MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 199



Huang Fatzi first introduced the girl around him to Fade Chen, “Brother Fei, this is Wei Qingqing, my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Fade Chen was a little surprised. The relationship of friends seems to be progressing too quickly.

Fatty Huang didn’t think so, with a happy look, he hugged Wei Qingqing’s thin waist and said to Fade Chen: “Feige, I tell you, I didn’t believe in love at first sight. But it wasn’t until I met Qingqing. I know, the woman I ’m destined to be is him. I have decided that after dealing with the affairs of Hanjiang City this time, I will go back and marry Qingqing. ”

Wen Yan, Fade Chen was a little surprised. It seems that Huang Fatzi is not this time. Play, it seems to be true.

However, the emotional thing, Fade Chen nothing to say, then do not continue to talk about these, but asked about the matter earlier conflict, “just how it is? How do you and Hu Jia of people on?”

Speaking Then, Fatty Huang suddenly looked angry, and said, “Damn, I’m angry

when I talk about this.” “At that time, Qingqing and I were punching and drinking. As a result, Hu Yong brought a few people over and rushed up to Qingqing.

Screaming loudly. Of course I didn’t do it. I scolded Hu Yong directly and ended up fighting. ” ” Right? “Fade Chen listened to the introduction of Fatty Huang and looked at Wei Qingqing.

Wei Qingqing seemed a little timid. He glanced at Fade Chen, then immediately lowered his head and whispered softly: “My family once introduced me to Hu Yong’s blind date. I think Hu Yong saw me and Huang Wei together Misunderstanding, that ’s why it ’s like that. ”

Fatty Huang looked angry and said:“ What misunderstanding, Qing Qing said at the time. It has nothing to do with him Hu Yong in the future, but the guy is not reluctant, not only curse, but also Beating people. How can I bear it, I definitely have to do it. ”

Wei Qingqing whispered in tears and sniffed his nose, saying:” It’s all blame on me. If it weren’t for me, Huang Wei wouldn’t encounter him. ” Dangerous, me ”

At first glance, Huang Fatzi looked slightly sullen, and immediately felt very distressed. He immediately hugged Wei Qingqing and comforted him softly.

After Fade Chen heard them, he could understand the general course of things. It seems that this conflict was caused by jealousy for Wei Qingqing. In this case, Fade Chen is naturally on the side of friends.

So he said a few words, and then let Huang Fatty comfort Wei Qingqing. He walked out of the private room, and Xiao Wang, the man of Qian Hao, followed him, looked up at Fade Chen, his mouth moved, and he seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t speak.

Fade Chen aware of his actions, the station decided upon, said: “Amy, you have something to say to me?”

Wang seems a bit hesitant, but still nodded his head and said: “ah.”

“What, you Say. “Fade Chen looked at Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang took a breath and considered the words, saying: “I think Huang Shao and Wei Qingqing may not be suitable together.”

” Not suitable ?” Fade Chen said, frowning, and then looked at Xiao Wang. Tao, “Xiao Wang, is there anything wrong with Wei Qingqing?”

Xiao Wang said: “There are some rumors, but we are not sure of the specific situation.”

“What rumors?” Fade Chendao.

Wang said: “Hu Yong Wei Qingqing and intimate things that I have heard, is indeed true, but she just did not put things behind..”

“What things behind”??

“And Hu Yong Wei Qingqing blind date After that, they seemed to start to be together. “Xiao Wang’s words made Fade Chen frown, and the next words made Fade Chen’s entire face sink.” And, according to recent rumors. Until Before Huang Shao came to our Hanjiang city, Wei Qingqing and Hu Yong did not break up, and there were even rumors that the two were preparing for a wedding. ”

“What!” Fade Chen’s voice froze, if that was the case. The misunderstanding that Wei Qingqing said before was completely nonsense, and it was clearly the conflict caused by her stepping on two boats.

Wang continued: “And, recently, we Han River City, there are rumors that Wei Qingqing Weijiade business encountered some difficulties, so just hurry and weddings Hu Yong, Hu would like to climb on..”

“But Hu Yong after all, only Hu offshoot junior status in Hu’s home is not high. so, I worry less Huang Wei Qingqing him with intent. ”

listen say Wang, Fade Chen think about what happened today, hearts could not help churn stand up.

If these rumors are true, the situation is not at all what Wei Qingqing said in her mouth at first sight.

The Wei family encountered difficulties. She originally wanted to take the opportunity to climb the Hu family. But it was at this time that Huang Wei suddenly rushed into the Hanjiang city, took over the Guo family’s business, and had a great relationship with Qian Hao, a big man.

So, Qingqing Qing thought, took the opportunity to hook up with Huang Wei, wanted to climb this big tree.

Even, the conflict in this bar may not be an accident. It was Wei Qingqing who deliberately caused the conflict between the two sides. At first, he could cut off the entanglement with Hu Yong. Second, he also took the opportunity to further grasp Huang Wei.

Thinking of this, Fade Chen couldn’t help being somber, and said to Xiao Wang: “You can help me get some news.”

Then, Fade Chen asked Xiao Wang a few words, and Xiao Wang nodded and went to work immediately.

Fade Chen returned to the private room and took a look at Wei Qingqing, who was talking to Huang Wei. I didn’t pay much attention before, and now Fade Chen has deliberately explored it and suddenly found something strange.

This Qingqing Qing is very cleanly dressed. She wears a pale green dress with a light student makeup on her face, long hair shawls, and low eyebrows. She whispers softly when she speaks, and bites her lips from time to time .

All these things look like a pure female student who just went out of school. However, after careful observation, Fade Chen discovered the cunning color in Wei Qingqing’s eyebrows.

Moreover, Wei Qingqing’s seemingly unintentional actions continue to tease Huang Wei. With such a familiar technique, Fade Chen would not believe that she was as pure as the surface.

About a quarter of an hour later, Fade Chen’s cell phone rang and went out to answer the phone. Xiao Wang called him.

After listening to Xiao Wang’s Huibao, Fade Chen said in his heart that the result was unsatisfactory. He looked at the private room and glanced at Wei Qingqing.

Fade Chen asked Xiao Wang to inquire about the process of knowing Wei Qingqing and Huang Fatzi, as well as all the rumors before Wei Qingqing and Hu Yong.

The understanding between Wei Qingqing and Huang Fatzi was due to an accident. Fatty Huang drank too much at the banquet and knocked down Wei Qingqing. Wei Qingqing said that his feet were twisted, so he knew each other. Moreover, on the evening of the same day, the two of them rolled out their sheets with strong affection, and even turned red.


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