MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 202

magic doctor



At this moment, Fade Chen looked at Wei Qingqing coldly, and said coldly, “Did you remember the feeling just now?”

Wei Qingqing could not help but tremble with a look of fear and unwilling to remember.

Fade Chen continued: “I can spare you now. Tomorrow, you will leave yourself with Huang Wei. Be careful, don’t think about your careful thoughts, and don’t try to do anything with Huang Wei. Otherwise, the flame just now, immediately After three minutes, you will definitely die. ”

” No, I won’t. I will leave Huang Wei immediately, immediately. “Wei Qingqing waved his hands and said quickly.

Fade Chen nodded and said: “Your attitude makes me satisfied, then you can continue to live. If you make me dissatisfied, you know the consequences.”

Wei Qingqing quickly nodded and looked at Fade Chen very respectfully, not afraid to have the slightest Strange thoughts.

“Now, get out!” Fade Chen said coldly.

When Wei Qingqing was amnesty, he opened the car door, and the whole person suddenly collapsed on the ground. However, she lying on the ground, still crawling hard. Because she wanted to stay away from Fade Chen, this person’s method was really terrible. This is not what she can imagine.

Subsequently, Fade Chen drove home.

The next day, Fade Chen inquired a little. Sure enough, Wei Qingqing took the initiative to decline Huang Wei’s invitation and found a reason to leave Hanjiang City directly.

Huang Wei’s affairs were dealt with, but then, something came up immediately.

An invitation was sent to Fade Chen, opened the invitation, Fade Chen quickly looked at it again. It was found to be an invitation letter to the banquet. The final payment of the invitation was: Hu Jia Hu Yi.

Asking someone else to inquire about it, Fade Chen immediately learned the identity of Hu Yi, the nephew of Hu Dongsheng, the current head of the Hu family. Because Hu Dongsheng’s son is not at home, Hu Yi is like the heir of the family. He has been with Hu Dongsheng to deal with various matters of the Hu family.

Moreover, this Hu Yiwu Dao skill seems to be pretty good, the mid-level strength of the Huang class is in the second generation circle of Hanjiang City, and it can be regarded as a famous master.

“Hu Yi invited me to the banquet. It seems that the Hu family is ready to start.” Fade Chen’s mouth gently raised, but did not refuse, and then took the car to the place where Hu Yi agreed.

The place for the banquet is not a big hotel, but an elegant and quiet restaurant, Jiangnan garden, wooden hut, Qingtan news, rockery and flowers, but it seems quiet and elegant, giving a different taste.

When Fade Chen entered the log cabin by the lake, there were already many people sitting in the cabin.

After a glance, Fade Chen could recognize a few of them, all of whom are the second generation of Miss Rich Young in Hanjiang City. Some of them had been seen by Mr. Qian during the banquet. At this moment they saw Fade Chen, their eyes flickered and their expressions were awkward. After all, the Hu family and the Qian family are now almost completely opposed to each other. They both participated in the banquet, obviously with the nature of the wall.

For some other rich and young girls, Fade Chen is not familiar with it. It seems that they should be the second generation who made good friends with the Hu family.

Among these people, Fade Chen also found a familiar figure, there was Hu Yong who had a conflict in the bar yesterday.

At the moment, Hu Yong stared at Fade Chen with a grudge, a smug and confident expression on his face. Obviously, I wanted to take the opportunity of this banquet to retrieve yesterday’s scene and retaliate against Fade Chen.

Fade Chen did not care about Hu Yong’s gaze, but focused on the main sitting position, where a young man in a white robe with a smile on his mouth was sitting. With a confident expression on his face, the man made a gesture of invitation to Fade Chen, and said softly, “Mr. Chen, please sit down.”

Fade Chen, without any politeness, sat down directly. Then, the banquet began. It’s not the round table way of eating together, but the retro eating way of one person and one small table.

After the food was served, the party immediately ate it. Some second generations who have a good relationship with the Hu family, after eating a dish, do not forget to praise and praise.

Some people say that the ingredients are rare. If it is not Yi Shao, you have no chance to eat this kind of food.

Some people say that the cooks are good at craftsmanship.

All sorts of discourses, in short, are touted Hu Yi very much, and in a faint manner, Fade Chen’s dissatisfied look is revealed.

Fade Chen didn’t care, just ate quietly. Since the opponent did not move, he was naturally not in a hurry. The big deal is really just a banquet.

Fade Chen is not in a hurry, he will finish his meal. Hu Yong on the opposite side couldn’t sit still, and Hu Yi made a wink at the main seat.

Hu Yi glanced at Fade Chen who was eating and drinking, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he thought secretly in his mind, whether this guy really had the confidence, or still did not understand his situation, he was able to eat and drink indifferently.

After thinking about it, Hu Yi smiled again. Anyway, he had all the arrangements in place, so why bother so much. Just follow your own plan.

Thinking of this, Hu Yi nodded slightly to Hu Yong.

Hu Yong suddenly looked overjoyed, showing a touch of excitement, and then nodded to the bodyguard standing outside the door.

Suddenly, a footstep came. Although no figure was seen, everyone knew that the current log cabin was completely surrounded by people.

For a time, the expressions on Hu Yong and Hu Yi’s faces became more confident and proud. The two looked at Fade Chen, with a sense of top-down look on their faces.

Hu Yong patted the chopsticks on the table at once, then stared at Fade Chen, and said, “Mr. Chen, yesterday’s account, we should count now.”

Fade Chen glanced at Hu Yong lightly and said, “You still want Are you looking for a fight? ”

Hu Yong was furious suddenly, eagerly rushing up and starting directly with Fade Chen. However, Hu Yi gave him a wink, stopped him, and then looked at Fade Chen with a smile, saying: “I know that Mr. Chen is very confident in his skill, but my Hu family is also a family of martial arts inherited for centuries. He is very confident. ”

Fade Chen glanced at Hu Yi and said,” Why, do you want to do it with me? ”

Hu Yi shook his head lightly and proudly said:” No, not everyone is qualified. Hu Yi did it with me. ”

Fade Chen said lightly:” Is it? That’s what I want to say. ”

” You’re looking for death! “Hu Yong said with excitement.

However, the next action was stopped by Hu Yi. He rolled his eyes, looked at Fade Chen, said:. “I know Mr. Chen Long An city quite well known, it seems there is nicknamed ‘Chen crazy,'”

Fade Chen cold eye glance, glared Hu Yi, suddenly shouted : “Now that you know my name, how dare you disrespect me!” When

he said this, a momentum rose up to the sky, instantly overshadowing Hu Yi’s momentum, and scared the crowd’s appearance. Many people lie directly on the ground.


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