MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 184



Boss Qian ’s son is thirty-five-six, helping his father deal with matters, and will not be confused with this group of young dudes. Another son, Hu Dongsheng, heard that he had entered a special army and could not be mixed with them.

Therefore, in addition to the two top young men, Guo Hang Guo Shao can be said to be the top one in the Hanjiang city.

Now, Guo Shao is coming. Zhang Qiuyue, who had a conflict with Guo Shao, was here, and even Fade Chen, who had played Guo Shao, was on the scene. Moreover, they introduced themselves.

Thinking of this, Tan Yuqin couldn’t help but panic, and the whole person panicked.

Although she wants to have a good relationship with Su Momo and do business with the Su family. But if for the sake of a Sumomo far away from the south, to provoke the local tycoon Guo, Tan Yuqin would never do such a thing.

Suddenly, Tan Yuqin’s face fell, and he directly said to Su Momo: “Momo, why didn’t you tell me what offended Guo Shao in advance!”

Su Momo said angrily: “What does that have to do with you?”

“Why doesn’t it matter to me? You offended Guo Shao, and now Guo Shao will come again. If you run into it, Guo Shao will blame me.” Tan Yuqin said with some panic and annoyance, “Su Momo, I will treat you as a friend , Bringing you to the reception, but you hurt me, how can you do this! ”

Su Momo almost suffocated with smoke, unkindly, straight up with Tan Yuqin,” Friend? Don’t laugh, why are you? let me play the Han River City, is nothing more I heard about the identity of the Su family, and my family would like to do business with it. But for my family, Sue, would you ask me? ” ”

Besides, I did not say that the reception to come, You have to pull us over. Now that you are afraid, you turn your head and resent me. “Su Momo said coldly,” Tan Yuqin, I know you are careful, I also know you are snobbish, but I didn’t expect you still so shameless. ”

Tan Yu At the moment also flushed with anger, shouted:. “Sue Momo, I invite you to eat and drink with you now saying that you travel, you”

“A good food and drink tour! Do you want money? I’ll pay you ten times now.” Su Momo started soaring, not at all soft.

At this moment, the person who just shouted just now spoke again, “Guo Shao’s car is only one kilometer away. Everyone is ready, we will meet Guo Shao together.” The

atmosphere warmed up, and some people even rushed at the moment Go out and start to meet along the way. I have to say that Guo Shao has a good position in Hanjiang City.

Tan Yuqin, who heard the words, was suddenly angry and anxious, and couldn’t care about anything else. He pushed Su Momo directly and said, “You go through the back door, hurry up, don’t be seen by Guo Shao, and it will hurt me.”

Su Momo polite to Tan Yuqin hand away, Lengheng cry: “.. we also go away from the main entrance you these cowards afraid that what Guoshao, we are not afraid,”

said Su going from three Momo Leave positively. At this moment, the crowd outside was greeted by the hustle and bustle, and vaguely saw Guo Shao’s car close. In this way, Su Momo they will definitely meet Guo Shao head-on.

Upon seeing this, Tan Yuqin was so anxious that his eyes were on fire, and he wished to rush up to pull them back.

However, among the group of women in red, tall and handsome men in suits smiled lightly at the moment and said to Tan Yuqin: “Tan Yuqin, don’t worry, this matter is not that serious.”

“Xu Shao, you” Tan Yuqin turned his head to look at this tall The man in the eyes showed doubt and anticipation. This man is called Xu Mingcheng, and is also the wealthy and wealthy class of Hanjiang City. The level is lower than that of Guo, but it is much higher than that of Tan Yuqin.

Xu Mingcheng smiled with a confident face, and said: “I have a good relationship with Guo Shao. There are some things. If I come forward to explain it, Guo Shao will also give me a face. When the misunderstanding is lifted, it will be fine.”

Tan Yuqin Hearing the words, he couldn’t help but be grateful and quickly thanked: “Thank you Xu Shao, thank you. Xu Shao has something to say, my Tan family must bow down.”

“Don’t be so serious.” Xu Mingcheng raised the corner of his mouth lightly, shook his head gently, looked up, looked at Su Momo, the light in his eyes flashed, and said, “The girl named Su Momo is yours Student girl? ”

Tan Yuqin froze, and then looked at Xu Mingcheng’s expression, and immediately understood what was going on. It seems that Xu Shao was in love with Su Momo.

So Tan Yuqin immediately said: “She is my freshman student, Nan’an, she has a good family background, and she is also in business. If Xu Shao is interested, I will talk to her.”

Tan Yuqin’s eyes were slightly cold, Whispered: “If Xu

Shaoji, if you use some medicine, you can get it tonight.” Xu Mingcheng smiled and shook his head, said: “This kind of spicy girl, very tasteful, you need to taste carefully, Don’t be so anxious. ”

” That Xu Shao you “Tan Yuqin looked at Xu Mingcheng expectantly.

Xu Mingcheng stepped forward and said, “Take me over. I told them that I will

take care of Guo Shao’s affairs.” Tan Yuqin was overjoyed, and he walked over with Xu Mingcheng while complimenting: “Xu Shao shot To solve such a big trouble for them, Momo is not grateful to you

, but you are very kind to Xu Shao. “Xu Mingcheng didn’t speak, but the smug smile in his mouth showed his inner pride at the moment.

The three of Fade Chen, because the main gate rushed out to greet Guo Shao too many people, but at the moment they were squeezed out. Therefore, Tan Yuqin and Xu Mingcheng were quickly rushed over behind him.

Tan Yuqin shouted behind him and said, “Su Momo.”

Su Momo turned his head and was dissatisfied: “Aren’t you afraid? What are you doing here, not afraid of being seen by Guo Shao!”

Tan Yuqin listened to the sneer and sarcasm, and suddenly his cheeks were hot, but he thought of the business he wanted to do. She still squeezed a smiley face and said, “Momo, this is Xu Mingcheng and Xu Shao. He and Guo Shao are good friends. You and Guo Shao are willing to intercede and clarify your misunderstanding. The

three Su Momo were a little surprised, looking at this Xu Shao together. After all, the other party was still in a party with the woman in red just now, sneering at Zhang Qiuyue, but at the moment he came to help, which is really suspicious.

And Xu Mingcheng, with a smile on his mouth at the moment, a polite look, fixed his eyes on Su Momo, saying, “I just want to make a friend with Miss Momo.”

Such eyes, such words. Fade Chen just took a glance and immediately understood what was going on.

Su Momo immediately snorted and said, “No, we can handle it ourselves.”

Xu Mingcheng was stunned, apparently not expecting the other party to reject himself.


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