MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 200

magic doctor



But the rumors about Wei Qingqing and Hu Yong all revealed that Wei Qingqing’s previous character was not so pure and shy. Not only had she made many boyfriends, but there were even rumors that she was pregnant with Hu Yong ’s children.

Anyway, all kinds of rumors show that Wei Qingqing’s pure state at the moment is most likely pretended. Otherwise, a really pure and shy girl, when she first met Fatty Huang, could give herself to him that night.

It seems that this Wei Qingqing was very thoughtful, and after hearing Huang Pianzi’s preferences, he operated on himself again. Then hook up with Huang Fatty, pretending to be pure and dedicated to Huang Fatty for the first time.

Fat guy Huang was used to playing in Fengyue Circle in Bay City. At this moment, he suddenly encountered such a pure and shy beauty, and also won the first time. With Wei Qingqing’s superb means, within a few days, he would Fat Huang won.

If it’s just feelings, Fade Chen won’t pay much attention to it. But Wei Qingqing obviously didn’t come for love, but for the forces behind Huang Fatzi.

In this case, Fade Chen will not let go.

So, Fade Chen returned to the private room and said that it was not early, and that he would go back.

Huang Fatzi wants to send Wei Qingqing home, and Fade Chen excuses that he can’t drive after drinking too much, and orders Xiao Wang to send Huang Fatzi back, and then drives Wei Qingqing himself.

Fade Chen drove, and Wei Qingqing sat down in the front passenger seat with a low eyebrow, a shy look.

But Fade Chen, who knew the truth, would not be fooled by her. Faceless and cold, he drove the car to a remote alley, then stopped and stopped.

Wei Qingqing looked at the surrounding environment and was a little surprised. Then he looked slightly worried and puzzled and looked at Fade Chen, saying, “Fei Ge, you seem to be going the wrong way, this is not the direction I go home.”

Fade Chen looked at Wei Qingqing and said in a deep voice: “You are going the wrong way. You lied to others, I don’t care about you, but you shouldn’t cheat my friend.”

Wei Qingqing heard the words, his body was shocked, and there was a look of consternation on his face, and then he looked innocent and looked at Fade Chen, saying: “Brother Fei, what do you say, I don’t understand.”

Fade Chenleng Voice said: “There is no one else here, no need to pretend. Why are you close to Huang Wei, you and I know clearly. I now give you a chance to leave Huang Wei on my own initiative, I can not hold it accountable.”

Wei Qingqing also looked confused The expression was even anxious and said, “Feige, if you have any dissatisfaction with me, you just say it. If you think I am not worthy of Huang Shao, I am willing to leave. But I don’t understand what you say What do those words mean? ”

Fade Chen looked at Wei Qingqing with tears on his face, and secretly said that the woman is not bad at acting. But his face was very cold and hard, “I do n’t need to act anymore. I know everything about your Wei family business, your engagement with Hu Yong, and even your surgery to repair a layer of membrane. I want you to know everything. Did you say it? ”

Wei Qingqing apparently didn’t expect Fade Chen to know so much, his body was shocked, his expression changed a bit cloudy, and finally he didn’t pretend to be pure. He looked straight at Fade Chen and said,” You know What about these things! As long as I tell Huang Wei that these are all gossip, I will explain clearly, I believe he will not believe. “When

he said this, Wei Qingqing’s face was very confident. She knows men very well, and she is also very effective in dealing with men. In just a few days, she was confident that she had completely won Huang Wei.

“You don’t understand Huang Wei’s relationship with me.” Fade Chen heard the words, his eyes dropped, and he shook his head.

Wei Qingqing said confidently, “No matter how intimate your relationship is. I am now the person he loves the most, and my words are what he believes the most.”

“Yes, she believes most in your words.” Fade Chen sighed. Then turn on the phone, put out the recording of the conversation just now, and look at Wei Qingqing coldly, “If he hears you say these words, do you think he will believe it?”

Wei Qingqing saw this, and his face changed a lot. Want to grab the phone in Fade Chen’s hands, “You’re Yin Me!”

“Give me your phone! Delete the recording. Otherwise, don’t blame me.” Wei Qingqing couldn’t grab the phone and looked at Fade Chen fiercely.

Fade Chen snorted

coldly and said , “Why, don’t you want to do something with me?” “How about it!” Wei Qingqing clapped his hands. Suddenly, four black bodyguards appeared near the car, looking fiercely. Over here. Moreover, they each held a black pistol.

Feeling the winning ticket, Wei Qingqing smiled triumphantly, reached out and took off the recorded mobile phone from Fade Chen, and then proudly said: “Fade Chen, I know that you are very beautiful and very proud recently. The Guo family was destroyed and the boss of money climbed It can be said that the scenery is infinite. Even Huang Wei has said to me many times, you are very powerful, they are better than the boss of money. But ”

” But you are better, can you be a good gun? “Wei Qingqing waved his hand , The four bodyguards were even closer, and the muzzles all pointed towards Fade Chen.

Fade Chen glanced at the four people and said lightly: “This is your hole card? If you know my identity, you should immediately beg for mercy instead of letting them point at me with a gun.”

“Identity?” Wei Qingqing Laughing, “Fade Chen, what’s your identity? Martial art master, rich children, and even the legendary Long An Chen maniac.”

“So what? In front of the gun, what can you do even if you are powerful?” Wei Qingqing Proudly.

Fade Chen shook his head softly and said, “You don’t understand martial arts, let alone human feelings. If you think these guns can handle me, the Guo family will be frightened by me in one sentence. Is the Qianlao convention respectful to me?”

After hearing this, Wei Qingqing could not help but frown gently, revealing a look of doubt. Indeed, Fade Chen makes sense. If Fade Chen can really be solved by a few guns, then it is not easy to get a few guns to kill Fade Chen with the influence of Guo and Boss Qian. How can this be the case?

However, in the midst of thinking, Wei Qingqing still shook his head and said, “You say this, you just want to mislead me and want to get a ray of life. I won’t be fooled.”

She is not a martial artist and does not understand the magical means of martial arts . Therefore, she could not imagine that the flesh and blood could resist the burning bullet. Moreover, at such a short distance.

Fade Chen glanced at the four gunmen, then looked at Wei Qingqing again, and said with a deep voice: “If it weren’t for Huang Wei’s face, you are now dead!”

Wei Qingqing frowned, his face unpleasant, cold.

Said: “Huh , it’s almost dead, and you’re still pretending. Since you like to pretend so much, then go to hell to pretend.” Then, Wei Qingqing waved to the four gunmen and shouted: “Gun shot “”


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