MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 190



Amidst the discussion, Guo Qidong bowed his head in contemplation. He naturally heard about the changes in Bay City and knew that Huang Zhifei’s status had improved somewhat.

But now, his son was beaten, but the other party to their own sites to help beat the killer, which made him feel very unhappy, Chen Sheng said: “? Huang boss in the end what it means,”

after all, is on other people’s sites Huang Wei’s tone was also respectful, and he quickly explained in a loud voice: “Boss Guo, this matter is really a misunderstanding. Miss Zhang is an artist under my company and had a misunderstanding with Guo Shao. to. ”

” your company’s. “Guo Qidong nodded, underground passage in mind, no wonder that Michael will come here.

However, to put it another way, a small artist under the Huang family dares to bully the young man of his Guo family, which makes Guo Qidong feel very uncomfortable. “My Guo Guo was beaten like that. If something

goes wrong, I would n’t take my Guo family too seriously. ” Huang Wei frowned lightly, saying:“ Boss Guo, Guo Shao ’s injury is something we do n’t want to see. Our Huang family will pay compensation. ”

“Compensation!” Guo Qidong sneered. “Does Huang Shao think that our Guo family lacks this compensation?” Shi

Hao also showed, but the other party didn’t seem to buy it, and Huang Wei’s expression sank. How does the boss want to solve this matter? ”

Guo Qidong paused for a moment, and after looking at Huang Wei, he said,” Since Huang Shao came out, I still have to give Huang’s face. I can take a step back. ”

Huang Wei looked at Guo Qidong with a look of anticipation in his eyes. After all, if it can be solved smoothly, it would be the best result.

Guo Qidong immediately said: “Since the woman is owned by the Huangjia Company, I can spare her once. As long as she comes to my Guo’s house, it will be enough to serve Hang’er to recover.”

After a pause, Guo Qidong looked down, stared at Fade Chen, and said violently: “As for those who hit people, they can’t be forgiven. I will ask him to pay the price, one hand and one leg, this is to face boss Huang.”

As soon as the two conditions were stated, Huang Wei, who was still looking forward to it, suddenly sank. He couldn’t agree to these two requests from the other party.

So, Michael shook his head and said: “.. Guo boss, this thing get to the bottom up if the initial cause was wrong earlier Hang Guo, Miss Zhang harassed for no reason, this caused the back of the thing.”

“What do you mean you ? “Guo Qidong said coldly.

Huang Wei said: “I mean, boss Guo, your request is too much.”

“Excessive?” Guo Qidong snorted with a look of rage in his eyes, shouted, “Huang Wei, you just gave you a face, don’t give your face Shameless. ”

” Boss Guo, my father said, “Huang Wei said in a deep voice.

Guo Qidong interrupted him directly and said in a cold voice: “Don’t tell your father, even if Huang Zhifei came over in person, this is also my territory for Guo Qidong. Not to mention you are a hairy kid. You leave now, I can treat it This has not happened. Otherwise, your business of the Huang family and our Guo family will not be done. ”

Guo Qidong looked at Huang Wei with a deep look, with a threatening look. He decided that Huang Wei would leave because it was just a small entertainer, and it is unlikely that the Huang family would really learn about herself for her.

But immediately, Huang Wei’s next action was completely beyond Guo Qidong’s expectations.

I saw Huang Wei lowered his head for a moment, then shook his head. Instead of leaving, he walked over to Fade Chen and said softly: “Sorry, Brother Fei, did not solve the problem.”

Fade Chen shook his head and smiled lightly, “It’s fine There are some things that ca n’t be resolved through negotiation, then it will be directly crushed. ”

“Well, Fei Ge, you shot, naturally.” Huang Wei nodded, his face full of trust, and even laughed.

Guo Qidong frowned as he saw it. I was puzzled in my heart, why did Huang Wei respect the kid so much, and how brave the kid was so arrogant?

After thinking about it, there is really no answer. Guo Qidong didn’t want to. He waved his hand and shouted, “Give me!”

After he finished, he made a wink and motioned his attention to Huang Wei. After all, their identities are different. If they really do, the relationship with Huang Zhifei will be completely stiff, which is also very troublesome.

The violent black bodyguard rushed to Fade Chen fiercely.

Fade Chen looked indifferent, protecting Su Momo, Zhang Qiuyue, and Huang Wei behind him, and then looked at the surging bodyguard in front of him, his arms raised slightly, and he looked at them dullly.

“What’s this doing, is that kid stupid? Why didn’t he do it!”

“That kid just showed a good skill, why don’t he do it now.”

“How many people were there just now, how many people are now. Moreover, you see Behind Boss Guo, there are two real masters who have n’t moved. How dare the boy move? ”

“ This time, he was completely planted. ”

“ That ’s also deserved, although he is so arrogant. I thought he was big. It turned out that I knew Huang Zhifei’s son. “In the

discussion, Tan Yuqin and Xu Mingcheng looked at the besieged Fade Chen with a smile on their faces, only when their eyes fell on Su Momo. , Showing a little pity.

At this moment, the bodyguard in black has arrived in front of Fade Chen, and the fierce offensive is about to smash.

In an instant, Fade Chen’s raised arm finally moved. I saw his arm gently lifted, and an invisible gas dashed a circular arc along the arm, spread out, and hit the bodyguard in black.

Dozens of bodyguards in black were hit by this air man, and flew away all of a sudden, hitting the ground and wailing in pain.

Everyone present, including a confident Guo Qidong. Seeing such a situation, he could not help but be amazed, with a look of astonishment on his face.

” Hey, how is this possible?”

“That kid is so powerful?”

“No wonder he is

fearless, and his original skills are good!” Guo Qidong’s face changed, but at the moment, two bald middle-aged men behind him snorted, and said : “Boss Guo doesn’t have to worry. It’s just a little martial

art trick. It’s okay to deceive ordinary people. We’ll do it. He’ll be done.” “Please ask both!” Guo Qidong respectfully said.

Both of these are absolute masters. The Huang Xi ’s post-cultivation is not weaker than the scarred man next to Guo Hang, and what is more valuable is that the two are twins and have a good heart and cooperate with tacit understanding. With less effort, more powerful.

The two screamed and jumped from left to right, approaching Fade Chen at an angle of sixty degrees.

For a time, the air was surging and flying with energy, like a small tornado, striking Fade Chen.


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