MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 211



Hey, I am getting old. I heard that Ling Yunzong held a ceremony to celebrate the heavens this time. I hurried up and went a bit anxious. I did n’t expect to die here. I would n’t have imagined if you were not Xiao Chen. What will be the result! “Lao Liu lamented.

Fade Chen took out a pen and paper, and wrote a prescription, and handed it to Liu Lao, saying: “Lao Liu, after all, you are older and you are no younger than you. I prescribe a prescription for you and take it once a day to keep you healthy. Healthy body. ”

Liu took the prescription and carefully put it away.” Thank you, Xiao Chen. You are treating me and prescribing me. I really don’t know how to thank you. ”

Fade Chen said with a smile: “Old Liu is polite, it’s just a trivial matter.” The

two are still in a polite set, and there are some drug seekers next to them. Although Fade Chen is young, his medical skills are very good. For a time, many people’s eyes turned, and they came together and smiled: “Dr. Xiao Chen, my legs are a bit numb, can you help me see them?”

Some people took the lead, others began.

“Dr. Xiao Chen, my head is always dizzy. Do you have any good prescriptions?”

“Dr. Chen, my wife and I have been married for five years and have no children. Can you show me?”

“Dr. Xiao Chen , I recently, that, that was not in the right time, always messy, can you show me? ”

The small pavilion that was originally resting became a place for consultation at this moment.

Fade Chen was not in a hurry anyway. Instead, he sat down and diagnosed the veins of the drug-seekers in the pavilion one by one, and opened prescriptions for them.

After some diagnosis, everyone smiled and thanked Fade Chen with respect.

The atmosphere in the pavilion was very warm, and at this moment, a loud cry came out, “I finally saw a place to rest. What a broken road, so bad, the car can’t drive up, it is almost exhausting me. ”

During the talk, the crowd saw three people coming over.

Among them was a young man who looked like a 278-year-old. The man was dyed with yellow hair, wearing a pair of sunglasses and wearing a fashionable dress.

Beside the man, there was a young woman with a wide-brimmed hat and a toad mirror. The toad mirror covered half of her face and could not see her face clearly. But looking at the slender legs wrapped in those jeans, you know that this is a beautiful woman.

Behind them, followed by a middle-aged man in his forties. The man has muscular body and fierce eyes, and follows behind the young man step by step. It seems that he should be a bodyguard or the like.

The three of them approached the pavilion and appeared to be ready to come in and rest. As a result, in the pavilion at this moment, people have been sitting full, and there is no extra space at all.

“Fuck, there is no empty space.” The yellow-haired male frowned, his eyes swept over the crowd in the pavilion, and finally fell on the ordinary dressed, young Fade Chen, stretched out his right hand, hooked his index finger, Drinking: “Boy, you get me up!”

After that, Huang Mao turned to the woman in the toad mirror, and looked at her with a pleased face, said: “Wei Wei, come, you sit here.” The

woman’s voice was a little cold, displeased: “Dai Zijun, I’m not familiar with you, don’t call me that way.” The

man with yellow hair chuckled, unconsciously, turned his head and saw Fade Chen didn’t move. He even sat on the spot, and immediately frowned, and shouted. : “Boy, I let you get up, haven’t you heard?”

Fade Chen glanced coldly at him, and said: “This is where I sit, I don’t need to let you.”

Huang Maonan sneered and found out Stacked five red cancan banknotes, directly drawn five, threw them in front of Fade Chen, with a look of pride: “Look at your dress, a poor ghost. Now, give me the position immediately, these five hundred dollars are you of the. ”

Fade Chen looked at five hundred dollars, a sneer , Said: “Just that?”

“What are you talking about?” Huang Maonan’s voice sank and stared at Fade Chen, “You poor ghost, do you want to ridicule me?”

Fade Chen directly took out several stacks of thick banknotes from his backpack and smashed around him , With a sneer: “Don’t come out and pretend if you don’t have money, poor ghost.”

The money in Fade Chen’s backpack came from Hanjiang City. Qian Hao heard that Fade Chen was going to the mountain. One million is in Fade Chenbao.

Huang Maonan apparently didn’t expect Fade Chen’s poor ghost costume to be able to get so much money at once, and he was a little silly.

The others in the pavilion could not help but snicker.

Huang Mao suddenly felt annoyed, glared at Fade Chen, and said, “Boy, how dare you talk to me like this. Do you know who I am Dai Zijun?”

“I don’t know! I’m not interested in knowing the name of the poor ghost.” Fade Chen ironically said that the laughter around him suddenly became louder.

Huang Mao was so angry that his cheeks were red, and he shouted, “Boy, I tell you, I am from the Dai family in the provincial city of Longjiang, and my dad is Dai Qingjun.”

“Dai Qingjun!”

Someone in the pavilion couldn’t help but hear this name Changed and cried out in surprise.

“Dai Qingjun, that’s the big man in the provincial restaurant industry. The billionaire rich family, is this Dai Zijun, the famous Dai Shao in the provincial capital.”

“Dai Shao would come to this place? Is it also to seek medicine?” ? the ”

Dai Zaijun one everyone’s talking about, his face proud of color, look to Fade Chen, shouted:”! boy, now I know much of it not up to my seat. ”

Fade Chen coldly shot him At a glance, said: “Are you amazing? Why didn’t I hear it? I just heard everyone say your father is amazing. As for you, hehe!”

Dai Zijun heard that he couldn’t help but look angry, and he would get angry.

But at this time, someone turned his attention to the beauty behind Dai Zijun, and could not help but wonder: “Dai Shaodu is here, the beauty in the hat is

.” I recognized it. Well, that’s Huo Dongwei, actor Huo Dongweiwei! “After

hearing someone see his identity, the beauty could not help but startled and instinctively wanted to leave.

But a charming female star, she was tired enough to walk such a long way. At this moment, she could not help but make her legs soft and fell to the ground with a click.

Suddenly, the knee position of the beautiful jeans was broken by the stone, and there was blood flowing out. The beautiful woman’s cheek wrinkled suddenly, and made a soft whisper.

Upon seeing this, Dai Zijun couldn’t help getting angry, and rushed to Huo Dongwei, concerned: “Wei Wei, you fell, it was too serious, wipe quickly.”

Huo Dongwei didn’t accept his feelings, but shrank . , a bit far away from Daizi Jun, cold channel: “I myself, do not bother to wear less you.”


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