MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 204

magic doctor



“Joke!” Hu Yi heard, his face sinking.

Hu Yong next to him couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart. He stood up directly and said to Hu Yi: “Cousin, this guy is too arrogant, let me meet him.”

Hu Yi nodded and motioned for Hu Yong to lead someone .

Suddenly, with the action of Hu Yong, a loud footstep sounded, and more than a dozen white-robed warriors rushed into the wooden house, siege to Fade Chen.

With a smug smile on his mouth, Hu Yong shouted, “Kill him!” In a

flash, more than a dozen white-robed warriors raised their palms and shot a surging breath of Neiyuan, dazzling the inside of the wooden house. Surging, the wind is tumbling.

The energetic spirits, like the sharp blades, came from all directions towards Fade Chen. Hu Yong also rushed with pride in it, shot a vigorous force, and struck Fade Chenxin. He wanted to revenge on the vengeance in the bar.

Other guests, seeing this scene, were excited and shocked one by one.

“This is the strength of the Warrior, too strong.”

“Budokan Hu Jia, is indeed a century of family heritage, strength unthinkable ah!” “That

finished Fade Chen, who let him get into Hu.”

Everyone buzz , the yuan Qi Jin Fade Chen looked at in the sky engulfed, eyes slightly condensate, raised arm, with a hint of sneer, shouted: “just a group of ants, which let you experience what the real strength of the martial arts.”

Yuehua Jian Fade Chen raised his arm with strength, and the whole person pulled out a residual image, with an arc-shaped energy, and faced several white-robed warriors against him.

Several white robe warriors suddenly felt a red breath expanding in their eyes, and then before they reacted, the glory in their eyes quickly passed away, losing their final voice.

And this scene fell into the eyes of Hu Yi and others, but the white robe warrior had not rushed in front of Fade Chen, his body was cut off directly, a stream of blood flowed out, and the entire cabin was stained bright red.


Hu Yi’s complexion quickly changed, and the guests were all white, their throats surging, and they leaned down one by one and vomited.

Fade Chen’s movements didn’t stop, his toes were gently on the ground, his body turned around by the momentum, the red air was turned into a killing blade, and he slashed towards the white robe warrior on the back.

“It’s thorn!” In

an instant, they hadn’t had time to avoid it, and they immediately ended the same as their companions.

Mixed in the white robe warrior, ready to attack Fade Chen’s Hu Yong. Looking around at the moment, a bloody red spreading around his feet, and Fade Chen standing in front of himself looked like a demon, with a strange smile on the corner of his mouth.

Seeing this smile, Hu Yong suddenly shuddered in shock. The revenge and triumph in my heart just now disappeared, and I can’t afford any more courage. He turned and fled.

“I want to escape, is it possible?” Fade Chen snorted and chased.

“Save me!” Hu Yong shouted in shock.

At the moment, Hu Yi was also terrified. He did not expect that he had arranged more than ten elite family members to come together to siege Fade Chen. Finally, he ended up with such an ending, which made him a little shocked.

Hu Yong’s cry for help awakened him. He saw that Fade Chen was going to kill his cousin. He suddenly became furious, “Dare you”, and at the same time looked up outside and made a shooting gesture.

Suddenly, Fade Chen felt the red dot flicker in front of his eyes, and quickly fell on his chest.

Immediately, a slender bullet broke through the air, with a scorching breath, slamming toward Fade Chen’s chest.

The sniper rifle fired.

The rotating bullet, with an unstoppable momentum, can almost block everything in front of the head of the bed.

But just before the bullet was about to hit Fade Chen, a light flashed in Fade Chen’s eyes. In the eyes of Fade Chen, the movement of a fast-moving sniper rifle bullet became slower, and the trajectory of the bullet also seemed extremely clear at the moment.

As a result, Fade Chen leaned gently on the side and gave way to the bullet.

The bullets ingested into the ground at once, and the wooden floor was suddenly punched with a fist-sized hole, and the crushed wood chips splashed out, and some earth and stone were mixed in it.

It wasn’t until this time, in the distance, that a “bang” sniper rifle fired, and this came to pass.

The speed of this sniper rifle bullet is faster than the sound.

After this shot, three consecutive shots of “bang bang” came. The three consecutive bullets were shot at the position where Fade Chen had just fallen, splashing a burst of debris.

The sniper rifle, four shots, all failed.

Not only Hu Yi, but also the four snipers were surprised at the moment. They are the sniper masters that Hu Yi has spent tens of millions of dollars on, and the ambush sites are all gathering points with very suitable angles. And the distance is less than three hundred meters. For the masters of their level, there will be no such mistakes.

They were still a little preoccupied, but at this time, Fade Chen looked up and looked at the position of a sniper. The figure surged quickly, pulled out a residual image, and rushed towards the sniper.

Seeing that Fade Chen was getting closer and closer, the sniper suddenly recovered and quickly adjusted the aiming point to shoot Fade Chen.

But Fade Chen’s speed exceeded his imagination. Almost a breath of time, Fade Chen had rushed to the rockery where he was hiding.

Raising his arms, he burst out with vigour and directly drove to the rockery.

He vigorously cut through the rockery, as if the sharp blade had crossed the tofu without any obstruction. He cut a four-meter-high rockery directly into the waist and cut it down.

The sniper hiding on the rockery suddenly panicked and quickly got up to escape.

But would Fade Chen let him succeed, with a slight grasp of the palm, an invisible energy directly caught the sniper volley. The palm fell on the opponent’s neck with a click. The sniper hired by the heavy money suddenly disappeared and lost his breath.

At this moment, the snipers in the other three directions finally adjusted the aiming point again. Three shots were fired at Fade Chen.

This time, they are confident and can kill Fade Chen. Because after their bullets were fired, Fade Chen turned around. No matter how fast he is, he turns around to find a bullet and then evades, which is also impossible.

For a time, the three snipers looked at Fade Chen’s face from the sniper mirror, with a smug smile on his face.

But when the bullet flew to Fade Chen’s chest, they suddenly saw a red-red light curtain appearing in front of Fade Chen. The bullets, which all three steel plates could penetrate, hit the light curtain, and then turned into a mass of iron bumps, which fell to the ground and made a ding-dong sound.


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