MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 192



“Mr. Chen’s strength is not what you can imagine.” Qian Hao whispered, the words shocked Guo Qidong’s face, but there was still a touch of suspicion between his eyes and eyebrows.

Obviously, he thinks that Qian Hao’s words are exaggerated. A hairy boy in his early twenties, even with some martial arts strength, how powerful it can be. The two twin thugs I invited, but the masters of the later stage of the yellow level, under the joint attack, they can even compare with the strength of some yellow level peak masters.

Qian Hao looked down and continued: “You don’t believe me?”

Guo Qidong quickly waved his hand and said no. But the expression between his eyebrows clearly couldn’t hide his suspicion.

Upon seeing this, Qian Hao turned his eyes to Fade Chen, arched his hands respectfully, and said, “Mr. Chen, you acted in a low-key manner and came to our Hanjiang city, but you were hit by someone. This is the fault of our Hanjiang people. Please forgive me “After

this remark, everyone was even more shocked, looked at Fade Chen in a puzzled and surprised manner, and kept muttering in his heart.

“Did Qian Bo say that it is true, then Fade Chen is really powerful?”

“No matter how powerful it is, it shouldn’t be! After all, Qian Bo is himself a master of the later stage of Huang, not counting his helpers.”

“Then I see It is the boss of Qian who deliberately said this to give you Fade Chen’s face and deter Guo Qidong. ”

Everyone was discussing, but Fade Chen sighed a little in the heart, and no one was a wasteful person.

When Qian Hao appeared, he first respected himself and strongly oppressed Guo Qidong. This is a great drink.

Later, he knew that everyone was puzzled or even dissatisfied, so his attitude softened, indicating that he shot for the sake of Guo Qidong, which reduced Guo Qidong’s chance of resenting his money lord and brought the focus to Fade Chen.

In the end, he euphemistically said that Fade Chen acted in a low-key manner and was hit by someone. That is to gently remind yourself not to be so low-key, showing Guo Qidong their first hand. One can deter Guo Qidong and others, let them understand that his boss is good for them; second, this is also an opportunity for his money lord, to find out Fade Chen’s true strength, after all, he respects Fade Chen, just Because I believe in Wei Jinlong, I have never really seen Fade Chen shot.

Fade Chen saw through the meaning, and at this moment was also polite, beckoning to the two bald and strong men, and said: “You go!” The

two bald men looked at Guo Qidong with a stunned look.

Guo Qidong’s face also changed, and then he looked at Qian Hao, his eyes inquiring. Obviously, he wanted to do it himself, but Qian Hao had to think about it.

Qian Hao looked at Fade Chen with a firm expression and said aloud: “Mr. Chen let you do it, then do it. With your human strength, you can’t hurt Mr. Chen.” In between words, this guy gave Fade Chen again Lifted up.

Since Qian Hao agreed, Guo Qidong apparently would not let this opportunity go and nodded to the two bald heads: “Since Boss Qian has

spoken , please ask Mr. Chen to enlighten me.” After sinking, he signaled the two to fight hard, and obviously wanted to take the opportunity to teach Fade Chen a lesson.

Seeing this, Fade Chen didn’t care at all. He stood quietly and said to the two bald heads: “Go ahead, I don’t want to waste time.” The

two bald and strong men’s eyes shrank slightly and their noses flicked fiercely. Obviously, my heart was burning with anger. Immediately, the two screamed, and Qi Qi rushed toward Fade Chen fiercely.

When everyone looked at this posture, they knew that the two did not keep their hands at all, and they almost went all out, unlike what they looked like.

Upon seeing this, Guo Qidong showed a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, and there was a touch of revenge on his face.

Qian Hao still had the expression of indifferent smile, but his eyes fell on Fade Chen. Obviously I am thinking about Fade Chen’s skill. If Fade Chen is really a lunatic, needless to say, these two are not opponents at all. If Fade Chen is not a Chen lunatic, then looking at Wei Jinlong’s face, Qian Hao will also help.

It’s just that this kind of help is not at the same level as the respect for Chen Maniac.

Everyone had their own considerations, and at the moment Fade Chen faced Qi Qi of two strong men.

I saw him move slightly, shrugged his shoulders, raised his right hand, Qu pointed to the two bald head beaters, and flicked gently.

Suddenly, the sounds of the “Bee” windbreak sounded, like two invisible bullets, whistling and shooting hard at the two bald beaters.

The two beaters are still wondering, what exactly is this roaring wind.

But immediately, “Pouting” twice, the two felt a pain in their bodies, their faces changed greatly, they fell on the ground while covering their stomachs, and a mouthful of blood spewed out of their mouths, and their faces were instantly pale.

This time, everyone was taken aback. In particular, Guo Qidong, with a face of revenge, shivered fiercely at the moment, showing an incredible expression on his face.

Even Qian Hao’s eyes shrank abruptly at the moment, and then looked at Fade Chen, who looked pale, and violently churned in his heart.

This Mr. Chen is really the famous Chen Man who is famous for Long An, who killed thousands of people. That’s the Xuan-level master, the Xuan-level master in his early twenties, is this Chen Chen’s true strength? No wonder Wei Jinlong will say that sentence, but Mr. Chen is the first to look forward to it.

The mood in my heart changed rapidly, and Qian Hao walked to Fade Chen with respect and even fawn,

saying : “Mr. Chen really deserves a reputation, and it opens our eyes to the Hanjiang People’s Congress!” After that, Qian Hao turned to Guo Qi Dong and the two thugs shouted: “Boss Guo, Mr. Chen is merciful, leaving one of them, you have not come to express my thanks.”

Guo Qidong was shocked, with an incredible expression on his face, biting his lip and walking to Fade Chen, bowing his head respectfully, said: “Thank you Mr. Chen for his mercy. The previous thing was that I was wrong. Please forgive him.”

Fade Chen glanced at him lightly and said, “In the future, Guo’s

family will withdraw from the Hanjiang entertainment circle.” Guo Qidong heard the words, his face changed greatly, and he wanted to say something. Fade Chen’s shot just shocked him and made him feel terrified. Making Fade Chen’s request made him feel too much. After all, the cause of the entertainment industry in Hanjiang City is the root of the Guo family. If they quit, their Guo family will die.

“Mr. Chen, this” Guo Qidong wanted to say something.

But he hadn’t

spoken yet, Qian Hao glared at the side and shouted cruelly: “Mr. Chen is giving you a chance, what else do you want to do!” Guo Qidong looked at Qian Hao, who looked angry and even grievous, and felt shocked After hesitating for a while, he finally nodded and said helplessly: “Guo Qidong did as Mr. Chen said.”

Fade Chen nodded, then waved his hand, said “OK”, and then turned directly with Huang Wei, Su Momo they left.


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