MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 203

magic doctor



Hu Yi and Hu Yong suddenly changed their complexion, but in the end it was Hu family, and Hu Yi’s complexion quickly recovered.

His face sank, cold tone, shouted: “.. He is nicknamed Snooze, do not forget, this is the city of the Han River, the city is not something you Long An, Chen is best to be cautious as well,”

he said At the end, Fade Chen felt that there were a few red dots shaking in front of him, and then looked down, two red dots fell on his heart, and turned his head to look back, there were also two red dots.

“Sniper!” Fade Chen glanced in the direction of the red dot and looked up sharply.

Crossing a distance of hundreds of meters, I saw at a glance in the morning, on the outer walls of the small restaurant, on a rockery, and on the wooden lofts on both sides, each sniper.

The four snipers echoed each other from the angle, and almost blocked all the routes of Fade Chen, leaving him in a situation where he would definitely die.

For a time, Fade Chen’s expression froze.

And this expression, falling into Hu Yi’s eyes, became a fearful expression.

Suddenly, his face regained that indifferent and confident attitude. He looked at Fade Chen with a smile, and said: “Mr. Chen, in fact, our Hu family is not willing to kill people easily.”

“But, there are some things, certain Some people have crossed the line, so things have to be dealt with. “Hu Yi looked at Fade Chen,” Mr. Chen, do you understand what I mean? ”

” What do you want to say? “Fade Chen looked pale, and even picked up a cup of tea And took a soft sip.

Of course, such a move fell into the eyes of Hu Yi and became a pretentious calm. There was a confident smile on his lips, and he said: “Mr. Chen came to Hanjiang City for fun. But in fact, he had already united with Qian Hao. He first found the fault and drove away the Guo family, and then banqueted to deter everyone. I want to take the opportunity to uproot my Hu family and finally rule my Hanjiang city like a unified Bay city. ”

Fade Chen laughed dumbly, secretly thinking that Hu Yi really thought a lot, but he just caused a follow-up event because of a conflict in tourism.

Fade Chen’s smile, in Hu Yi’s eyes, was Fade Chen’s fake smile. So, he became more confident and said: “If I guess right, Mr. Chen’s men in Bay City have begun to enter our Hanjiang City in secret. Wei Jinlong’s sudden departure is also due to Mr. Chen’s preparation in advance. ”

Fade Chen shook his head, secretly speechless. If you really want to destroy the Hu family, dominate the Hanjiang city. Shooting his Hu family directly to death with a palm is how troublesome. These people do not understand their own strength, so they try to figure out the so-called power strategy according to ordinary people’s thinking.

But what they don’t know is that Fade Chen’s strength has already surpassed several levels of them. This level of disparity does not require so-called tricks at all.

“Mr. Chen was guessed by me, and now I have nothing to say?” Hu Yi smiled with a confident expression.

Hu Yong and others immediately looked at Hu Yi with a look of compliment and admiration. Simultaneously looking at Fade Chen with a look of disdain.

Fade Chen was indifferent and said: “If these things are fake, what are you going to do? Is it true, what are you supposed to do?”

Hu Yi smiled softly and toasted: “If it’s fake, then this The banquet is just a banquet. After Mr. Chen finishes eating, please come back. ”

Immediately, his tone changed, his voice cooled down, with an oppressive momentum, he shouted:” If it is true. Please ask Mr. Chen to go back and forth, and do n’t try to make waves in my Hanjiang city. ”

“ This is not your Chen crazy man’s territory! ”Hu Yi’s eyes picked slightly, staring at Fade Chen with a confident expression.

Hu Yong and others were also infected by this atmosphere and became excited at once.

“Yi Shao is right, this is not your site!”

“What Chen crazy, no problem in the city of Long An. We turned to the Han River City to stir up trouble, is simply ridiculous.”

“Hu How can it be that you can shake, while I still have not suffered a crushing defeat, immediately go back to Go!”

“This is Yi Shao gave you face, otherwise, the Hu family would have wiped you out long ago. ”

The voice of everyone’s argument seemed like a wave, and waves of waves came towards Fade Chen.

Fade Chen is like a hard rock, still indifferent, and his face is indifferent.

He drank the tea cup in his hand, and then looked at Hu Yi, said: “If I say no?”

Hu Yi heard the words, his face suddenly cold, slapped a palm on the table, coldly said: “Then I will Let Mr. Chen take a look at the strength of my Hu family and the strength of my Hanjiang city. ”

He raised his hand while speaking. Suddenly, the sound of the footsteps of La La La continued to approach. A famous white-robed warrior had appeared around Xiaomulou, and they surrounded them.

The four snipers were breathless, and the red dots were all concentrated in Fade Chen’s heart. There was no jitter and stability.

Seeing this, Fade Chen looked at Hu Yi and said, “Since you know my nickname is ‘Chen Maniac’, you should ask about my strength.”

“Your strength.” Hu Yidao, “in Bay The city defeated Wan Yunfei and killed Wanshan River. ”

” Since I know my strength, then your current behavior is to find death! “Fade Chen snorted loudly.

Hu Yi was stunned, and then sneered, saying, “If you don’t say the rumors are true or false, even if you actually killed Wanshan River. Then, my Hu’s family is not Wanjia, and Hanjiang is not Bay. Do you think you can still succeed? ”

” Moreover, the power of these four sniper rifles, I think Mr. Chen doesn’t want to try it for himself. “Hu Yi smiled.

“Sniper rifle?” Fade Chen shook his head, sneer, “You Hu called for centuries martial arts heritage, much better than this. The real Wu Daojiang who will know that what you call these means and cards, all a joke.”

Hyun level The warrior can already dodge some small guns, such as pistols. In the later stage of the Xuan level, some powerful warriors can use the physical power to receive the bullets of the pistol.

Going a step further, reaching the prefecture level, it is not a problem to run the real breath and block the rifle bullets. As for the sniper rifle, a penetrating bullet, although it can cause damage to ground-level powerhouses, it is not fatal. Moreover, to the level of the prefecture-level strong, with their ability to respond and perceive. Whether the sniper rifle can hit them is a question.

As for the celestial level that is further than the territorial level, even the sniper rifle is not a problem at all. As long as it is running in a true spirit, blocking the sniper rifle bullets is completely a breeze.

Therefore, Hu Yi’s arrangements are not worth mentioning in the eyes of Fade Chen, who is the pinnacle of heaven.


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