MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 198



Until noon, Huang Fatzi came out of the room reluctantly.

After chatting with Fade Chen and having lunch, it was not long before Fatty Huang received a call and went out with a rippling look.

Seeing this, Fade Chen shook his head involuntarily, secretly saying that the fat man was a light friend. However, there weren’t many things left, so Fade Chen went to Huang Fatty. After all, this guy has a lot of better women, but it is really rare to be charmed like this.

In this way, Fade Chen was about to go to dinner in the evening. But at this moment, there was a rapid ringing of the phone.

Fade Chen took a look at his mobile phone, it was Fatty Huang’s call, and immediately connected the call, “Fat Fatty, what’s wrong?” At the

end of the phone, Fatty Huang’s voice was breathless and said, “Feige, I

Having trouble? “As soon as he finished speaking, Fade Chen heard a sound of footsteps and smashing things coming from there. Suddenly, Fade Chen looked calm, and hurriedly said, “Where are you?”

Huang Fatzi immediately reported the location. Fade Chen was unfamiliar with the topography of Hanjiang City, so he asked a Qianhao to speak to Huang Fatzi. Go somewhere.

Huang Fatzi is staying at a well-known bar in Hanjiang City. Usually, many young people come to play, and even many stars have visited the bar.

But when Fade Chen arrived at the door of the bar, he found a mess in the bar. Many guests rushed out of the bar, staring at the bar and continually pointing.

In the bar, Fade Chen heard crackling footsteps and various sounds of smashing things before he even walked in. The huge bar lobby was almost smashed in half, looking embarrassed.

But the bar owner did not dare to complain at all. He could only stand outside with a bitter face, watching the two parties who were fighting after the fight.

Fade Chen pushed away the crowd and rushed into the bar. At a glance, he saw four or five young men in white robes, who were in a ball with three or four suit men.

Fade Chen knew that the men in suits were the bodyguards arranged by Qian Hao for Fatty Huang, and they were definitely good hands. But these bodyguards were beaten and bruised by several men in white robes on the opposite side.

Behind the sofa behind several bodyguards, Fatty Huang hugged a purely dressed young girl, hiding behind her nervously.

When Huang Fei saw Fade Chen coming, he was overjoyed and quickly shouted, “Brother Fei, you’re here, I’m here.”

Hearing the call, the few who were fighting were all turned to Fade Chen’s side.

Fade Chen stepped forward and glanced coldly at the young men in white robe. He said coldly: “Why do you hit my friend?”

A leading and strong man in white robe looked at Fade Chen up and down, disdainful Tao: “Who are you again?”

“Hu Yong, you should pay attention. This is Mr. Chen, the distinguished guest of Mr. Qian, immediately roll over and apologize to me.” The Qian Hao brought by Fade Chen now recognized the other party Immediately stood up and shouted sharply.

The leading man in white robe changed his face slightly when he heard the name of Mr. Chen, but immediately sneered, saying, “I don’t know what Mr. Chen and Mr. Li’s. This is our Hu family’s business. Intervene. “The

man bit the word” Hu Family “very hard and looked at Fade Chen with a warning in his eyes.

Qian Hao’s men were furious, so they had to shoot. But Fade Chen gently pulled him, and then looked at the leading white robe man opposite, and said, “You are Hu Dongsheng’s Hu family?”

“That is, what do you want?” The man arms around his chest , Looked provocatively at Fade Chen, with a look of pride.

Fade Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “I’ll give you a chance to explain why you shot at my friend. If the reasons are not good enough, don’t blame me.”

Fade Chen’s body flickered, Suddenly, the faces of the several white-robed men across the face changed, and their faces were gloomy.

However, the leading man in white robe sneered, and immediately said: “Why should I explain to you what happened to me? I will let go immediately, otherwise, I’m welcome.”

Fade Chen saw this, his eyes narrowed. Immediately, he shook his head gently and said, “I gave you a chance, but you don’t know how to cherish.”

Seeing Fade Chen’s condescending attitude, the white-robed man immediately yelled angrily: “I Hu Yong asked you to give me a chance, What are you still thinking about? ”

Behind him, the other men in white robe drank.

“A guy from a foreign country, don’t think you are being touted a few times, you really feel like you are on the ground.”

“In the eyes of our Hu family, you are nothing.”

“Last time, the housekeeper’s housekeeper was just The kid hit it. This time, we are going to avenge our breath. “During the

talk, several men in white robe were menacing, moving their feet, and quietly surrounded Fade Chen.

Fade Chen glanced at a few people, and then flashed, rushing towards the leading white robe.

In this sudden movement, several white robe could not be caught off guard at all. They were immediately shocked and instinctively attacked.

But how can Fade Chen’s body speed reach them? Like lightning, the figure flashed a few times quickly, and then appeared in front of the man in the leading white robe, punching him in the abdomen.

The leading man in white robe spit out a mouthful of saliva, and was smashed and flew out. He slid for seven or eight meters on the smooth ground and finally hit the wall before stopping.

Seeing this, the remaining white robe men were furious and rushed towards Fade Chen one after another.

“Brother Yong!”

“You dare to fight Brother Yong to find death. ” “Go

together and kill him.”

Fade Chen almost didn’t look at the remaining people. After three or five strokes, he killed all the remaining people. Down, he can’t move.

Finally, Fade Chen flicked his fingers and said, “Throw them out.”

The people in the bar immediately came over and threw out a few white-robed men like dead pigs.

After the danger was lifted, Huang Fatzi came over with a lingering fear and said, “Brother Fei, thanks to you this time. Otherwise, my fat body will be beaten.”

Huang Fatian, next to the purely dressed girl, at the moment She came down timidly with her head down.

Fatty Huang embraced the girl’s thin waist and said, “Don’t thank Fei Ge yet!” The

girl looked up and looked at Fade Chen timidly, and said, “Thank

Fei Fei .” Fade Chen nodded and looked towards Fatty Huang said, “Go, find a private room, what are you talking about?”

This time, I clashed with the Hu family again. Fade Chen suspected that the Hu family was secretly acting, so I wanted to understand what happened. .

The bar owner immediately arranged the most luxurious private room for several people.


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