MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 191



Fade Chen also noticed that the two men had good skills, and they were indeed much stronger than the scarred man just now. But for Fade Chen, it’s no different, it’s just a hands-on thing.

Fade Chen’s eyes slightly moved before the arm raised just now, and he glanced towards the two. He slightly changed the direction of his arm, and the internal element surged in his body.

But at this moment, a thunderous cry like thunder, came in from outside the villa.

The people were surprised, turned their heads and looked at the entrance of the villa.

Then, everyone saw a strong middle-aged man with a big belly came in. The man was only followed by a thin middle-aged man, and there were no extra people.

But as soon as he stepped into the courtyard of the villa, the bodyguards in black who were greeted side by side changed their colors together, their heads turned down one by one, and they dared not move a little.

Even Guo Qidong, when he saw this big-bellied man, his face changed dramatically, and the whole person’s face showed a surprised expression. He quickly greeted him and said, “Mr. Qian, why are you here?”

Mr. Qian, Qian Hao, nicknamed Qian Boss, one of the two top gangsters in Hanjiang City.

The young guests around were dumbfounded at this time. This was originally just a party reception for the younger generation of Hanjiang City, but they did not expect to attract big people one by one. It was completely beyond their expectations.

Boss Qian, who has a higher level of existence than Guo Qidong, can be stirred up by waving his hand in the entire Hanjiang City, and even here, everyone really feels a little incomprehensible.

For a time, everyone guessed.

“Boss Qian appeared here, wouldn’t he support Guo Qidong?”

“Are you kidding? To deal with such a small person, boss Guo solved it by himself. Is it necessary to ask for money boss to support?”

“Not for Boss Guo, is it for the other party! Was it for the kid? ”

“The nonsense, fantasy. You might as well say that we are backed up for us, which is easier to understand.”

Everyone talked a lot, guessing the purpose of the sudden emergence of the boss. Also puzzled, Guo Qidong secretly guessed. He greeted him with a smile on his face, and asked cautiously: “Mr. Qian, I do n’t know if you are here.” The

boss Qian did not respond to Guo Qidong ’s inquiry, but directly directed Fade Chen walked in the direction and shouted to the two bald heads in front of Fade Chen: “Keep off!” The

two masters blinked and looked at Guo Qidong.

Guo Qidong is also very puzzled at this moment, he really can’t imagine what the boss of the money asked Fade Chen to do. But do n’t go against the boss ’s affairs. He nodded to the two bald heads and the two took a step back to make way for the boss.

Boss Qian went on, walked in front of Fade Chen, stopped, and then arched to Fade Chen, said: “Qian Hao, met Mr. Chen!”

This time, everyone on the scene was stupid and looked at it incredible In this scene, I can’t believe what happened in front of me.

“Here, what the hell is going on? Boss Qian voluntarily greeted the kid.”

“Boss Qian really came for the kid. This”

Tan Yuqin was stunned and looked at Fade Chen in disbelief. Fei had a relationship with Huang Wei just now, which surprised her. Now, the boss of Qian, one of the two big brothers in Hanjiang City, actually greeted Fade Chen personally. This is not a surprise, but a shock.

Xu Mingcheng was equally astonished. Junlang’s cheeks were distorted at the moment. In puzzled eyes, he quickly quelled his resentment towards Fade Chen.

The most shocking thing is Guo Qidong. He didn’t expect that the boss of the money boss level came here for Fade Chen, and he was so respectful.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, Fade Chen looked indifferent, nodded gently to Qian Hao, and said: “Trouble money boss.”

“Dare not, Wei Jinlong is my good brother. Mr. Chen is his boss, naturally My boss. “Qian Hao said softly.

Fade Chen nodded without saying much.

Before Guo Hang arrived, Tan Yuqin and Xu Mingcheng were entangled with Su Momo. Fade Chen called Wei Jinlong and asked about the form and power of Hanjiang City.

Wei Jinlong, as the boss of Bay, has a good relationship with the boss of Hanjiang City, Qian, and even called his brother. So after learning about Fade Chen, he immediately contacted Qian Hao and asked him to come forward.

It should be said that when Qian Hao received Wei Jinlong’s call at the beginning, he wasn’t too concerned about it, and he was ready to make a phone call and send a man.

As a result, Wei Jinlong said more on the phone, “I, Wei Jinlong, will be headed by Mr. Chen in the future.” As

soon as he said this, Qian Hao was shocked and immediately understood the meaning. You should know that after the destruction of the Wan Family, Wei Jinlong completely ruled over Bay City, which can be said to be the only big brother in Bay City. It is higher than his Qianhao’s status in Hanjiang City.

Wei Jinlong, whose status has improved a lot, is so respectful of Fade Chen, even willing to bow his head. Then, there is only one reason. This Mr. Chen is the “Chen Maniac” who has stirred up Long An Fengyun recently and made people frightened.

Thinking of this, Qian Hao was shocked and immediately rushed over. Because he had communicated with Wei Jinlong, he had heard the terrible “Crazy Man”.

There was silence, the scene was quiet for tens of seconds, and then everyone came back one after another.

Guo Qidong looked at Qian Hao in

disbelief and said, “Mr. Qian, this” did n’t wait for Guo Qidong to finish his speech. Qian Hao snorted and said, “Mr. Chen is my VIP of Qian Hao, what do you think?”

Guo Qidong heard this and was dumb, and didn’t know what to say.

“Why, do you want to take action against Mr. Chen?” Qian Hao snorted and snorted sharply.

Guo Qidong’s face was covered with fine sweat beads. He felt a pressure of oppression and quickly shook his head, saying: “No, Mr. Qian’s distinguished guest, dare, dare not!”

“Dare not?” Qian Hao snorted , “Listen to what you mean, if you’re not my VIP, would you dare?”

“No, I don’t mean that, I just” Guo Qidong was sweating.

“Just what?” Qian Hao shouted.

Guo Qidong dared not speak any more, but kept bowing and apologizing to Qian Hao.

Upon seeing this, Qian Hao looked a little slow, and personally helped Guo Qidong up, and then his tone slowed down, saying: “I know your son was also hurt by Mr. Chen, but that matter, you are your son’s First of all, Mr. Chen should have taught him that it should be. ”

” Yes, yes, Mr. Qian said yes. “Guo Qidong nodded quickly and said yes, but in his eyes, the color of resentment was still a bit overwhelming.

Qian Hao sighed and said: “I know there is still resentment in my heart, but I want to tell you that I won’t let you go, that’s for your own good.”

“Good for me?” Guo Qidong frowned lightly, revealing unbelief Color, but then bowed his head to hide his expression.


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