MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 207

magic doctor



Some people who had an understanding of the world of martial arts then whispered an explanation of this deed.

That was more than 20 years ago, when Gu Lingfei was a middle-age student of Ling Yunzong. He was of great strength and was a popular candidate for the next generation. However, later, because of the private use of the pill, the elder Zongmen was criticized for misconduct and deprived of candidacy, and finally passed the position of master to Gu Lingfei’s brother.

Gu Lingfei didn’t become the head of the team, and he was quite unhappy. But Brother had a good relationship with him, so he was immediately selected as the deputy head. Gu Lingfei, who became the deputy head, basically ignored other trivial matters, and pursued the improvement of the strength of martial arts. He used many medicinal herbs in Zongmen.

The result drew dissatisfaction from other elders and disciples. But under the guardianship of the brother in charge, he stayed in the sect. It is just that the use of elixir and medicinal materials is naturally restricted.

Under such circumstances, Gu Lingfei became more and more unhappy, and even illegally stolen Zongmendan medicinal herbs. As a result, Zongmen’s elders discovered that he would eventually be driven out of Zongmen, and finally there was a conflict. Gu Lingfei took advantage of it and killed his master and his brother, and fled Ling Yunzong.

This evil act naturally attracted the indignation of the people in Budo, and launched a joint killing of Gu Lingfei. However, he did not expect that Gu Lingfei fled, and eventually disappeared.

At this time, the crowd heard that the legendary character Gu Lingfei was by his side, and Hu Dongsheng’s servant naturally surprised everyone.

For a time, there was a lot of discussion, many people whispered and pointed, looking at Gu Lingfei’s complexion.

After all, killing brothers by killing masters, this kind of thing is not good to say. Even Hu Dongsheng, at the moment, his face was dull, his expression somewhat strange.

Gu Lingfei listened to everyone’s argument and snorted heavily, then said sharply: “You don’t know anything, what is the right to criticize me.”

“At the time, I was the strongest person in Ling Yunzong’s new generation, but because of such a small matter, I was deprived of the candidate position. Is this fair?”

“Besides my brother, the surface is kind and gentle. But secretly, I With some immortality medicine, he has to talk about things. Not to mention my master. Originally, I and my brother learned martial arts together. My potential is stronger than that of my brother. But after my brother became the master, he secretly kept secret from me. Some of the

martial arts and martial arts are not taught to me . ” ” I use a little pill to say three things, and the martial arts are not taught to me. So brother, such master, such sect, what if I killed Gu Lingfei? Because they were damn it! “When

he said this, Gu Lingfei’s face was fierce, and his whole body exploded, making the people around him feel a terrifying oppression, all of them changed their colors, and could not help but take a few steps back.

When Gu Lingfei saw it, he became more and more motivated and said loudly: “After being hunted down by them, I have been wounded and hidden for more than 20 years. Now, my strength has greatly increased, and I no longer need to hide my head and show his tail. It ’s time to recapture

Ling Yunzong . ” Immediately, Gu Lingfei glanced at Fade Chen and said with a cold voice:” And you dare to provoke me. Then, I will kill you and kill Ling Gu for me Come back to the first drop of blood! Ha ha ha! ”

A burst of laughter, Gu Lingfei took a step, his palms shot, suddenly a wave of turbulence, like a gigantic wave, turbulent and violent, photographed towards Fade Chen. . The entire chalet hall was shrouded in this wave, as if to smash the entire house.

Facing the monstrous turbulence, Fade Chen looked indifferent, watching Gu Lingfei shook his head and said coldly: “You Gu Lingfei only want to be strong and only want to ask the elder Zongmen, but he is not willing to pay. In the end, instead of blaming Shimen for not supporting you, killing the brother by killing him. Such a selfish and cold-blooded person, with a face that Zongmen is unfair to you, is ridiculous. ”

These words poked Gu Lingfei at once, and suddenly made his face cold and grimace, staring at Fade Chen fiercely, gritting his teeth and saying, “Boy, if you don’t know anything, dare to talk nonsense here. I ’m going to smash you tens of thousands of corpses and commemorate the 20 years of my abandonment. ”

” The ruthless and selfish person, it’s useless to say more, let’s fight if we want to fight! “Fade Chen looked cold, looking at Gu Lingfei, There was a little more intent in the eyes.

Gu Lingfei’s big move, the sky’s air waves quickly condensed, a breath of breath gathered together, and finally condensed into a long gray-brown snake. Fade Chen exploded.

Fade Chen’s right index finger and middle finger were close together, condensing into a knife, sweeping out a gas awn, and slashing towards the long snake.

The long snake let out a sizzle and sped up again, biting towards Fade Chen’s neck.

Daomang was in the air, Fade Chen’s fingers shook gently, and the sharp Daomang turned direction in the air, slashing towards the seven inches of the long snake.

The long snake couldn’t avoid it, and was directly struck by the air.

In an instant, the gray-white snake twisted quickly, making a silent hiss, and twisting its body frantically.

But Fade Chen’s angry man continued to press down, cutting the long snake from seven inches into two sections.

The long snake was chopped, and the sky and the air in the cabin exploded instantly, making a roar like thunder. Gu Lingfei’s face changed drastically, and he looked at Fade Chen in astonishment, “You, actually cut off my long snake. Are you not the early Xuanji?”

“I never said my realm was the early Xuanji.” Fade Chen Cold voice, right hand and finger pointing, Rinkong pulled out a pride, and mercilessly swept away at Gu Lingfei.

Qi Mang came out and expanded, and the furniture, decorations, and pillars in the wooden house, whether it was wood, jade, or stone, instantly burst into sky full of mustard powder when they hit the Qi Mang.

Gu Lingfei was forced to retreat, he could only shoot a few inner breaths with both hands, protect his chest, and then gritted his teeth to block Fade Chen’s qi.

The air was booming, chopped on Gu Lingfei’s waist, and suddenly made a harsh sound of friction. Gu Lingfei’s face changed drastically, and a blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Fade Chen looked the same, waved his hand and continued to work hard, chopping towards Gu Lingfei.

Gu Lingfei is getting harder and harder to resist, and he is about to lose. At this moment, Gu Lingfei narrowed his eyes, revealing a fierce color, spouting a sip of blood, and shouted, “Get up!”

Immediately, Fade Chen felt a black shadow flash in front of him, striking towards his neck Holding a poisonous air.

Looking closely, I saw that the black shadow turned out to be the first half of the long snake that Fade Chen cut off just now. The long snake opened its mouth and spouted a dark ink-like liquid, as if shooting an arrow.

If the ink liquid hadn’t approached, it gave off a nasty smell. Needless to say, such a liquid is definitely highly toxic.


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