MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 183



Several people became more and more excited, and they laughed excitedly from time to time. In their words, they were puzzled by the actress who rejected Guo Shao, and even continued to despise and defame.

The three Fade Chen, who was in a good mood, suddenly lost their face when they heard these words.

Because the “pretending” actress in this group is Zhang Qiuyue.

Su Momo was a violent temper, watching the group of people talk unscrupulously, and suddenly threw the fruit tray on the table, and walked angrily towards several people.

Zhang Qiuyue was worried, and quickly pulled Su Momo, said: “Momo, don’t go. It’s okay, I’m okay.”

“But, they said Qiuyue you, I really can’t listen.” Su Momo exclaimed.

Zhang Qiuyue’s face was slightly dark, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth. He said lightly: “Momo, from the moment I signed the contract, I knew that this would happen. A star can’t make everyone like it. Rumor Buzzwords are normal. ”

” But they are too much. “Su Momo was a little angry.

Zhang Qiuyue persuaded: “We are invited by Sister Tan after all. If you go to argue, it is not good for Sister Xue.”

Although he did not like Tan Yuqin’s snobbishness, after all, Tan Yuqin also received a few people. Su Momo could only bear it angrily, then slammed a few pieces of fruit into his mouth and said, “This kind of party is meaningless. Wait, let’s find a chance to go.”

“Well.” Zhang Qiuyue Nod.

The anger here has just calmed down, but Tan Yuqin’s group there did not mean to converge at all, but became more and more excited.

Even Tan Yuqin beckoned to Su Momo, saying: “Momo, you are studying in Bay. That star is also from Bay. You should know some news. Come and tell us what happened to the pure guy. It turned out to be so silly, and rejected Guo Shao’s unspoken rules. ”

Around Tan Yuqin, those companions also smiled at the moment, and seemed to be very interested in this topic.

” Yeah, it’s so stupid.”

“Long An’s actress, maybe I don’t know our identity as Guo Shao.”

“To me, it’s a bitch woman, I don’t know what to do.”

Zhang Qiuyue’s face just turned better now, and she couldn’t help but sink at the moment When he came down, he shook his red lips, lowered his head, and his eyes were red.

Fade Chen hurried over, gently hugged Zhang Qiuyue’s shoulder, and whispered comfort.

Su Momo that temper, one of these words, could bear directly burst open, “You know what the matter is that right? I do not know, do not in this nonsense?”

A few people surprised a moment, apparently did not think Su Momo reacted so strongly.

Immediately, their countenance sank, they looked at Su Momo, and then their eyes fell on Tan Yuqin.

Tan Yuqin’s complexion changed suddenly. He obviously knew what everyone meant. The people he brought did not know the rules. Of course he had to deal with it.

Suddenly, Tan Yuqin looking sank, quickly went around the Soviet Union Momo, low shouted: “?. Momo, how are you going to everyone yelling, fast over to apologize,”

If the Soviet Union just Momo I still remember Tan Yuqin’s good words, so now she is completely disappointed with Tan Yuqin.

With a cold snort, Su Momo said politely: “Apologize to me! Ridiculous, and tell me, you need to apologize.”

“Momo, you’re too much. These people don’t have the same identity, just like this Xu Ming Cheng Xu Shao is, “Tan Yuqin pointed to the tall and handsome suit man, Shen said.

Su Momo interrupted her directly and said, “I don’t care what your status is. You defame her for no reason, what is that.”

“Also, do n’t use your sloppy mind to judge others. You feel that the unspoken rules are an honour, do n’t think that others think so too. If you fall into a stinky ditch, and you are smelly, you feel that the innocent people are not normal. It’s ridiculous. “Su Momo fired at full power and spouted without any worries.

Tan Yuqin’s group were all dudes who had faces and faces in Hanjiang City. When they were so scolded, their faces suddenly sank. Especially the woman in red who stirred up the topic just slammed the wine glass on the ground, staring at Su Momo fiercely, and said: “You scold us?”

“Curse you, it’s dirty my mouth. “” Su Momo hated.

Tan Yuqin was anxious and angry at the moment, apologized to the woman in red and nodded her head, then glared at Su Momo and slammed: “Su Momo, what the hell is going on here? I bring here, yes You are the one who made you acquainted with nobles. You made you cause trouble. Besides, we are just talking about a little star and what it has to do with you. ”

” I don’t need it. “Su Momo exhaled and glanced at Zhang Qiuyue. .

Tan Yuqin looked over and froze for a moment, and then suddenly looked up at Su Momo, saying: “I remember you said that your roommate sings very well and seems to be on fire at the school’s art festival. Maybe the actress who rejected Guo Shao was her. ”

Tan Yuqin pointed to Zhang Qiuyue during the speech.

Su Momo snorted without answering, but this attitude confirmed Tan Yuqin’s words.

In a flash, a group of women in red looked at Zhang Qiuyue. Most people will feel embarrassed and embarrassed when they say bad things about others, but this group of people looked at Zhang Qiuyue, and their eyes flickered slightly, then they were full of pride, without any apology, and even looked at Zhang Qiuyue in a condescending manner .

Especially the woman in red pouting her lips and scorning: “I really don’t know what is good about this kind of woman, but Guo Shao took it.”

Su Momo heard the words and suddenly stared fiercely at the woman in red. If she was not caught by Zhang Qiuyue, she would probably rush to fight with the other party.

Tan Yuqin was embarrassed at the moment. He was badly heard when he said bad things. Some of them were not very good. But the bad-talking group, but the rich and wealthy young lady of Hanjiang City, all of them are the characters she wants to frustrate, which she can afford.

Tan Yuqin are thinking about how to solve problems, when suddenly someone shouted: “I just phoned and Guoshao, Guoshao moment would come, everyone to liven up the atmosphere, such as under a good meet Guoshao.”

His words The scene suddenly became warmer, because Guo Shao and Guo Hang can be said to be the highest status among the rich and young.

After all, in Hanjiang City, there are only two big men who have a higher status than Guo Shao’s father Guo Qidong. One is Qian Hao, the big brother of the rivers and lakes, the boss of the money; the other is the head of the Hu family, the Hu family, Hu Dongsheng. These two are equivalent to Wei Jinlong and Wan Yunfei before Bay City.


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