MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 210



After arranging things in Hanjiang City, Fade Chen brought Ling Yunjue, and then went on his own.

Ling Yunzong is not far from Hanjiang City. After a five-hour drive, Fade Chen arrived in the small town where Ling Yunzong was located.

Fade Chen had just stepped into the small town, and he felt a lively atmosphere coming from the small town. The bustling crowds were moving around. There were many traditional Chinese medicine and medicine stores on both sides of the street. Walking across the street, everyone is also a normal look, not surprised.

This is the normal state of the small town under the Budo Zongmen Mountain. Almost half of the residents of the small town rely on Ling Yunzong to do various related businesses.

Moreover, in the past few days, the town has been more lively than usual, and all the households have been dressed up and adjusted their status to the end to welcome the upcoming events.

After Fade Chen made some inquiries, he realized that it was quite a coincidence. These few days happened to be the days when Ling Yunzong celebrated Zongmen’s restoration of strength and held a ceremony to celebrate the heavens.

It turned out that Ling Yunzong, more than 20 years ago, was originally a member of the Xuan class forces. However, because the killing of Brother Gu Lingfei killed the Zongmen’s vitality, his strength was greatly affected, and eventually fell from the Xuan-level forces to the Huang-level forces.

Ling Yunzong has worked hard for many years and slowly recovered his strength bit by bit. Finally, this year, he passed the relevant certification and returned to the Xuan level. It was at this time that Gu Lingfei was killed and the news that Ling Yunjue was about to be sent back was also spread.

Ling Yunzong was overjoyed, so he decided to hold a grand ceremony to celebrate the succession of several happy events and greet the new future that Ling Yunzong was about to reopen.

In addition to the Heaven Sacrifice Ceremony, Ling Yunzong will receive more ordinary people than usual, and will also distribute more potions and herbs for free.

After this news spread, a lot of people seeking medicine suddenly attracted, and the town naturally became lively. Businessmen will not let go of such a good business opportunity, one by one warmly prepared.

Fade Chen just looked at it for a while, and it turned out that many outsiders were found in the small town.

At this time, a long ring of bells rang in the distance, and the whole lively town seemed to have been booked, and all calmed down. No matter what everyone is doing at the moment, they all stop moving and turn to look at the towering green mountain behind the town.

On top of the green hill, an antique building looms between clouds and fog. The melodious bells came from the mountains, bringing a solemn feeling.

The inhabitants of the small town looked solemn, and looked solemnly at the distant Qingshan, folded their hands together and gently pressed. Some devout old residents even lay prone on the ground, kowtowing with the bell. Even those outsiders who do not understand the rules here, seeing such a scene at this moment, are breathing out one by one, looking at Qingshan solemnly.

After the faint bells rang, a quiet town resumed its liveliness, as if the screen was frozen by pressing the pause button. At this moment, the play button was pressed again, and then moved.

Amidst the chaos, Fade Chen strolled to the edge of the town, not far from here was the foot of Ling Yunzong.

The asphalt road of the city came to an abrupt stop, and on the sides of the last spacious road, various luxury cars were parked. Looking forward along the road, you can see rich and well-dressed people who are walking along the rugged mountain road towards the mountain.

“It seems that there are a lot of people coming to Lingyunzong for medicine!” Fade Chen sighed, and then stepped forward, and began to go up the mountain.

Although Fade Chen deliberately slowed down, but with his strength, the speed is still much faster than others, and soon surpassed a group of people at the foot of the mountain, and traveled to the mountainside.

There is a square pavilion halfway up the mountain. At the moment, there are more than a dozen people sitting in the pavilion, looking for their clothes and dressing, they should also be people seeking medicine. It seems that I should be tired and rest here.

This journey is naturally not too tiring for Fade Chen.

Fade Chen did not intend to take a break, and was prepared to continue on.

But at this moment, suddenly there was a cry of pain in the pavilion, and then everyone’s exclamation sounded.

Fade Chen turned his head and saw a white-haired old man covering his chest, lying on the ground with red face, his face very ugly. The people around were staying beside the old man, with anxious faces, but there was no way but to make a cry.

Upon seeing this, Fade Chen immediately walked over and said, “Let me all, I’m a doctor.” When

everyone heard that there was a doctor, they immediately gave way, but when they looked at Fade Chen’s age and dress, everyone’s eyes suddenly appeared I doubt it.

Fade Chen leaned down, grabbed the old man’s wrist, pulsed for him, and immediately diagnosed the old man as having a heart problem, so he quickly drew out a pair of silver needles from the backpack and pulled off the old man’s clothes. Lower the needle.

Accompanying the old man was a man in his fifties or sixties who looked like a housekeeper.

Seeing that Fade Chen was about to get a needle, he couldn’t help but stop his face and quickly stopped: “What are you going to do?”

Fade Chen shouted: “Cure the disease!”

“Are you really a doctor?” The steward was suspicious.

Fade Chen said in a deep voice: “If I don’t apply the needle again, the old man will not be saved. Now, do you still have to argue with me about this?” The

housekeeper nodded to Fade Chen when he saw the old man’s painful appearance.

Fade Chen immediately dropped the needle, and the silver needle penetrated into the old man’s chest. Then the true breath of the body followed the silver needle into the old meridian, and finally circulated in a circle.

After a few minutes, the old man’s complexion returned to normal, and was raised by the housekeeper. With a grateful face, he said to Fade Chen Gong: “Thank you doctor for your help, old age is very grateful.” The

housekeeper also apologized at the moment, and said: “Doctor, I was sorry, I am to you”

Fade Chen waved his hand with a smile Dao: “The two don’t mind, it’s just a trifle.” The

old man saw it, his smile on his face was thicker, and chatted with Fade Chen: “Do you also come to Ling Yunzong for medicine?”

“It ‘s true , some Things, “Fade Chen said simply, and then said to the old man,” Old man, you are too polite, my name is Fade Chen, you can call me Xiao Chen. ”

” Little Chen! “The old man called, and then said,” My surname is Liu, Xiao Chen, if you do n’t mind, call me Liu Lao. ”

After that, Liu Lao asked:” Xiao Chen, what happened to me just now? ”

Fade Chen explained:” Lao Liu The main reason is that the mountain climbing exercise is too violent, and the heart can’t bear it for a while, resulting in acute cardiac arrest. I helped to use acupuncture to ease the flow and smooth the air, so there is no problem. ”


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