay.” The

bodyguard saw it, sneered, and said: “Boy, look at you toast and don’t eat fine wine! Then I ’m welcome. ”

As soon as the words fell, the bodyguard slammed and threw a punch at Fade Chen, with a fierce pleasure on his face.

As soon as Fade Chen’s eyes were fixed, he let his hands fight back.

At this moment, the white-haired Liu Liu just shouted: “Stop!”

At the same time, Liu Lao’s housekeeper flashed in front of Fade Chen, blocking the bodyguard’s attack.

Such a scene suddenly surprised everyone, and then looked at the old man together.

Dai Zijun also looked over, and his eyes fell on Liu Lao’s face, then his face could not help but changed, and his face was surprised: “Lao Liu, why do you always get this?”

Liu Lao snorted, “I’m not here, that I ca n’t see you bullying anymore. ”

Dai Zijun changed his face and scratched his head, explaining: “ Lao Liu, I ’

m not bullying. This is me, this is it. ” Dai Zijun found excuses and saw Huo Dongwei, then quickly said , “I see that Wei Wei is injured, there is no way, I want to find a place for her to rest and

treat the wound .” Huo Dongwei said coldly: “Dai Zijun, your own business, don’t pull me.”

Suddenly, Dai Zijun looked stiff. , A little embarrassed.

And Liu Lao snorted heavily, apparently disbelieving Dai Zijun’s words. Then he turned to Huo Dongwei and said, “Little girl, you are injured. Xiao Chen is a doctor, you can let him show you.”

“He is, doctor?” Huo Dongwei looked at Fade Chen with some surprise, some I don’t believe it.

The people around were quickly heated up.

“Little girl, don’t believe it. Dr. Xiao Chen’s medical skills are very powerful!”

“Dr. Xiao Chen just saved Liu Lao’s life just now.”

“Dr. Chen’s medical skills are superb.”

Listening to the words of everyone, Huo Dongwei was also a little hesitant. He supported the letter and walked in front of Fade Chen. He said softly: “Doctor Xiao Chen, can you show me?” The

beauty was not with Dai Zijun. At this moment, Fade Chen wouldn’t refuse naturally. He smiled and gave Huo Dongwei a seat, letting the beauty sit down. Then stretch out your hand, hold Huo Dongwei’s two slender straight beautiful legs, and straighten her legs straight.

Subsequently, Fade Chen’s fingertips gently stroked on the beautiful women’s jeans, and then a little harder, directly torn the beautiful women’s jeans into a short denim skirt, which could wrap the thighs, revealing two white and smooth Beautiful legs.

Huo Dongwei suddenly looked reddish, his body shivering slightly.

Fade Chen sensed her movements and explained: “The clothes are not removed, the wound is not

easy to handle.” Then, Fade Chen twisted a bottle of mineral water and said to Huo Dongwei: “I will rinse the wound for you first, maybe it hurts , Bear with me. “The

beauty nodded and let Fade Chen’s big hand rest on his thigh to fix his legs.

The mineral water rinsed the wound, and Huo Dongwei suddenly twitched, Fade Chen increased his strength even more, holding Huo Dongwei’s legs tightly in his arms, and even letting Huo Dongwei feel Fade Chen’s chest throbbing.

After flushing the wound, Fade Chen drew out the silver needle. After the flame was disinfected, he pricked a few times around the knee wound to stop the blood.

Afterwards, Fade Chen asked everyone in the pavilion to help, collected some kinds of weeds from the side of the road, mixed them and smashed them, and applied the dark green paste to the wound on the knee.

Fade Chen immediately smiled at Huo Dongwei and said, “Wait fifteen minutes, your wounds will be fine.”

Fade Chen’s series of actions have long convinced Huo Dongwei of his medical skills. At this moment, he nodded and smiled sweetly. , Grateful: “Dr. Xiao Chen, thank you.”

Fade Chen waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing. It’s a trivial matter.”

“It’s a trivial matter to Xiao Chen, but I’m a major thing to me.” Huo Dongwei laughed, then seemed to think of something, and asked nervously, ” Dr. Xiao Chen, will there be scars on my wound? ”

After all, she is an actor star, and she has very high requirements for appearance. If you leave scars on her legs, it will definitely affect her star journey.

Fade Chen sank slightly and said, “The herbs on the mountain are not complete, and there may be a little trace.”

“Ah” Huo Dongwei was worried.

Fade Chen immediately said: “You don’t have to worry, as long as the medicine is enough, I will adjust the medicine again after I go down the mountain, and all scars will be removed without leaving any traces.”

“Really?” Huo Dongwei was full of surprise, ” Then when will you go down the mountain? ”

” Uh, this “Fade Chen thought about it and said,” Well, let’s leave a contact and I will contact you again after going down. ”

” Okay, that’s good. Thank you. “Huo Dongwei Smiling and Fade Chen left contact information with each other.

Then, the two chatted more and more fiercely, talking and laughing like old friends for many years, totally unlike what they just met.

Dai Zijun next to him saw this scene and gritted his teeth, as if he wanted to crush Fade Chen.


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