MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 205

magic doctor



“This, how is it possible?” Three snipers burst into an incredible horror at the same time.

How can human flesh block bullets, and they are still powerful and penetrating sniper rifle bullets.

They were still in a daze, and at this moment, Fade Chen followed the direction of the three bullets and instantly positioned the three snipers.

In a flash, the figure rushed towards the three snipers with a residual image.

“Boom!” With

a loud noise, a sniper hiding in the courtyard wall, directly with the courtyard wall, was collapsed by Fade Chen and buried in masonry.

“Ka! Ka!”

Two crisp sounds, two snipers hiding in the surrounding wooden building, Fade Chen’s energy penetrated the wood directly, shot into them, and killed them.

In less than ten seconds before and after, the four snipers were assassinated by Fade Chen successively.

But at this time, the people in the wooden house had just recovered, looking at the scene in front of them, all dumbfounded, and looked at Fade Chen incredible.

“How is it possible? There is no way for the sniper to take him?”

“I’m not mistaken, he just blocked the sniper bullet.”

“He, what level of strength is he?”

Hu Yonghe Hu Yi’s complexion quickly became gloomy, and his body shivered slightly.

Fade Chen turned around and looked at Hu Yong who was hiding behind a group of black bodyguards. There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. He sneered: “Do you think you can escape?”

Wen Yan, Hu Yong shivered and bent to hide Behind the bodyguard, he dare not stare at Fade Chen.

And several bodyguards, now all two-hand gun, point Fade Chen, shouted, “Stop, are not allowed to move forward, otherwise, we’ll shoot.”

Fade Chen mouth pulled hint of a smile, looking at a few people, Road: “I am not afraid of sniper rifles. Do you think these pistols in your hands can hurt me?” The

bodyguard shuddered, his eyes showing horror. But he couldn’t move one step, holding the pistol with shaking hands, pointing at Fade Chen.

“No advance, otherwise, I” shouted a leading bodyguard.

Fade Chen’s eyes were cold, his fingers lightened.

In an instant, an invisible energy pierced the air and rushed directly to the eyebrow of the lead bodyguard, hitting a small black spot on his eyebrow. Immediately, the leader fell to the ground without saying a word.

“How dare you?” The companion next to the lead bodyguard was eye-opening, his trembling hands pulled the trigger, and the bullet shot at Fade Chen.

But what he didn’t expect was that Fade Chen held his hand in the air, grabbed his bullet directly in the air, and let go. A blood hole suddenly appeared on the guard’s chest and fell to the ground.

“Poof, poo”

sounded, and within six minutes, all the six or seven bodyguards surrounding Hu Yong collapsed to the ground.

The scene was silent, no one spoke, all looked at this scene in shock.

Fade Chen put his hands behind his back and paced towards the trembling Hu Yong.

“Chen, Mr. Chen, I” Hu Yong’s voice trembled, and his legs trembled like sieve chaff.

Fade Chen raised his right hand, his fingertips swelled with breath, facing Hu Yong’s eyebrows, he would shoot out.

Seeing this, Hu Yong was terrified, “No, don’t kill me.”

Fade Chen shook his head and said, “You shouldn’t shoot me.” Your

fingertips shook gently, and your energy was about to burst out.

At this moment, Hu Yi, who had come back to his face, shook his face and shouted: “Mr. Chen, please stop. Let my cousin be a horse.”

Fade Chen was deaf and his energy was about to explode.

Hu Yi looking gloomy, snapped shouted: “Fade Chen, you killed my cousin, that is, and I completely fell out Hu Do you want total war Hu and I do.?”

“If you give up now, this thing can So far, we will not disturb each other. “Hu Yi shouted.

Fade Chen shook his head, looked at Hu Yi with a sneer, and said, “So far? You are finished with your knife and gun. Now that you are here, do you think it is possible?”

“Fade Chen, how dare you” Hu Yi will threaten.

“Noisy!” But Fade Chen’s head was cold and his fingertips burst into the air. He pierced the air and hit Hu Yong’s eyebrows.

A burst of blood poured out of the eyebrows, the vitality in Hu Yong’s eyes quickly passed, and finally fell to the ground with a click, losing his life.

“Dare you kill my Hu family?” Hu Yi shouted sharply.

Fade Chen stepped forward, and a momentum spread with it, coldly said, “Not enough to kill! The next one is you.” In

an instant, Ling Li Sei Yi came to Hu Yi, Hu Yi suddenly I felt a tremor in my body. The courage in my heart passed quickly, and there was a terrified expression on my face, and I tremblingly said: “I am the heir of the Hu family, you dare to kill me, our Hu family will never let you go.”

“Yes?” Fade Chen Coldly, “The Hu family dare to come to trouble, then I will wipe out your Hu family.”

“You dare” Hu Yi shouted.

“Don’t you dare!” Fade Chen snorted sharply, his fingertips surging, and he was about to shoot Hu Yi.

Hu Yi was suddenly shocked, and his face was ashamed, and the whole person was paralyzed on the seat of the Lord, with a desperate look written on his face.

At this moment, he finally felt what was called the warrior’s coercion and what was called the breath of death.

In the face of death, he felt infinite regret. Why do you want to provoke this god-killing Chen maniac, why do you want to find your own way.

That is a warrior who can retreat in the face of a sniper rifle, but he can kill more than ten people with his hands.

At this point, Hu Yi was finally able to understand what was meant by “not understanding martial arts” in Fade Chen’s mouth. His Hu Yi’s three-legged cat kung fu is totally worthless in front of Fade Chen’s martial arts strength. This is the real warrior, the oppression of strength.

At this moment, he can finally understand. Why was the Guo family frightened by Fade Chen’s words, why Qian Hao willingly bowed down to be a minister, and why the Wan’an family in Bay would be destroyed in his hands.

That’s because this maniac has the power to crush, and will crush everything that blocks him. It’s ridiculous that he Hu Yi, who had previously speculated about Fade Chen’s plan to enter the Hanjiang city, what conspiracy, and who wanted to seize his territory.

Now think about it, those so-called analyses are very ridiculous. With Fade Chen’s power, if you want to, you can directly crush it, why do you need those so-called conspiracies and tricks.

Hu Yi at the moment finally figured this out. But it was too late, and the breath of death had approached him.

Just when Hu Yi closed his eyes in despair, a scream came from afar, “Young man, you should stop.”

A middle-aged man in his fifties, followed by a rickety old man with a dignified face Came in.


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