MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 195



The butler’s words are obviously provocative, and it seems to want to see what is the relationship between Qian Hao and Fade Chen. After all, Qian Hao, a big man, suddenly surrendered to a young man, and everyone inevitably had some doubts.

At the moment, Qian Hao faced such a problem, and his face sank. He knew Fade Chen’s identity, and naturally did not have the idea of ​​challenging Fade Chen. However, the Hu family deliberately set up a game to make him disgraceful in front of everyone, which he could not tolerate.

For a time, Qian Hao looked gloomy, staring coldly at the housekeeper.

But the housekeeper did n’t change his face, but instead showed a smile, and said again: “Why, Mr. Qian and Mr. Chen have such a good relationship, and there is no way to distinguish between respect and inferiority. Go back, prepare two identical gifts for the two, and then send them over again! ”

Faced with such ridiculous and provocative words, Qian Hao’s face looked very gloomy. Waving his hand, suddenly, his men clapped for a while and came over here.

But the butler looked the same, beckoned, let the two servants behind him stand up, and then looked at Qian Hao, said: “Mr. Qian, our old man kindly gave gifts. What does Mr. Qian mean? ”

Qian Hao saw the two people behind the housekeeper, his face could not help but changed, and he was a little surprised,” Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, did not expect to give a gift, but let Hu Dongsheng send these two masters out. ”

Hu Dongsheng has four masters under his hands, and his strength is comparable. Therefore, following the name of Master Bao Zhengbao, the guy actually gave the four people the title of “Dynasty Mahan, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu”, which is quite famous in Hanjiang City.

When the steward saw Qian Hao’s discoloration, he smiled lightly and said, “Zhang Long and Zhao Hu came by the master himself. This is because of Mr. Qian’s face. It’s just now, I don’t know whether this face should be given to Mr. Qian or Mr. Chen? ”

This guy started to stir up again.

Qian Hao’s face sank. He wanted to get started, but he didn’t want to be on his own ground, and Zhang Long and Zhao Hu, two highly skilled hands. In that case, even if he could win, he might lose a lot.

Thinking of this, Qian Hao looked down, sighed in his heart, and secretly made a decision. Then he served in public again and gave the big gift to Fade Chen.

It is not that he is not afraid of Fade Chen, nor that he does not want to be soft. It’s just that Qian Hao is a big brother after all. He just toasted. That’s when he took the initiative to show his favor. Even if it was passed out, he was also respectful by Qian Hao. But now, it is forced to be soft, even if others know that Fade Chen is really powerful, he will also say that his Qianhao is weak. As a result, his reputation in Hanjiang City will definitely be affected.

But now, the situation is pressing and people have to make choices. After all, Qian Hao didn’t want to go to war with the Hu family because of trivial matters, and he didn’t dare to offend Fade Chen, an unfathomable master.

Thus, in the eyes of the people Shining, Qian Hao sigh loudly, look to Fade Chen, opening: “Chen is a distinguished guest, this precious gift of nature,”

but did not give money Hao, Fade Chen stood up , Gently pressed Qian Hao’s hand, softly said, “Mr. Qian is polite, this time, I will come!”

Qian Hao heard, could not help but feel relieved, in addition to fear of Fade Chen, a little more respect . After all, a master of this level of Fade Chen, willing to shoot for his own face, can be considered a very rare thing.

Then, Fade Chen looked at the housekeeper and said, “Your grandfather said you want to give me a gift?” The

housekeeper stunned and nodded. “Yes, two gifts, I don’t know which one Mr. Chen likes?”

Fade Chen glanced To the housekeeper, with his hands behind his back, he said loudly: “The Hu family gave me a gift, but he didn’t confirm the gift. What is the rule, look down on me? If you don’t want to, take the things back, I don’t need Fade Chen. Two gifts. “The

housekeeper’s face changed, his expression was a little cold, and said with a cold voice:” Mr. Chen, this is a gift from my grandfather. ”

“What about that?” Fade Chen said coldly. “Did your grandfather still force me to collect gifts?” At

this time, the atmosphere in the field was tense, and everyone was curious and nervous at the moment. After all, Fade Chen and Hu Jiabang are now on the scene, and the results are beyond everyone’s guess.

The steward apparently did not expect such a thing. After a moment of stun, he looked at Fade Chen and Qian Hao, and said loudly: “My old man heard that Mr. Chen has been in the limelight recently, and thought there are many Hanjiang cities. A young talent, but I didn’t expect that, but that’s all it was. “At

this point, the personal attack started directly, and the contradiction became clear instantly.

As soon as Qian Hao heard this, he immediately said, “Pay attention to your words, Mr. Chen is my noble guest!” The

housekeeper smiled and said, “My old man has a word for Mr. Qian.

” Qian Hao frowned.

Butler said: “My old man asked, is Mr. Qian old?”

Qian Hao said in a deep voice: “What does Hu Dongsheng mean?”

Butler said: “My old man said, if Mr. Qian is old, then give up the site It’s up to my master to take over. ”

” Hu Dongsheng, how dare he? “Qian Hao was furious and shouted sharply.

The butler said nothing, “Mr. Qian means that he is not old yet! Then my old man has another doubt. Why is Mr. Qian not so old, how can he become so weak, and be afraid of a hairy kid like that?”

“You” Qian Hao was furious, with bloodshot eyes in his eyes, glaring fiercely at the housekeeper, and shouted, “You are

looking for death” The housekeeper looked indifferent, saying: “I’m just a bad old man, Mr. Qian can do it for me. Just do it. After the consequences, Mr. Qian should better weigh it. ”

” Are you threatening me? “Qian Hao said angrily.

“Don’t dare, I just retell what my lord said.” The housekeeper’s expression was fearless.

At the moment, Qian Hao was so angry that he almost smoked. As a big brother with the same name as Hu Dongsheng, he was so ironic at the moment by the other person, how could he not be angry.

Qian Hao ready to start. However, at this time, Fade Chen said softly: “Mr. Qian, things start to me, let me come.”

Then, Fade Chen walked down and looked at the butler with a smile, said: “Go back and tell Your lord, if he has any dissatisfaction with me, just point at me directly, do n’t turn around. Otherwise, in my opinion, it ’s just a bravery. ”

“ You ”the housekeeper said, his expression was angry, and sneered With a look, he looked at Fade Chen with a disdainful look, “Not everyone is qualified to speak with my grandfather.”

“Is it?” Fade Chen froze his head, slammed his hand on the housekeeper’s face, coldly, “Now, am I qualified?”


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